The Frustration in Self Healing

Maybe this isn’t the best time for me to be writing a blog but isn’t the whole point in writing a blog, to document your highs as well as your lows? To be an honest representation of your journey? Well, today for me is a low, a very frustrated low at that. I guess I need to explain how I got to this point.

As you can see from my last blog I decided to adopt “The Miracle Migraine” approach to nutrition. This meant cutting out refined carbohydrates, all sugar (including fruit), seed oils, any form of grain and processed foods in order to reduce any inflammation in the body.

Feeling confident after reading the book and the fantastic reviews that went with it, I fully embraced my new diet. I honestly didn’t find it too difficult because I was allowed to supplement my diet with all the fat I wanted. Pretty much the same as the Atkins I suppose. Cheese, full fat cream, eggs, whole milk, butter and so on… The only area I struggled with was breakfast, as I am very partial to a bowl of cereal and obviously that was not on the cards. However I replaced it with almond milk, berries and chia seed combo (left overnight to soak) that actually turned out pretty tasty.

After a week into the diet I was still struggling with a nagging daily headache and tight shoulders to accompany it, the usual story. As wheat had been eliminated from my diet it meant that dairy had replaced a lot of foods during meal times. I pondered, could the fact I was suddenly consuming such a huge amount of dairy be giving me a headache? How was I to know?

My mind raced with all these questions to which of course I didn’t know the answer. I just wish someone could tell me exactly what my body needs in order to heal, but I guess it’s only patience and time that will give me those answers. But I’ll be honest, my patience was running pretty thin after so many weeks of nagging headaches and my frustration only grew worse as time went on. Nothing improved, not even slightly.

That week whilst flicking through my WordPress account, I stumbled across a girl whose health had been transformed by this New York Times best-selling book. I commented on her post to which she replied and passionately explained how this wonderful man named Anthony Williams had healed her. So I set about by googling the book and consequently downloaded it on my kindle.


To summarise, Anthony William was basically spoken to by a “spirit” (as he calls it) as early as four years old. The spirit can see into your body and diagnose your illness. Not only that, but prescribe the treatment in order to be cured. This gift has meant that Anthony William is now a world wide sensation with thousands upon thousands of people waiting to receive his healing gift. Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell are just a few of the many celebrities to have experienced his work.

Anthony only prescribes a diet of raw fruit and vegetables to heal the body along with herbal supplements. The book addresses many health conditions (including migraine) and the treatment plan needed in order to heal yourself. The reviews of the book were outstanding and it gripped me beyond words. Maybe this was the answer I had been looking for? I know, I know, I’m going from one “fad diet” to another pretty quickly, but the desperation you feel sometimes when suffering leaves you praying for a cure and going from pillar to post. You tend to believe that the next thing you try could finally be the answer you have been searching for. I find this leaves you riding a rollercoaster of emotions that begin with hope and excitement but then usually ends up with disappointment and frustration. And so the cycle begins again…

For migraines, Anthony advises to cut out all types of grains, processed foods, dairy, meat and nearly all fish. Some of this mirrored “The Miracle Migraine” diet and I had already successfully cut out all grains, processed foods and seed oils. This now left me to cut out meat, dairy and fish. Effectively, I was to become a Vegan! Considering I married a South African who adores a good meat-fest on our braai, this could be difficult. But as always, he supported me 100% and offered to do the diet with me. He really is one in a million my husband.

So of course as I do, I set straight to work by ordering my supplements and stocking our fridge up with as much fruit and vegetables possible from the list the book had given me. Anthony also advises you can do a detox for 28 days in order to release your body from all the toxins in order for your health to improve at a faster rate. As usual I decided to jump straight in, full steam ahead, not giving it a second thought and hit the detox hard. I did “exactly what it said on the tin” and only half a day in to the detox, BAM, a migraine hit! I suppose this was to be expected but mentally I didn’t prepare myself for a migraine and for some reason I felt like I had failed once again.

On reflection perhaps I needed to take a few steps back and assess the situation before jumping in at 100 miles per hour. I guess all these diets, treatments, books, herbal remedies and exercises I try are only here for you as a guide and nothing is ever a sure-fire fix. That’s why migraines are so frustrating and complicated as everyone is different. Some things that work for others won’t work for you. Migraines are definitely not black and white! I realised I had become so desperate again in my search for health that maybe that itself was making me ill. I knew that feeling stressed and frustrated was simply not going to get me anywhere fast as I had learnt this last year.

Being honest I know deep down that it’s not one thing alone that is going to fix my migraines; it’s going to be combination of diet, exercise, meditation and many more things. I had gotten so side tracked by another sudden “miracle cure” that I had forgotten everything that had worked for me previously. It was time to go back to basics. Upon putting our house back together after some building works we have been having done, I stumbled across my gratitude journal from a while back. After flicking through the dusty pages it suddenly made me realise that I needed to take what works for me out of every book, diet or piece of advice I had come across. So that was it, time to get back to basics and start with even the little things that I knew had made a difference before.

Deep down, I knew what was best…


Basically I needed to stop trying so hard to be “well” again and change my focus completely. From experience, this is what had got me in such a good place before. It’s the law of attraction working its magic once again. Focus on illness and get more of it, focus on health and get more of it. Voila! So this became my plan of action:

  • Meditate daily (The ones that I enjoy rather than Dr Joe’s all the time)
  • Take evening strolls hand in hand around the lake with my husband
  • Get back to volunteering at the Feline Friends Charity
  • Wake each morning and rehydrate before breakfast with a cucumber or celery juice
  • Have a long hot baths with plenty of candles and bubbles
  • Do some yoga classes again
  • Make gratitude lists
  • Watch funny films that make me laugh
  • Increase my intake of certain fruits and vegetables
  • Take my focus off being ill to being well
  • Start my life coaching course
  • Use affirmations to help create my day
  • Find plenty of cats to stroke!
  • Go on date nights with my husband
  • Eat all food in moderation whilst cutting down as much as possible on processed foods, grains, meat and fish
  • Read a good book that isn’t about migraines for once!
  • Research some Latin dance classes to attend
  • Start each day by listing in my head what I am grateful for
  • Bake some cakes
  • Try and get some sort of fresh air every day
  • Spend time with friends no matter how I am feeling
  • Go for a swim in the pool
  • Take the new herbal supplements Anthony William advises
  • Live in the NOW!

So I’ll let you know how I get on…

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