Let’s Write This One Off And Call It A Landing Day!

I think it’s going to be one of those days… Eat pancakes, try to massage my neck, take a long hot bubble bath, go from ice pack to ice pack, watch a crappy rom com on Netflix, eat more pancakes and just generally feel a little sorry for myself.

As most migrainer’s will understand life seems to be a constant battle when living with or trying to recover from this illness. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control and your on the up, it hits you, out of nowhere and puts your best made plans to waste. How many time’s have you had to cancel plans with friends? Or miss important events?

This is all too common for me now but I’m blessed to have such supportive friends and family who understand that it’s not just a headache!!! God it kills me when people give me that line!

I started this blog firstly for people to follow my story but most of all I wanted to inspire people that WE CAN recover and regain control over this debilitating illness. Over the last year or so I can honestly say I have been taking two steps forward and one step back to making a recovery. Slow progress I know, but it’s still progress for me and this inspires me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a personal trainer.

airplane on sky during golden hour
Photo by Azim Islam on Pexels.com

However, I need to remember to be patient and there will be highs and lows on this journey so I want to document both. Success comes in life when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles and failure only act as motivation. I have learnt that the more you stress and want to get better the slower it happens as stress is the main factor in letting the body heal itself. I’m trying my hardest to repeat my affirmations over and over today but they just feel a little lack luster today and not with the fire I normally put in to them.

For me migraines send me on an emotional rollercoaster on pretty much most days. One minute I’m feeling like I can conquer the world and everything in it and the next I am rock bottom battling with anxiety and questioning myself about whether I can get there?

When I was cabin crew and we had landed from a flight early in the morning we always called it landing day. It usually consisted off moping in pajama’s for the whole day, crying at some stupid advert because you are so over tired and making your favorite food to devour just because you can! So today I’m going to call this my landing day and write it off! There is always tomorrow…

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