A sudden spark in the cockpit!

So it was what you could call “a light bulb moment!” A spark of inspired thought hit me like a lightening bolt and I knew it was the universe giving me a sign that I needed to take some “inspired action “to ensure my dream was soon to manifest before me. I held the power but I just had to act upon it. That’s how the law of attraction works after all. You believe then receive!

For so long I had been focused on getting myself 100% healthy before I could even start thinking about enrolling on a personal trainer course. I had in my mind I needed to be at peek physical fitness with a shredded six pack of abs, completely migraine free for at least six months and be “the old fit me” in order to lead as any kind of example to others but this, in actual fact only made my desire seem a miles away. All I could think about was not having it yet even though I was trying to work towards it every day with all the passion and fight I could! Stick with me on this…

So in order for your desires and dreams to manifest you have to BELIEVE that what you want is already yours! You have to feel the emotion of having it already and be eternally grateful for its presence in you life. If you want health and fitness in your life, to attract it you need to be focused on health and fitness every single daily in order to receive it! As we know “thoughts become things” after all. What was staring me in the face was the answer all along…



Why hadn’t I of thought of it before? Waking up each day and by studying the human anatomy, creating personal workout plans; learning about nutrition for exercise and the different muscles groups would only ultimately catapult me towards my goal, as you become what you think about… A personal trainer!

From that moment on I could barely sleep that night due to the excitement of pending course dates, the subjects I would be studying and how I would be one step closer to my goal. After several hours now emailing prospective courses my next task is to decide which one is best suited to me. The thought alone that I would be undertaking this fitness course has already made me believe that I am already healthier and stronger as a person! Isn’t the mind such an extraordinary thing!

So even though I don’t have that six pack of abs just quite yet it’s all about the journey of discovery to become a stronger Christie Jane in body, mind and spirit!

(Well, it’s not quite a six-pack but I think I’m doing pretty well all things considered)


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Meditation VS Migraines


Have you ever considered how meditation could help you with your migraines? I know your probably going to say the last thing I feel like doing when I am being pounded by an earth shattering pain is to sit cross legged and chant some kind of mantra but trust me on this, it really can help!

Previously when I was struck down with a migraine I went through a whole roller coaster of emotions. These tended to start with anxiety and panic when I could feel the dark cloud descending over me, followed by becoming emotional and the tears normally followed, finishing with a feeling of hopelessness and anger at what ever had caused the pain yet again. I would say this has been my cycle for say three years now until my very first experience with a mindfulness course that my Mum very kindly gave me as a present. On that day I learned how to simply be in the present moment, not the past or future and how for once how to slow my racing mind down. Little did I know this was to be the beginning of a whole new spiritual side of myself blossoming that could help me more than any medical treatment or pills ever could.

From then onwards I started practicing yoga which then lead me on to some very basic and short meditation sessions at the end of each yoga practice which got me intrigued. I then started reading material on meditation and the benefits seemed to be endless;

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves your immune system
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases daily gratitude
  • Helps fights diseases
  • Makes you a more content person
  • Improves emotional stability
  • Decreases any tension related pain!!!

Surely this could help me in undoing the anxious, stressed, angry mess that I had become?

I would advise you when start to meditate you literally start with say five or ten minutes at a time and build up from there. Simply concentrate on the breath, slowing it down and relaxing the muscles in your body one by one. Visualize them literally melting like wax so all your pain and tension dissolves away. If a thought races in to your head then simply acknowledge it and kindly and calmly send it on its way. Don’t judge yourself, punish yourself or fight it, just be in the now and know you are doing the best you can.  You will be amazed at how just ten minutes a day can completely start to change the way you feel and how your pain slowly decreases.


During a migraine I used to want to crawl in to a ball under my duvet, feel extremely sorry for myself, check Facebook and see how wonderful a day everyone else is having and eat the entire contents of the biscuit tin! However during one migraine I decided to spend as much time as I could that day meditating, literally nonstop! It was a real challenge but no word of a lie my pain became less, my shoulders and neck muscles relaxed and I managed to get through the day with some kind of ease rather than having a fight on my hands. From that moment on this was my new migraine mantra! I used to suffer for up to seven days after an attack probably because I was so tense, anxious, emotional, upset and dreading the next one however now I have learnt I can beat these migraines and get back on the road to health within just two short days! Incredible, I know! Once you discover your own power the world suddenly becomes a much more exciting place to be…

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Chicken or beef? No onions for me though!


