Destination… Life Coach!

Half asleep and bleary eyed from an early rise, I sat at my desk with a freshly brewed cup of Rooibos tea and did my usual routine of browsing through social media, flicking from post to post. Ping, as the new followers notification beamed on my Twitter before my tired eyes. I briefly browsed through the names, none of which I recognized, until a certain Life Coach was brought to my attention.

Feeling intrigued, I continued to explore his page further, to find his business stating he could help you fulfil your wildest dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live! My heartbeat raced a little, my breathing intensified as I let out a burst of excitement whilst smiling to myself uncontrollably. If that isn’t the universe showing me the way, then I don’t know what is!

The signs were so clear leading up to this moment and this was just the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle all fitting together.

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1. I had been struggling with gym based exercise, which seemed to induce an “exercise headache” after a workout

2. Pilates and Yoga were forms of exercise whereby I didn’t suffer any headaches and only improved my recovery which was making my body healthier and stronger

3. I had been questioning whether I was really a weight lifting, running on a treadmill kind of girl. Not really! Being honest, my passion lied with exercise classes. I love being fit and healthy but did lifting free weights in a gym environment really ignite a passion inside of me?

4. I knew I wanted to help others who were suffering, however I wasn’t sure how best to achieve this? Initially I thought that personal training was the right platform to reach people, but I realised that this was only putting pressure on myself. I was constantly trying to up the intensity of my workouts, even if that meant I was in pain.

5. Could I reach out and really change people’s lives as a whole – just through personal training?

These doubts had been racing round my mind for the past few days whilst I continued to receive email after email from companies putting pressure on me to sign up to their Personal Trainer courses. It really was like the Universe had whispered in my ear this ground breaking idea that was without a doubt completely and utterly ME!

By becoming a Life Coach I would be able to inspire others that they have the power to change their lives. This is what I had been trying to do all along! I could incorporate aspects that I have learnt on my journey such as meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates, the Law of Attraction, NLP techniques, nutrition, affirmations and put all this together to create my very own business! What better than a life coach that’s endured so much pain and struggle who could really relate to her patients and inspire them to change their lives.

Not only could I work from home but even if I was suffering from an absolute killer migraine, it’s the kind of job I would always be able to manage and never let anyone down. It was absolutely perfect. I felt a wave of emotion come over me as I explained my vision to my husband bursting with passion and enthusiasm.

On that very dark rainy day when I stood at Virgin Atlantic’s headquarters, I struggled to hide the tears streaming down my face from my friends passing by. Handing back my iconic Vivian Westwood threads along with my perfect red patent Dorothy shoes, left me confused and bewildered as to why my dream had been taken from me, by this devastating illness. And for the first time since that moment, I finally knew the reason why…

As my former boss Richard Branson would say;

“Every challenge in our lives is there for a reason, so that we can figure out how to turn it in to a strength” 

And my god he was right!

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  1. Good insight…wonderful follow where you feel is the right way from the universe to you…
    I started blog Dec 2015 on a cell app. I did not own a computer but I was determined to shine in my writing skills. Bah ha! My niche is not writimg. It is to touch everyone I meet on virtually and in person. I now have 290 following…. Spreading happiness love and peace… With humor and popular stuff going on around us. I through it all in. New word each day for knowledge. Pop culture posts. Self discovery challenge…self improvement series…..interview with a blogger series. Just keeping people smiling and feeling good MOJO. I want you to know I am presently having so issues and I was going to unplug for a few. But, there Sat you comment saying good things about my blog. I will keep on sending out good vibes. Thank you….anything I can do to help please ask..hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah such a lovely message Annette! Yes keep going spreading positivity as the more you focus on that it will come to you in return. Wow 290 followers! Thats incredible, I’m on about 20 and would like to up this but I’m not sure how to do it? Any advice would be appreciated. I think its fantastic to share your self discovery, spread positive energy and make people smile. There needs to be more people out there like you! I cannot thank you enough for all your support and liking all my posts! my blogs never had so many likes. I look forward to reading your future posts and feeling the amazing energy you are spreading. All the best… Christie x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Christie, don’t worry I am going to help promote you blog. I will holler at you after I wake up more. Stick with me kid!! I believe that you write your message very well too. I believe in you. I told everyone a new blogger help me choose the right direction to go just by saying you like the positive vibe of my blog. Amazing the universe stuck you right in my path. So, we help each other. I learned to do all this by nice people in the blogosphere we are now a part of!

        First thing what is your prime viewing day and time. From your stats…
        More later…zzzz lol hugs

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah thats so lovely of you Annette! Where do you live? I totally believe in the universe lining people up to meet. It’s all part of the plan. Love all the positivity right now 🙂 Your blog is fab hun! It’s so great visually and in content! I hope mine is like yours one day. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh yes it shall be! I live in Eureka CA USA…. On the Pacific ocean and the Giant Redwoods. We will add widgets and stuff to make you look fabulous. I am heck of tired but I keep waking up lol. Going to send you a link and one major thing. If someone follows you normally you should follow them back. Even if their stuff is not interesting to you. You can unfollow at anytime you wish. I was told that. And make sure you reply back to any comments that are made.
        Read this it may help too.
        More later…
        And I would love to interview you at some point for my series “interview with a blogger” If you are up to it. This will be advertising you and your blog. I have 2 interviews almost done. Then I will be ready to interview you. If you want?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hi Annette, Ah yeh there is a big time difference between us! I think 10 hours now. Wow, I would love to be interviewed! That would be awesome. Very exciting! Thanks for the link too. I’m off to bed now but ill take some time tomorrow to read the links you have given me. Speak soon 🙂


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