No More Glamour…Only Gratitude!

I always remember the lowest point in my journey.

Lying pressed up against my Mothers cold bathroom floor, literally clenching and pulling my hair from my scalp, struggling to breathe from the hysterical crying, the pulsating from my head like an explosion waiting to happen in my brain and simply feeling as if I was done with the world… I’m not going to lie, I considered ending it all but what stopped me was this tiny little seed planted right in the very back corner of my mind that told me, life can’t of been intended to be THIS way for me?

The thoughts that raced around my head every minute of every day were just a vicious cycle of;

Why me?

What have I done to deserve this?

Life is so unfair!

I have nothing as I don’t have my health!

Everyone else is living amazing lives while I am the only one suffering with this torture day in day out!


I pretty much went round and round in this circle for nearly three years trying treatments after treatment, some being successful, some not at all (Don’t worry I will go in to these in much further detail in future blogs) until one conversation with a friend that changed my life forever! “Have you heard of a book called The Secret”? From then on my world was about to change in ways I never ever could of dreamt of! I was soon to learn this new magic word they called… gratitude!

Now bear with me, I know you are going to ask how the hell can I have gratitude for my life right now? What exactly is there to be grateful for when I have no life other than enduring these chronic migraines on a daily basis? I am currently lying on my bathroom floor contemplating ending it!!! Grateful? Really? You have to be kidding me!

I was soon to find out that I had one hundred thousand reasons to be grateful and this slight change in thinking was when I started the beginning of my journey back to health! It was time to change my routing to a totally different destination…

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Now promise me my migrainer’s you will try this next time you are in pain. Grab a pen and paper and write down or make a mental list in your mind of just a few things you are grateful for. Even if it’s as simple as the roof over your head, the jug of water your boyfriend just brought you or for the friend who just messaged you who are concerned about you.

Start small and keep adding to the list. I promise you no matter what, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for no matter how bad you feel your life is and how desperate your situation has become. Hang in their guys, there is a way out, I promise you!

This soon leads me on to the law of attraction but that’s a whole other story…

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