So as I sit in my bed in a Christie shaped hole that I have managed to form over time I am surrounded by the normal feelings that accompanies a migraine. Tight trapezius muscles, intense pain around my occipital area and the usual one sided eye pain, however I cannot but help to start to question the goal that I’m trying to achieve. Will I ever be able to coach and train clients in fitness and nutrition when I can’t even eat a sausage without sending me in to this sad sorry state! Yes that’s all it was this time! A lousy sausage which I had failed to notice was packed full with onions and as I have previously learnt over the past three years… Onions and I are not friends in any way shape or form and I don’t think we ever will be!

At the time my migraines were at their worst there was an array of foods that would send me over the edge. Including cheese, stocks, leeks, chips, pineapple, anything cooked in oils, chocolate, caffeine, chorizo, ginger, tomatoes, crisps, and even freshly made bread! My diet became insanely healthy, repetitive and pretty bland. Garlic was my only one saving grace so I think I managed to incorporate in to most of my meals no matter what I was eating.

Eating out also became particularly difficult. I would scan my eyes down the menu to find probably one or two no go items for me in each dish and it was just a gamble really as to which one would probably affect me the least. I tend to find now steak is always a safe option with salad so that’s my little safe haven.

Over time as I have started to recover from this illness my body has become less sensitive to many of those items and the only one’s left on my list now seem to be oils and onions however onions seem to be in pretty much everything in life these days! However I would literally kill for a lamb saag and a peshwari naan but for me those days are now over. I guess it’s all still a learning game on this journey and next time at a BBQ maybe it’s best I just stick to chicken or beef!!!


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What you think about, you bring about…


Over the past year or so I have spent numerous hours reading in to and learning as much as I can about how the law of attraction works and how I can use it to my advantage to heal myself. I’m sure many of you have heard of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and for me this is where I started to find some self-belief again. For me this was an amazing book to teach you the very basic theory on the LOA, however I have gone on to find other authors such as David Hamilton, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks and plenty more that talk in much more depth about how to manifest and bring everything you have ever dreamed of in to your life. It is truly inspiring and the more you read the deeper you get and then find thousands of real life examples of people around the world healing themselves just through using the power of the mind. Take Maurice Goodman for example, he crashed an airplane and crushed his spinal cord, which left him completely paralyzed. He could not perform any bodily function other than blink his eyes. Morris managed to rebuild his body by thought alone to the point where he managed to walk out of the hospital! So if this man can mend his whole entire body after being paralyzed then surely I can rid myself of a few pesky headaches, right??? I truly believe so and as I’ve learnt through my journey, that is the key… All you have to do is believe!

Since starting this blog it has been an unfortunate week in which I have suffered with a menstrual migraine but for some reason I have recovered a lot slower than I normally would. I tend to bounce back so much quicker these days however I thought about it and what occurred to me is that no matter what, our thoughts become things! I’ve had such fantastic feedback on my blog which is truly touching and without a doubt I am going to continue writing it as I am so passionate about it but I figured out that all week I have only been focusing on PAIN!

Seeing the word headache in notifications on my phone, reminiscing on my previous painful experiences and generally thinking of pain all day long means without consciously thinking about it my brain is maintaining my headache, deepening my suffering and confirming my illness! I had previously kept a headache diary which many specialists will tell you to do however there comes a time when you have to put the focus back on living life again and not on the pain as you will only bring more pain in to your life for giving it your energy, time and focus. As my friends and family know I’ve also mentioned in the past that I would really appreciate loved one’s not asking me everyday “how is your headache?” as this just makes me think “How bad is my head today?” and it’s hard to get out of that mind frame that I am an unwell person.

As a result I have decided I am going to post on this blog every four to five days to summarize my progress whether that be good or bad, however in between I will go back to working on my daily practice which includes;

  • Waking up and going through what I am grateful for
  • Reading material on health and fitness
  • Focusing on the French language course I am studying
  • Laughing as this eases any stress on the body
  • Taking the time to meditate
  • Researching personal trainer courses
  • Focusing on making my body strong, fit and healthy in the gym
  • Enjoying socializing with friends
  • Starting Carl Harvey’s visualization technique (Which I will come to review at a later date)
  • Surrounding myself with other healthy, positive individuals
  • Regular Alexander Technique practice for maintaining my posture

For anyone currently suffering why don’t you give it a go?  Try and go even just a few hours without your headaches coming up in conversation, reading about it, focusing on it and the hardest of all, thinking about it. Now that last one is a tough one and I battle with this every second of every day as after an illness has consumed your life it’s hard to undo but it’s only a mental change that we CAN learn to create in ourselves. Don’t forget, we hold the power and what ever you think about, you bring about.


