Is A Belief Only True Because You Believe It So?

After spending a lot of time recently pondering about our beliefs and how they form our life and our world, I stumbled across this quote which left me intrigued to delve deeper into the subject. Gandhi has hit the nail on the head with this one!  Until recent months, in which I have nearly read all of Dr Joe Dispenza’s books, I had never really examined what beliefs I held and how they were affecting my world.

I have come to realise that the beliefs you hold only go on to affect your actions, which then become your habits which ultimately become your destiny! All through a silly little belief that may or may not be true anymore? After all, how are beliefs formed in the first place? Through our thoughts? If so then maybe we should be more aware of what we are thinking from day to day? Maybe it’s time we all sat down and examine what beliefs we hold true.

I’ll start you off. For me this was easy. I have a list as long as my arm that I could write down but I won’t bore you so here is just a few that I have created over the period of my illness:

  • I HAVE weak neck and shoulders muscles which means I am prone to tension headaches
  • Without less than eight hours sleep I get a very bad “tired headache” which means I HAVE to go back to bed, suffer all day long until I have a good sleep the following night
  • I HAVE to avoid alcoholic drinks
  • When my neck and shoulder muscles get tight I HAVE to see a chiropractor as otherwise my headache will remain
  • I am unable to sit in the sun anymore and HAVE to sit in the shade or else I will get a headache
  • I HAVE to avoid cooking foods in any type of oils

I understand that during the darkest days of my illness that most of these beliefs would have been formed through pain I experienced, regular migraine patterns and food triggers, however have you ever thought that overtime illness is held in the body by thought alone and by the beliefs you have formed? Maybe your illness has actually already disappeared underneath but it’s your belief thats holding it inside of you? What would happen to your body if you were to change your beliefs? Would this in turn change your physical body?

Well this is exactly what is happening to me right now. My so called “tired headache” no longer exists in my mind after numerous meditations focusing on me having little sleep and then going about my day as a completely normal person headache free. It was a like light bulb moment! As my mind was strong enough to defy the belief, guess what… my body followed. It was almost like my belief had tricked my body into thinking this pain was a real “thing”. Then my mind became powerful and overturned it, and I believed there was no such “thing”. My body had no choice but to surrender and agree that this belief was a lie! After this experience it then made me question what other beliefs I was holding true and it gave me the power and confidence to try and change other beliefs I had.

I guess our beliefs can be formed in many ways. For example, our experiences, reading material, cultures, past events, our environment; and have you ever considered through medical practitioners and their diagnoses? There are a ridiculous amount of placebo studies out there that show that if the patient believes in the doctor treating them and the so-called treatment they think they are receiving, then they are very likely to be feeling relief from their illness.

Well, maybe the same works when in reverse? Maybe if a doctor gives a diagnosis of “Chronic Migraines” whereby there is so-called “no medical cure” right now, then potentially isn’t that almost doing the opposite to the placebo and giving you a diagnosis of suffering, pain and no hope? Could the doctors be helping create a negative belief inside of you? I read such an interesting book recently “Mind over Medicine” by Dr Lissa Rankin. She was working as a GP but felt unfulfilled by western medicine and decided to delve deeper into finding what really makes people healthy after witnessing many of her patients self-healing themselves from disease.

She gave up her job and dedicated her life to truly finding the answer which in all cases meant examining her patients relationships, jobs, partners, diet, lifestyle, where they lived, creative outlets, sexual relationships and their stress levels. After reading Lissa’s own story of self-healing she then helps you write your own diagnosis and create your personalised prescription to cure your illness. This is such a fantastic read and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Check it out!


What I found most interesting about this book though was the way she compared a doctor’s diagnosis to a traditional voodoo curse! She explains that when doctors give a diagnosis for say a terminal illness, due to the belief in the medical practitioner most of the time the patient will surrender to this and believe it so. She explains that what if the doctor was instead to give a diagnosis that confirmed your illness but instead filled you with hope instead of fear? For example:

“Unfortunately you do have signs of cancerous cells however we are very positive you can and will beat this disease. We have seen an incredible number of people survive this and we know you can too. We are all here to support you on this journey and we have every faith in your body to be fully healed”

How would you feel? Positive? Strong? Like you can beat it? That then becomes a new belief of yours. If you heard this diagnosis it would make you believe that you could be healed! After all, our beliefs seem to be so strong that they shape our lives, our future and our destiny. Can you now see how medical practitioners and a diagnosis sometimes are maybe doing us more harm than good, as we just surrender to this as gospel due to our beliefs in western medicine? Food for thought hey?

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  1. Reblogged this on Inspiring Connections and commented:
    Our beliefs are powerful. Many of them stem from childhood, a time when we have limited experiences and maturity. Here is a woman empowering herself through connection to her inner wisdom and creating a truer belief for herself and transforming her life with courage and determination!

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    1. Ah thank you so much for this reposting. After several negative comments from people saying migraines cannot be cured I needed this boost! Thank you for your support! I believe I am beating them and my life is changing because of it. xx


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