My Fantastic Results After Only One Week of Using Dr Joe Dispenza’s Meditation CDs!

After reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s awe inspiring book “You are the Placebo”, I was desperate to get started with the actual meditations and try to put into practice all that I had learnt from his book.

Whilst waiting in suspense for the CDs to arrive, I spent my time watching endless testimonials on his YouTube channel of how people had healed themselves through his meditations from all kinds of illnesses and diseases. My belief in this man and his teachings only seemed to grow by the minute. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? As long as you believe in the treatment or placebo, then you see results?

There are two meditation CDs with one slightly longer than the other but very similar in format. They start with Dr Joe getting you to focus on parts of your body and the space around them. This section is to slow your brain waves down to get you into the Alpha state, whereby your subconscious mind is then easier to reprogram. Then comes the part when you are trying to become pure consciousness. You are no thing, no body, no time and are nowhere!


The way I picture this, is I imagine myself in the darkness of space and my body scatters into millions of tiny pieces to leave me as nothing other than pure consciousness. In the final part, Dr Joe then asks you “What is the belief that you want to change about yourself?”, at which point I say my belief out loud in my head. He very cleverly then guides you to alter this belief and helps you to emit the emotions that you would feel if this belief wasn’t your reality anymore by asking you a series of inspiring questions. He encourages you to feel intense emotion whilst you envisage yourself in the future defying the belief that you started with.

Finally at the end of the meditation, Dr Joe brings you back into awareness, back to your new body and back to the new life you have been visualising. At which point I see the new Christie Jane standing there in front of me and I literally step into her body, and as if like magic, I am the new headache free me!

Now when I started this CD I was telling myself not to expect any overnight results as the book had explained it was going to take time for my brain to make new neural connections and delete the old destructive ones I had created. However, I am honestly astounded at the results I have had in just seven days!

On my first meditation, I immediately felt such intense emotion, so much so that I had tears of joy streaming down my face! I saw myself in what I would call a movie montage in my mind achieving all the things that have felt so far out of reach over the past few years, and for the first time in a long time, I finally felt proud of myself. This for me hit a nerve as I have struggled during my illness to feel proud of myself in any way as I felt I had failed in life. Since discovering this in my mediations, I now find I can recreate this intense feeling of emotion by simply telling myself how proud I am of myself for overcoming this battle.

I have also played around with trying out different beliefs within my ultimate belief that is “I will never get rid of these headaches” such as:

  • “I always need eight hours sleep otherwise I will get a headache”
  • “I have weak neck and shoulder muscles which causes tension headaches”
  • “I always wake up with a headache”
  • “I will never be able to travel on a plane without getting a headache”
  • “Once a month I will always have a menstrual headache”

This was really interesting as I found the beliefs above didn’t create such intense emotion that it did when I felt proud of myself, however this didn’t seem to matter as I still saw myself rewriting my future and this in turn was changing my beliefs.

An example of this was during my flight back from Dubai to London, mid way my neck and shoulders started to feel stiff and a nagging dull headache commenced, at which point my anxiety started to kick in. I donned an eye mask and pressed play on Dr Joe’s meditation CD, where I pictured myself on long haul flights enjoying every second like any “normal person” could. I then saw myself arriving at exotic destinations around the world completely headache free! And as I stepped into the new “normal me” at the end of the meditation, all my fear and anxiety had simply disappeared as if like magic! I suddenly possessed this confidence and certainty that travelling was no reason to give me a headache.

I have to say out of the two CDs he offers, I found Meditation 2 more powerful. On Meditation 1 you are prompted to alter two beliefs and Dr Joe remains quieter through the middle section of the track. However on Meditation 2 you only focus on one belief and he provides much more guidance through the middle section which I personally found much more effective. To maximise my healing I have also been doing the meditations twice a day as Dr Joe suggests.

As most people with a chronic illness understand, you feel like there is no way out. You tend to go round and round in a vicious circle of negative thoughts that only reaffirm to yourself that life will always be this way. You forget what life was like before the illness and it seems just a distant memory. Now it’s almost like Dr Joe has flicked a switch on inside of me that I forgot existed, and I now know not only can I get back to the old me before this illness, I can create an even better future me! All in all, not only do I now believe that I CAN and WILL heal myself completely over time, I feel in a way, fearless and anxiety free. In this week alone my health has noticeably improved, so much so that I got to enjoy some very special headache free days with my Mum when she came to visit me in Dubai.

So thank you Dr Joe for starting me on this journey to changing my life…


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  1. I’ve studied Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching for many years now and recently read Dr Joe’s book ‘You are the Placebo’ – I thought it was brilliant too and it really set some of the things I already new into a scientific context which was really useful. Having read the success you’ve had, I’m going to send for the CD’s myself – I was going to record the meditations myself but I suspect it will be more effective to have the CD’s. Thanks for inspiring me to get them!

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    1. Hi Wendy, ah fantastic! You are where I want to be! I want to be a life coach. His book is brilliant and now I am reading his other “Breaking the habit of being yourself” which is also brilliant. I thought about recording my own too but the way the music reflects the changes in the part of the meditation I would advise to get it as it’s great! Let me know how you get on with it. All the best, Christie.

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      1. You already are a Life Coach – inspiring change through your blog! I’m inspired now to read Breaking the habit of being yourself too – thanks.. Success is already yours – continue your inspiration, Wendy x

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  2. I saw your drjoedispenza # on Instagram and that you lived in Dubai (I lived there for 6 amazing years) so here I am on your blog feeling encouraged to encourage you! I love Dr.Joe’s work, I found it 2 years ago and it is definitely life changing. Do the work, the meditations, consistently, and as soon as you can get to a workshop. The energy of the workshop will accelerate the work! Best of luck! xo

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    1. Hi Suzie, lovely to meet you! Wow that’s so encouraging! Thanks for your message! Ah where do you live now? Yeh we love Dubai. I’m so glad it hear it’s changed your life. I’m going to go to the progressive workshop he has in the UK in October and I can’t wait! I’ve been doing them twice and sometimes three times daily and it’s been incredible so far. Stay in contact and I’d love to hear your story. x


      1. So happy that you have registered for a workshop, you will absolutely love it! We live in Toronto now, nothing like Dubai! I’m not sure if you know that you can download meditations on the Dr Joe Dispenza website? Also the student Facebook page is a great source of informatio. and good for asking questions, xo


  3. Your story is truly incredible and inspiring. I’ve purchased the MP3 cds and have done the meditations a few times. Your article has definitely inspired me to commit to a more regular practice. Thank you for sharing. His work is so empowering.

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    1. Ah thanks you so much for your message. Thats made my day. I’m so glad my story has inspired you, thats the whole point I share my experiences in the hope it can help someone else. Let me know how you get on with his meditations 🙂 All the best!

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  4. Hello Christie

    Am in the process of reading You Are The Placebo. While doing that, I occasionally search YouTube and Google for testimonials to encourage me and to give me hope. Hearing your story sure boosted me up. Will surely buy the meditation CDs too especially since I have health issues related to my eyes and ears that I need to resolve. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

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    1. Heya, Ah I am so glad my story has given you hope. Don’t ever lose it. Dr Joe has helped me regain my health and you can do the same too. Just make it your daily practice and once it becomes routine you won’t feel right without it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Just never lose hope friend. Let me know how you get on with the cd’s and which ones you bought. Wishing you plenty of health and happiness 🙂


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