A Sudden Spark In The Cockpit!

So it was what you could call “a light bulb moment!” A spark of inspired thought hit me like a lightening bolt and I knew it was the universe giving me a sign that I needed to take some “inspired action “to ensure my dream was soon to manifest before me. I held the power but I just had to act upon it. That’s how the law of attraction works after all. You believe then receive!

For so long I had been focused on getting myself 100% healthy before I could even start thinking about enrolling on a personal trainer course. I had in my mind I needed to be at peek physical fitness with a shredded six pack of abs, completely migraine free for at least six months and be “the old fit me” in order to lead as any kind of example to others but this, in actual fact only made my desire seem a miles away.

All I could think about was not having it yet even though I was trying to work towards it every day with all the passion and fight I could! Stick with me on this…

women having exercise using dumbbells
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

So in order for your desires and dreams to manifest you have to BELIEVE that what you want is already yours! You have to feel the emotion of having it already and be eternally grateful for its presence in you life. If you want health and fitness in your life, to attract it you need to be focused on health and fitness every single daily in order to receive it! As we know “thoughts become things” after all. What was staring me in the face was the answer all along…


Why hadn’t I of thought of it before? Waking up each day and by studying the human anatomy, creating personal workout plans; learning about nutrition for exercise and the different muscles groups would only ultimately catapult me towards my goal, as you become what you think about… A personal trainer!

From that moment on I could barely sleep that night due to the excitement of pending course dates, the subjects I would be studying and how I would be one step closer to my goal. After several hours now emailing prospective courses my next task is to decide which one is best suited to me. The thought alone that I would be undertaking this fitness course has already made me believe that I am already healthier and stronger as a person! Isn’t the mind such an extraordinary thing!

So even though I don’t have that six pack of abs just quite yet it’s all about the journey of discovery to become a stronger Christie Jane in body, mind and spirit!

(Well, it’s not quite a six-pack but I think I’m doing pretty well all things considered)


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