Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

After a full week of achy neck pain, daily pulsating headaches and an abundance of frustration, I decided that something really needed to change. Above all, I knew it was my thoughts that needed to change initially in order to make any shift from the vicious, destructive cycle I had found myself in once again.

I had come very familiar with this negative old Christie I used to be, and deep down I knew what I had to do to get back on the right road again. I had to remind myself that It’s all about confidence, taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone.

After launching my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites for HopveVsHeadaches, I was inundated with people reaching out to me to discuss and share their experiences with migraines and chronic pain. To know others were benefitting from my positive outlook on this illness; which so many believe, “You just have to learn to live with”; gave me such a boost in confidence to continue pursuing my dream in becoming a life coach. However, this had begun to come at a cost. A cost to MY health, which left me questioning my direction in life once again.

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During those pain stricken days that I suffered last week, I would awaken to the word migraine duplicated in post after post, among my various social media news feeds. I was sleeping, eating and breathing chronic migraines once again. I felt like I had gone back in time two years as I kept clearly visualizing those dark, painful days in my mind over and over just like a nightmare that never goes away.

It was only after a Skype call with my incredibly supportive mother that she reminded me of the law once again. “Chris…You bring about what you think about”! That was all I needed to hear! No wonder I was suffering when all my energy, focus and attention had been directed only towards pain, suffering and headaches!

Once again it was the law working its magic but this time to a detrimental effect. Mum suggested I take one week completely away from social media, headache forums and anything pain related and completely change my focus. You could say we were conducting a mini experiment perhaps? What was to follow has taught me that our path in life is only determined through the action we take and therefore dictates the life in which we live…


“I have an abundance of health, wealth and happiness” I repeated out load to myself in the bathroom as I carefully applied my foundation. With a week packed full of social events, volunteering days and gym classes I started the inner battle with myself to beat those voices in my head. After several sessions of calming meditation to fill my morning, I pondered whether I was well enough to spend my afternoon volunteering for Feline Friends, a local cat charity in Dubai.

As the time to get in the car drew closer, my anxiety accelerated and I found numerous reasons in my head to back out. I could even feel my headache intensifying as we approached the building. It was as if my head was pulsating with panic! However at the end of the day, I walked out of the adoption centre with a beaming smile from ear to ear. I knew this was my first small victory!

Christie -1! Headaches – 0!

Migraines and anxiety come hand in hand for me. You get anxious about getting one and if you have one, you are anxious about it getting worse. So therefore I have learnt that stepping outside your comfort zone is necessary to break the cycle. I could of quite easily backed out and spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa, attached to an ice pack watching a yet another episode of Orange is the new black on Netflix. However this is when you have to be brave and literally use physical actions to almost trick your brain in to thinking “I am well”, which then creates new thought patterns in your mind. Thereby those actions only fill you with confidence to battle the little devil in your head thats telling you “I am a sick”

From there I managed to get back to doing regular yoga at home and two Pilates classes. Whilst I sat on the squishy mat in the shiny-mirrored studio, the hesitation and doubt sunk in once again. An hour later after being surrounded by twenty or so other fit, healthy strong bodies, my mind had literally been deceived in to thinking I was one of them! A normal person again! Isn’t it incredible how your mind reacts so strongly to what you hear, see and are surrounded by. One to think about hey? What type of people do you surround yourself with? Are you focusing on what you want, or what you don’t want?

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This has also made me question just how beneficial support groups actually are! Is discussing your problem with others in a similar situation really going to help you recover from your illness? If anything I would only imagine this would make it worse, as you now see, hear and feel others pain as well as your own!

As my week drew to an end my confidence was at an all time high, my smile was unstoppable and I was now only visualising myself in my mind as that strong, healthy, determined woman I knew I was. Not only did I manage to get rid of my headaches but also as I continued through the week overcome with health and happiness, little did I know but the universe was working with me in so many other ways. See positive thoughts generate positive feelings and therefore attract positive life experiences. In every area of your life!

As not only the most incredible Life Coaching course was made aware to me by the universe, but I was also approached by a friend of mine about becoming a member of the most exciting travel business that is coming a global phenomena right now! Whatever next!

Sometimes it’s worth taking that step outside your comfort zone. You have no idea what you’re capable of unless you try. What have you got to lose?

Life is how you chose to create it, so make it beautiful!


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  1. You are amazing my friend! I am following you! Thanks again for sending your energy my way. I will follow you on Twitter too. I am learning it. Lol….have you heard of the a to Z challenge starts April 1st.
    #atozchallenge also on Facebook a to Z challenge.

    I think you would like it. I am going out of my realm to do something different. Post one a day except Sunday in April that is 26 days. That also is the letters in alphabet. So, April 1st you start with the letter A…. Then B and so on. Just start with any thing you want has to use the letter of the day. Anyway I hope you join the fun with over 1,300 bloggers…oh it is a great way to increase your following. Lol

    Love this post. I have chronic pain and other physical ailments. I don’t mention mine because I am going a different angle. Self discovery…. Self improvement. Tomorrow my guest author does a neat challenge. Discovery Sunday….check it out….I encourage you to do what you are doing. Hugs


    1. HI Annette, So I just clicked on that link and it didn’t work. Lets connect on Facebook so we can chat. My name is Christie Hindley. No I haven’t heard of the A-Z challenge but would love to hear more on it! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. Talk soon x

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  2. Well put and so true. You attract what you put out, so by acting the way you want to feel your mind and body will follow suit. A very thorough and inspirational post on stepping outside of your comfort zones, and not letting your limitations confine you. Glad too, that things are looking better for you. Much inspiration: Introverted Butterfly

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