Back To The Very Beginning…

So I woke up this morning feeling exhilarated and desperate to open my laptop and starting writing to you all again. The thought of being able to help others with my story fills me with so much passion and determination that I could hardly sleep last night! I realized however I need to go back to the beginning and tell you more about how and when this came about so you understand the journey I have come on so far.

Life literally couldn’t off been any better four years ago! Loving life was an understatement at that time! I had landed my dream job as an air hostess for the most sought after company in the industry, just met the man of my dreams who I knew I would marry one day and had a fully packed social schedule overflowing with an abundance of family and friends!

Fitness and health was also my life and my passion! No doubt about it, I was a gym bunny and would attend class after class in-between my flights and on days off. At this time in my life I was at my peek physical fitness but oh, how that was about to change…


I started struggling on flights and getting what I thought was tension headaches. I had always been a headachy person but somehow I always managed to get on with life with maybe the occasional neck massage and the odd paracetamol popped here and there to dull the pain.

However over time, this very quickly began to spiral out of control and I was spending my time down route hibernating in a dark room rather than out and about exploring the adventure filled places we would visit all around the world. Until one particular flight I will always remember to Miami, when I broke down, with a pain like no other I had ever come closed to experiencing before in my life. Little did I know this enemy they call “Migraine” was about to turn my world upside down and from then on, my life would take a completely different flight path than I had ever planned.

This was just the beginning of my battle with one of the most debilitating illnesses where by you are a silent suffer as no one can physically see your pain. It sure was going to be one hell of a turbulent ride…. Fasten your seat belts please!

#Chronicmigraines #Travel #Airhostess #Chronicpain  #Myjourney




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