Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination..

So after my light bulb moment a couple of days ago, most of my time since then has been filled with researching personal trainer courses both here in Dubai and back in the UK. Who knew there would be so many different options!

I think I am finally getting to grips with the various diplomas, governing bodies and reps points. Which only fills me with a burst of excitement every time I learn something new about the industry I am about to become part of. After a large number of emails and numerous phone calls I think I am narrowing it down to the company I would like to begin this exciting new venture with.

I have to say since the other day I suddenly feel like everything is slotting back in to place now, and all the dots are starting to connect. I wake up each morning with what I can only explain as a passion and burning desire to take the next step on my journey. Within literally one year, my life has turned upside down.

From waking up each morning simply yearning for a day without feeling like I am inadequate and a failure, to someone who is finally starting to feel proud of herself with a new exhilarating focus and dream that lies before her. Every day really is such a blessing and I am so deeply thankful for how far I’ve come through this debilitating illness. You know how people say, “Everything happens for a reason”, well I’ve truly started to believe this, especially after the week I’ve had…

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Feeling extremely motivated and with a fire in my belly, I headed back to the gym to do some simple cardio. I still try at the moment to limit my workouts in regards to intensity and only work on my lower half, as I have found previously including my shoulders and arms in exercise can cause upset for me and bring on a headache.

However even though I have developed this achy, stiff feeling (“exercise headache”, I call it) pretty much every day after a workout, I continue to tell myself that overtime my muscles will grow stronger again and this feeling will go. “My daily exercise makes me healthier and stronger” is repeated over and over in my head whilst I endure a moderate thirty-minute cycle on an exercise bike.

However this permanent “exercise headache” really began to get me down and made me question my career choice and the future I was dreaming of. How could I become a personal trainer when I can’t even endure twenty minutes walking on a treadmill? My mind starting circling with doubt after doubt and the old negative, pessimistic me took hold for a while until I decided to message Sam my chiropractor back in the UK. I knew he was a fountain of knowledge and would for sure have an idea to this little puzzle.

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Sam has been with me on this journey since the very beginning and has seen me at total rock bottom, frustrated and hurting, in floods of tears, sore and stressed, a depressed and anxious mess; but he has continued to fight this with me with as much determination and passion as I have. He makes me laugh as he always says “Your my toughest case”.

We have learned over the years that he has supported me; it’s never that easy when it comes to my pesky headaches! I poured my heart out to Sam in the hope that he would have another sure fire answer to my problem in which he simply replied, “Have you thought about trying Pilates?” I’m not going to lie, at this point I had a minor breakdown and the tears started to flow, as for a while I saw this as something else I would have to conquer before starting my PT course. Yet another set back!

Feeling pretty sorry for myself, and finishing the last of the white chocolate left in the fridge, I set out to find local Pilates classes in my area. After a decent nights sleep I woke with a completely different attitude after researching the benefits of Pilates that morning;

  • Prevention and treatment of back pain
  • Improved posture
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Improved core strength and develop stronger abdominal muscles
  • Reduces stress
  • Creates stronger leaner muscles

Sam had explained to me that I am over using the muscles in my neck and shoulders during exercise, and I need to strengthen my core stability in order to switch off the muscles I don’t need to use. Hence me getting this “exercise headache!” It made perfect sense and he even made me consider that maybe this was meant to be part of my journey? Really? Yet another turn and twist?

I had been so focused on striving to reach my destination that maybe I could of missed an important part of the ride. After all, I used to be a dancer and Pilates shares many aspects derived from ballet! Who knows maybe it would be something I could teach one day when creating health and wellness plans for people recovering from migraines? Maybe just maybe… “Everything happens for a reason hey?”

I can solely say after attending my first Pilates class I can see now that maybe life is all about the journey, not the destination! Just enjoy the ride, bumps and the unexpected turns it has in store for you; and be open to all that lies along the road ahead. You never know what might show up along the way…

This blog is dedicated to Sam Pargeter, without whom I don’t know where I would be right now! Thank you for always having faith in me, your excellent chiropractic skills, being a great friend, for inspiring me to carry on fighting and for the belief that we would get there in the end…

Find out more information on Sam and The Heeler Centre where he practices in Sussex, England at:

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  1. Christie – It is so strange to read this post and to find out that you thought of yourself as a “failure!” You have ALwAYS been so successful in everything that you’ve done – all your dancing, teaching, just everything. It just goes to show, you never know what someone thinks about themself on the “inside.” I would never have thought of you as someone who had that going on in their head!!

    Love your blogs and the passion behind them! I think they’re an inspiration to not just migraine sufferers (I know your pain, but luckily not quite as badly!), but to everyone, regardless of their situation!!

    Keep them coming!! You’re one smart AND successful cookie!! xx

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