The Memory Of Pain Is Short-Lived…

Remember those absolutely epic nights that consisted of countless shots of Sambuca, awfully coordinated drunken dance moves and finishing off with what you think at the time is the best chicken kebab you have ever tasted in your life!

However, the morning comes and you wake to a dull thumping pain in your head that you simply cannot ignore. As you look confused at the numerous ink stamps on your hands from various clubs, a wave of nausea hits you from nowhere and you swear to yourself that you will NEVER EVER drink again!

That feeling there! That is the feeling I have after eating yet another something that has triggered a migraine. Why oh why? It’s just not worth it no matter how bad your craving is or how insanely life changing the food tastes at the time. Nevertheless, the feeling of regret soon departs and the memory of your suffering fades to leave you to make the exact same mistake over and over again. When will we ever learn?

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My husband always says, “if there is doubt, there is no doubt!” Hence when we agreed to go to Wagamamma’s for dinner with some friends I should of known not to try something new on the menu. Previously I have eaten there with no problem so I reassured myself in my head that it was a safe bet. However as I begin to recover from this illness and my tolerance to certain foods starts to improve, it leaves me with this confidence and curiosity to test the boundaries.

Just like when you’ve had three glasses of champagne, two tequilas, two more glasses of champagne and then your offered a delicious stomach curdling Baileys cocktail to end the night! One more couldn’t hurt, could it?

Successfully I have managed to re-introduce tomatoes, various types of cheese, mushrooms, kiwi fruit, cured meats, pineapple and lime over time so for me this is a huge change to my diet. At my worst I eliminated all oils, sauces, stocks, dressings, spice mixes, fresh bread, various vegetables and the list goes on. Meal times consisted of food so bland I would cover pretty much everything in garlic, as it was the only safe option for me to offer any kind of flavor.

Nowadays I am blessed as my only real battle is the dreaded onion, and certain oils used to cook with. I am finding this to be a problem when eating out as most of the time you have no idea how things have been cooked, unless there is a safe option of something either steamed or grilled on the menu. I guess being honest Wagamamma’s for me was taking a risk, and this time unfortunately it was a gamble that didn’t pay off.

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After a day of meditating my migraine away, numerous glasses of ice-cold water, followed by a trusty Triptan, I seem to be back on track and my usual positive self. Gone are the days when I would lay in bed for up to a week in relentless pain. So I am feeling blessed this morning to have come so far and be at this point in my recovery.

However it has made me ponder how easily we forget the pain we suffered. Take women who go through labor for instance. After up to forty-eight hours in the most agonizing pain possible women seem to magically forget the pain they experience as soon as they hold their baby in their arms. No matter who you ask, they will always say they would do it all over again and most likely I’m sure I’ll wind up in a Wagamamma’s trying yet another new dish, at some point in the not too distant future…

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