From Flying High To Hitting Earth With A Bump

Before this dreaded illness hit me I was simply loved life to the absolute fullest. I had my dream job with Virgin Atlantic as cabin crew, seeing the world every day and I had never felt happier. One day I was partying in Vegas with Calvin Harris and the next I was in Nairobi going on safari seeing an array of spectacular wildlife. I honestly didn’t believe life could get any better and I had finally found myself and my calling in life.

My migraines then started to develop and I really began to struggle doing the job I loved. I would arrive to my destination and simply spend my layover in bed hoping I would be well enough to work the flight home. It really is the hardest job to do in the world when you have a pounding headache but I fought and fought until I went sick after a flight back from Miami and little did I know but that would of been one of my last few flights ever with Virgin.

I had always suffered with tension headaches but this was something else, a pain I had no control over that was so debilitating I simply could not function on any level. I would cry with the pain but this would only make things worse. From this point onwards my journey began of a different kind to find a cure to these and try and get my life back on track and back to the job I so desperately loved…

#CabinCrew #Travel #Adventure #Migraines #Tensionheadaches #Pain 


  1. Wow, you really were living the dream! But you’re young enough and with some breakthroughs and hope, you can relive your dream in the form of becoming a personal trainer. You’re already spreading good vibes and gratitude and I like your spunk. Raising a non alcoholic glass of cheer to your journey.


    1. Hey, Thanks so much for your comment. I am so determined to get there but as you know with this illness there are ups and downs so its just taking each day at a time. Wishing you all the best. Christie x


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