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In sickness and in health


So after my landing day yesterday I have woken up this morning feeling more optimistic for what the day has in store. Best of all my husband arrived home late last night from work so this means I’ve got him all to myself this weekend! Bliss!

I even managed to get myself back to the gym this morning for a little cycle on a bike for thirty minutes with hardly any resistance but hey, it’s still the gym and a still a small step in the right direction. Sometimes I get lost in a day dream there picturing myself wearing one of their personal trainer t-shirts, coaching client after client and seeing myself in the best physical condition I have ever been in. Well, I’ve done so much research on the power of visualization and how strong the power of the mind is that I honestly believe that if you can see it in your mind then you start to believe it! It’s all a matter of time before it becomes your reality. Thoughts become things after all!

Now I know I have jumped again in my story but after a low day yesterday it made me think about how this chronic pain syndrome we live with can have a huge impact on your relationships with your loved one’s. It is the hardest illness for anyone to understand when it’s invisible and if you’re like me sometimes you even start questioning yourself and if it’s really even there? I’ve had people ask me several times if I am imagining it but it does start to make you wonder?

I know when I am suffering it’s all about me and how I feel and how “poor me has to miss out on another social occasion” but maybe we should stop and think about our loved ones around us and how they feel. It must be heart breaking to see the one you love in immense pain and feel absolutely helpless. Not only are you missing out but also they miss out having you there-by-there side every day that this debilitating illness takes you prisoner from your partner.

I for one have been so blessed in finding my soul mate who loves me whether I am Christie Jane (migraine free) or this person who resembles her, looks exactly like her but is not there in spirit. This September just gone I was lucky enough to marry my best friend who vowed to love me in sickness and in health. We had already been through so much together before this point as when we battled this chronic illness we were living in different countries so this was a huge test and put a massive strain on our relationship. No matter what though, he stuck by me for better and for worse and so on our wedding day when we recited those vows to each other they really did mean that “All of me loves All of you”, migraine or not…

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Please find a link to our beautiful wedding video that shows that love can conquer all pain! We won’t let you win migraines! Enjoy xxx




Let’s write this one off and call it a landing day!


I think it’s going to be one of those days… Eat pancakes, try to massage my neck, take a long hot bubble bath, go from ice pack to ice pack, watch a crappy rom com on Netflix, eat more pancakes and just generally feel a little sorry for myself.

As most migrainer’s will understand life seems to be a constant battle when living with or trying to recover from this illness. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control and your on the up, it hits you, out of nowhere and puts your best made plans to waste. How many time’s have you had to cancel plans with friends? Or miss important events? This is all too common for me now but I’m blessed to have such supportive friends and family who understand that it’s not just a headache!!! God it kills me when people give me that line!

I started this blog firstly for people to follow my story but most of all I wanted to inspire people that WE CAN recover and regain control over this debilitating illness. Over the last year or so I can honestly say I have been taking two steps forward and one step back to making a recovery. Slow progress I know, but it’s still progress for me and this inspires me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a personal trainer. However, I need to remember to be patient and there will be highs and lows on this journey so I want to document both. Success comes in life when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles and failure only act as motivation. I have learnt that the more you stress and want to get better the slower it happens as stress is the main factor in letting the body heal itself. I’m trying my hardest to repeat my affirmations over and over today but they just feel a little lack luster today and not with the fire I normally put in to them.

For me migraines send me on an emotional rollercoaster on pretty much most days. One minute I’m feeling like I can conquer the world and everything in it and the next I am rock bottom battling with anxiety and questioning myself about whether I can get there? When I was cabin crew and we had landed from a flight early in the morning we always called it landing day. It usually consisted off moping in pajama’s for the whole day, crying at some stupid advert because you are so over tired and making your favorite food to devour just because you can! So today I’m going to call this my landing day and write it off! There is always tomorrow…

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No more glamour…only gratitude!

