2016… Watch me fly!!!

So after a break from setting up this blog I have been inspired by a lovely friend to start telling my story again in the quest of helping others to get through some of the toughest, darkest days that people with chronic migraines/headaches can face. I have learnt that all you need is hope, faith and true unwavering belief in yourself and you can gain control again over this debilitating illness. 2016…. Watch me fly!!!

Please follow this blog to hear my advice on pain relief, coping strategies, meditation, self help books to read, holistic treatments, exercise idea’s, daily affirmations, nerve blocks, prescription medications I’ve tried, menstrual migraine advice, chiropractic care, Alexander Technique information, depression, Botox treatments and so much more! You name it, I have tried it and I’m finally coming out the other side of this life changing illness so follow me on my positive journey to health! Universe, watch out… here I come!

road sky clouds cloudy
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

#Myjourney #Battle #Chronicpain #Strength #Courage #Passion #Determination #Goals


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