Chicken or Beef? No Onions For Me Though!

So as I sit in my bed in a Christie shaped hole that I have managed to form over time I am surrounded by the normal feelings that accompanies a migraine. Tight trapezius muscles, intense pain around my occipital area and the usual one sided eye pain, however I cannot but help to start to question the goal that I’m trying to achieve.

Will I ever be able to coach and train clients in fitness and nutrition when I can’t even eat a sausage without sending me in to this sad sorry state! Yes that’s all it was this time! A lousy sausage which I had failed to notice was packed full with onions and as I have previously learnt over the past three years… Onions and I are not friends in any way shape or form and I don’t think we ever will be!

At the time my migraines were at their worst there was an array of foods that would send me over the edge. Including cheese, stocks, leeks, chips, pineapple, anything cooked in oils, chocolate, caffeine, chorizo, ginger, tomatoes, crisps, and even freshly made bread! My diet became insanely healthy, repetitive and pretty bland. Garlic was my only one saving grace so I think I managed to incorporate in to most of my meals no matter what I was eating.

Eating out also became particularly difficult. I would scan my eyes down the menu to find probably one or two no go items for me in each dish and it was just a gamble really as to which one would probably affect me the least. I tend to find now steak is always a safe option with salad so that’s my little safe haven.

Over time as I have started to recover from this illness my body has become less sensitive to many of those items and the only one’s left on my list now seem to be oils and onions however onions seem to be in pretty much everything in life these days! However I would literally kill for a lamb saag and a peshwari naan but for me those days are now over. I guess it’s all still a learning game on this journey and next time at a BBQ maybe it’s best I just stick to chicken or beef!!!


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  1. Life coach yes! That is your calling. I know some that take clients via Skype or video communication. And it seems to work for them. I encourage you to look at this deeper and go for it. Online classes all over!

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    1. Hi Annette, Thanks so much for your encouragement! It means a lot. Yes I have found the perfect life coaching diploma which I am going to start in April 🙂 Skype calls is a great idea and then I can help people all over the world rather than just in Dubai. I am so excited for this and will of course document this in my blog 🙂 x

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