I always remember the lowest point in my journey. Lying pressed up against my Mothers cold bathroom floor, literally clenching and pulling my hair from my scalp, struggling to breathe from the hysterical crying, the pulsating from my head like an explosion waiting to happen in my brain and simply feeling as if I was done with the world… I’m not going to lie, I considered ending it all but what stopped me was this tiny little seed planted right in the very back corner of my mind that told me, life can’t of been intended to be THIS way for me? The thoughts that raced around my head every minute of every day were just a vicious cycle of;

Why me?

What have I done to deserve this?

Life is so unfair!

I have nothing as I don’t have my health!

Everyone else is living amazing lives while I am the only one suffering with this torture day in day out!


I pretty much went round and round in this circle for nearly three years trying treatments after treatment, some being successful, some not at all (Don’t worry I will go in to these in much further detail in future blogs) until one conversation with a friend that changed my life forever! “Have you heard of a book called The Secret”? From then on my world was about to change in ways I never ever could of dreamt of! I was soon to learn this new magic word they called… gratitude! Now bear with me, I know you are going to ask how the hell can I have gratitude for my life right now? What exactly is there to be grateful for when I have no life other than enduring these chronic migraines on a daily basis? I am currently lying on my bathroom floor contemplating ending it!!! Grateful? Really? You have to be kidding me!

I was soon to find out that I had one hundred thousand reasons to be grateful and this slight change in thinking was when I started the beginning of my journey back to health! It was time to change my routing to a totally different destination…



Now promise me my migrainer’s you will try this next time you are in pain. Grab a pen and paper and write down or make a mental list in your mind of just a few things you are grateful for. Even if it’s as simple as the roof over your head, the jug of water your boyfriend just brought you or for the friend who just messaged you who are concerned about you. Start small and keep adding to the list. I promise you no matter what, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for no matter how bad you feel your life is and how desperate your situation has become. Hang in their guys, there is a way out, I promise you!

This soon leads me on to the law of attraction but that’s a whole other story…

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Back to the very beginning…

So I woke up this morning feeling exhilarated and desperate to open my laptop and starting writing to you all again. The thought of being able to help others with my story fills me with so much passion and determination that I could hardly sleep last night! I realized however I need to go back to the beginning and tell you more about how and when this came about so you understand the journey I have come on so far.

Life literally couldn’t off been any better four years ago! Loving life was an understatement at that time! I had landed my dream job as an air hostess for the most sought after company in the industry, just met the man of my dreams who I knew I would marry one day and had a fully packed social schedule overflowing with an abundance of family and friends! Fitness and health was also my life and my passion! No doubt about it, I was a gym bunny and would attend class after class in-between my flights and on days off. At this time in my life I was at my peek physical fitness but oh, how that was about to change…


I started struggling on flights and getting what I thought was tension headaches. I had always been a headachy person but somehow I always managed to get on with life with maybe the occasional neck massage and the odd paracetamol popped here and there to dull the pain. However over time, this very quickly began to spiral out of control and I was spending my time down route hibernating in a dark room rather than out and about exploring the adventure filled places we would visit all around the world. Until one particular flight I will always remember to Miami, when I broke down, with a pain like no other I had ever come closed to experiencing before in my life. Little did I know this enemy they call “Migraine” was about to turn my world upside down and from then on, my life would take a completely different flight path than I had ever planned.

This was just the beginning of my battle with one of the most debilitating illnesses where by you are a silent suffer as no one can physically see your pain. It sure was going to be one hell of a turbulent ride…. Fasten your seat belts please!

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2016… Watch me fly!!!


So after a break from setting up this blog I have been inspired by a lovely friend to start telling my story again in the quest of helping others to get through some of the toughest, darkest days that people with chronic migraines/headaches can face. I have learnt that all you need is hope, faith and true unwavering belief in yourself and you can gain control again over this debilitating illness. 2016…. Watch me fly!!!

Please follow this blog to hear my advice on pain relief, coping strategies, meditation, self help books to read, holistic treatments, exercise idea’s, daily affirmations, nerve blocks, prescription medications I’ve tried, menstrual migraine advice, chiropractic care, Alexander Technique information, depression, Botox treatments and so much more! You name it, I have tried it and I’m finally coming out the other side of this life changing illness so follow me on my positive journey to health! Universe, watch out… here I come!

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