In Sickness And In Health

So after my landing day yesterday I have woken up this morning feeling more optimistic for what the day has in store. Best of all my husband arrived home late last night from work so this means I’ve got him all to myself this weekend! Bliss!

I even managed to get myself back to the gym this morning for a little cycle on a bike for thirty minutes with hardly any resistance but hey, it’s still the gym and a still a small step in the right direction. Sometimes I get lost in a day dream there picturing myself wearing one of their personal trainer t-shirts, coaching client after client and seeing myself in the best physical condition I have ever been in.

Well, I’ve done so much research on the power of visualization and how strong the power of the mind is that I honestly believe that if you can see it in your mind then you start to believe it! It’s all a matter of time before it becomes your reality. Thoughts become things after all!

Now I know I have jumped again in my story but after a low day yesterday it made me think about how this chronic pain syndrome we live with can have a huge impact on your relationships with your loved one’s. It is the hardest illness for anyone to understand when it’s invisible and if you’re like me sometimes you even start questioning yourself and if it’s really even there? I’ve had people ask me several times if I am imagining it but it does start to make you wonder?


I know when I am suffering it’s all about me and how I feel and how “poor me has to miss out on another social occasion” but maybe we should stop and think about our loved ones around us and how they feel. It must be heart breaking to see the one you love in immense pain and feel absolutely helpless. Not only are you missing out but also they miss out having you there-by-there side every day that this debilitating illness takes you prisoner from your partner.

I for one have been so blessed in finding my soul mate who loves me whether I am Christie Jane (migraine free) or this person who resembles her, looks exactly like her but is not there in spirit. This September just gone I was lucky enough to marry my best friend who vowed to love me in sickness and in health.

We had already been through so much together before this point as when we battled this chronic illness we were living in different countries so this was a huge test and put a massive strain on our relationship. No matter what though, he stuck by me for better and for worse and so on our wedding day when we recited those vows to each other they really did mean that “All of me loves All of you”, migraine or not…


 #Insickenssandinhealth #Marriage #JohnLedgend #Happiness #MyEverything 

Please find a link to our beautiful wedding video that shows that love can conquer all pain! We won’t let you win migraines! Enjoy xxx




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