How On Earth Did That Just Happen Dr Dispenza?

As you all probably know by now, I have committed myself to doing Dr Joe Dispenza’s daily healing meditations for what’s been nearly a month now.

He recommends doing the meditations twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening however on days when I have had the time I have been fitting in a sneaky third meditation on top. I figure why not? The more I can do the better, right? As surely it’s only going to speed up the healing process and propel me towards my goal even faster. I have done this religiously, not missing a single session. Initially, I wondered how this would work around my day, but I’ve learnt if you want something bad enough, you will always make the time.

So I have to tell you about an experience I had the other day during one of my meditations. I’ll do my very best to explain what happened in words, but the truth is I can’t explain what happened myself! I’d love to be able to pick up the phone and give Dr Joe Dispenza a call to pick his brain on my incredible meditation experience. I guess I’ll have to wait until October to ask him in person!!!

Yes, I am actually going to meet Dr Joe himself as my Mum and I decided to book on to his two and a half day progressive workshop in October right here in London. By that time; I worked out; I would have done his meditation over 370 times! I watch his workshops video’s on YouTube all the time and I can’t believe I am actually going to be participating in one! Of course I will blog the whole thing for you all to follow.


Anyway, back to what happened the other day. As I mentioned before there are three parts to his meditations:

  • First comes the relaxation section whereby your brain waves enter the Alpha state to allow better access to your subconscious mind.
  • You are then guided to enter a state whereby you are no body, no thing, in no time and no place (You are just simply energy floating in space! Well that’s how I picture it).
  • Finally, you are asked to change a belief about yourself and are guided by the emotion you would feel if your belief weren’t true anymore.

Now I have to explain at the time of this meditation I had a migraine, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever had, but it was still a migraine. During the meditation, I found myself really struggling with the first two sections. We all know by now that meditation is good for migraines, for prevention and during an attack, despite this, it’s actually a very uncomfortable and hard place to be when meditating with a full-blown migraine. You know when you feel unwell in some way, and just for a few moments you become totally absorbed into say a TV programme and suddenly your pain seems to just totally disappear for those moments. But as soon as your focus comes away from the distraction, your symptoms come back! I find distraction during a migraine can be highly effective but during meditation, you are doing completely the opposite of this and you are alone with every aspect of the pain you are feeling. It’s just you, your breath and the throb of the migraine.

The feeling was becoming hard to bear, so much so that I thought about ending the meditation on several occasions to go in search for a migraine tablet, as my pain only seemed to be getting so much worse. My god, I am SO glad I didn’t! As I emerged into the final section of the meditation, the belief I had chosen to change was “I will always suffer with migraines”.

From that point onwards my response to this was particularly emotional, perhaps it was because I was actually in a migraine at the time so seeing my life completely migraine free struck a cord with me more than usual. Suddenly I became lost in such an intense visualisation, picturing myself full of vitality and life travelling the world with my husband, crossing the finish line to a marathon, starting my own business and finally, the one that hit me the most, starting a family with my husband. I saw us there with our little boy so in love with him and life that the tears of joy were streaming down my face. (My husbands family are very boy heavy!)

I was so lost in the scene that I could feel the sunshine on my back, hear the laughter from our son and I felt eternally grateful for regaining my health. Finally, I saw myself at Dr Joe’s workshop in October in floods of emotion thanking him over and over again for changing my life. This was my most powerful meditation yet and as the recording came to an end I was completely astounded by what was to follow…


I cleared the tears from my face and took a second to search for the pain but it was totally and utterly GONE!!! No word of a lie, that uncomfortable, weird, painful migraine sensation had completely vanished! It was like someone had turned a switch off inside of me! I couldn’t believe it and proceeded to sit on my bed for a while longer just triple checking that the pain wasn’t still there! How could this be possible? There is no migraine medication in the world that can stop a migraine dead in its tracks! What had I just done?

After thinking about this over and over again the only way I can explain what happened is that I lifted myself out of my current circumstances and environment so much so that my body actually started to follow my mind, which was basking in the delight of the future. I was so there in mind and spirit but my body had no choice but to follow where and what I had become!

That’s why when Dr Joe explains that we are all just energy and he gets you to become nothing in no time and no space, this then allows you to come back and create the life you want to live which simply is just a different type of energy. You have the power to create your life and your future! Isn’t that pretty incredible! Think of the possibilities that may await you…

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    1. Ah thanks Diane, that is so kind of you. I’m just hoping my blogging my story it will help others to heal their life and try something new. I use his second CD meditation 2, where by you are only changing one belief not two. I just use that one over and over again. Thanks Diane for your message good luck with the CD. Let me know how you get on x


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