My Incredible Results After 8 weeks of Dr Joe Dispenza’s Meditations

I cannot believe it’s been eight weeks already since I read “You are the Placebo” and began Dr Joe’s daily healing meditations. Previously when I have tried new therapies my enthusiasm has tended to dwindle over time and I’ve lost interest when I haven’t seen results, but this time it has been completely different! No word of a lie, I have stuck to it religiously and I’m actually really proud of myself for that. There was only one day in the eight weeks in which I couldn’t fit in two meditations as recommended by the book.

Apart from that I always managed to do both meditations daily and sometimes I have even fitted in a sneaky third! It didn’t matter whether I was on a plane, a train, at home, or away, I always made sure I plugged my headphones in, donned my eye mask and committed myself to Dr Joe’s meditations.

I have witnessed some amazing changes in myself over the past eight weeks so I thought it would be beneficial if I were to summarise these for you!

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  1. Dramatically less Chiropractor visits

During the month of March, I visited the chiropractor five times due to the tightening up of my neck and shoulder muscles, which is the usual result of a migraine. In April I began Dr Joe’s meditations and since then I have had only one visit to the chiropractor per month! Just one! I couldn’t believe it myself. I knew that it had become a belief of mine that I MUST see a Chiropractor after every migraine as otherwise my neck and shoulder muscles would remain tight and result in a daily headache.

However by using my meditations I have started to challenge this belief and visualize myself post migraine without needing this treatment and recovering fully, completely chiropractor free! You could say that this therapy had become my kind of comfort blanket and a quick fix to my problem, but this has proved to me that maybe this had become a habit, which ultimately had evolved into a belief! So seeing the Chiropractor once a month is totally acceptable in my mind as “normal people” still get aches and pains don’t they?

The second reason why my visits have decreased is due to the fact the intensity of my migraines have weakened, resulting in less neck and shoulder pain, hence far fewer visits to the Chiropractor.

2. Reduced Anxiety

Most people who suffer from migraines will agree that anxiety plays a huge part in your day-to-day life. It’s easy enough to say “try not to worry about a migraine coming on” but that’s easier said than done. On reflection anxiety and negative self-talk is really just you worrying and imagining the worst case scenario coming true, but what I have found is by doing my meditations I am programming my brain only to see the best case scenario. Which in turn, has hugely reduced my daily anxiety and has given me more confidence in myself, which leads me on to my next point very nicely.

3. A New-found Confidence

As Dr Joe suggests, do your first meditation soon after you wake, that way you have a strong foundation for the day ahead. I have found by doing this it fills me with confidence to tackle whatever the day should present to me. Sometimes in my meditations I picture myself several years in the future, but most of the time my morning meditation tends to focus on the challenges I may face in the upcoming day or week ahead.

By playing the situation I consider challenging over in my meditation and by tackling it in my visualization with ease, this then fills me with a sense of confidence that I’ve never felt before. Previously my day may began with anxiety and apprehension, however now my morning meditation sets me up with a sense of optimism and positivity.

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     4. Migraine intensity weakened

Over the past two years, as my recovery has progressed, I have noticed the overall intensity of my migraines slowly decreasing. During my darkest days the pain was unbearable, but over time this has started to lessen. An average migraine intensity before starting Dr Joe’s meditations would have been maybe a 5/10 on the pain scale, and the migraine would last usually 3-4 days.

However, since beginning my meditations in April, I can honestly say my pain could only be possibly classed as just a 2/10! No word of a lie! This is incredible for me and is probably the biggest change I have noticed in the last eight weeks. So much so that the migraines I have had have lasted just 1-2 days. Hard to believe I know!

I have come to the conclusion that by doing my meditations and by picturing and feeling myself in the future completely migraine free, this helps the relaxations response in my body which aids the healing process. Also before discovering Dr Joe’s meditations, I realised that the more I meditate during a migraine the quicker it disappears. So I usually up Dr Joe’s meditations to three times daily during a migraine (equivalent to nearly three hours of meditation), which surely has such a positive effect on my body.

5. A NO medication migraine!

At the beginning of this journey, if you had told me that in eight weeks time you will be able to get through a migraine with absolutely no painkillers, no Triptans and no use of Cefaly, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it actually happened!

As the migraine came on I did my usual routine of meditating and remaining as calm and relaxed as possible. As the day passed it dawned on me that I hadn’t needed my usual remedies! Bedtime approached and my mind started to race and I started to question whether or not I should just take a Triptan, as that’s what I am used to doing, but I decided not. I had never experienced a migraine as mild as this before, so for some reason, I decided to trust myself and my body and see what would happen if I were not to take anything. The very next day the feeling slowly subsided! I honestly couldn’t believe it! Now if that’s all the power the migraines have behind them anymore then I am definitely winning this fight!

So to anyone out there struggling with some sort of illness, disease or pain that you have been told is “incurable” or “you just have to live with”, I ask you to open your mind to another form of medicine and purchase a copy of Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “You are the Placebo”.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to make the time to do the meditations and commit to it, but the rewards I have seen have been worth every single second of the time I have devoted! Thank you Dr Joe for the incredible changes I have witnessed over the last eight weeks!

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  1. Hi there only just started two days ago on the meditations and I’m excited! I suffer from facial pain and so like you were a sort of migraine of the face.Thank you for posting your journey!It strengthened my excitement and belief in a new me !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lindsey, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been doing wedding prep for my sisters wedding so it’s been a little crazy.

      So I have to say I now go 2 months without a migraine, and even if I do get one it’s nothing and I would say a 2 or 3/10 on the pain scale. It feels amzing. I have been doing my meditations now for just over a year. I love the meditations as I feel like I am creating the life I want to live and it is actually happening before my very eyes. How often do you suffer with migraines? I couldnt recommend these mediations enough. I would firstly read his book “You Are The Placebo” as it is essential to understand the theory behind it. If anything, it has given me the confidence in my ability to heal msyelf and regain my health 🙂


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