A Positively Colourful Two Weeks!

Now let’s see, where did I leave off from my last blog? Ah yes, I was taking everything back to basics after becoming completely confused as what to do for the best anymore. Enough was enough, it was time to take what I had learnt over the past few years and use what had worked and disregard what hadn’t. I needed to stop getting consumed by sudden “miracle cures” and follow what I knew worked deep down. And funnily enough, after all this searching it tended to be the simple things in life.

As I began my week I sought out my trusty gratitude journal and set out to make an entry every morning to start my day off with a grateful heart. In the end, after having a few busy days I would just say it out loud in my head when going about my morning routine. I realised I had recently spent so much time looking over the fence at what I didn’t have in my life, that I had totally forgotten just how many beautiful blessings I do have. Ok, it may not be perfect right now but really, whose life is?

Sometimes I think Facebook has a lot to answer for as we all parade our lives only at their best and never at their worst. You very rarely hear about how you are distraught from your latest argument with your boyfriend that you don’t trust or how you hate your job and will each day to be over. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too, but for that reason I’ve tried to cut down on my Facebook time these past two weeks to try to become more grounded with reality.

I finally managed to get back to some gentle yoga classes that did me the world of good. My body needed to stretch and feel alive again whilst my mind really appreciated the hour of calm and serenity I experienced. Unfortunately I think some of the classes led me to visit my trusty friend the Chiropractor due to some muscle tension I was experiencing, but the doctor explained that initially I will experience some pain when I exercise again as my neck muscles are so weak. However she did give me some exercises I could do to work on this.

I also managed to get back to doing some volunteering work for the charity Feline Friends. They host monthly adoption days in which we try to find our furry friends a forever home. It felt so good to socialize with the other crazy cat ladies after missing out on the last few adoption days. In addition to this, (to my husbands delight), I volunteered to be an emergency fosterer to a kitty that had been picked up off the streets and desperately needed a temporary home. Now how could you say no to this face?


Well exactly, I couldn’t, so little Maria made herself at home in our spare bedroom. After all, they do say that cats are therapeutic. So in effect it’s a form of healing I would say. Well that’s what I told my husband anyway!

After being angry at Dr Joe Dispenza for not delivering me the perfect America trip, let’s just say we weren’t on speaking terms. I know this is silly as it was a HUGE ask, but Dr Joe had made me believe that anything was possible. Ok, it didn’t go so well but before my holiday his meditations had really given me such a boost in confidence, so much so that I started to believe that my life could be pain free again, and it was actually happening. After reflecting on this, I decided to start doing his meditations again and I am pleased to say they have really helped. Suddenly I am beginning to feel like I hold the power again to my recovery, which has felt wonderful.

The biggest change I’ve made was to my diet. Here is an example of what I have been eating;

Wake up – No more tea for me and instead a lovely glass of either cucumber or celery juice!

Breakfast – A smoothie normally consisting of a banana, apple, almonds, chia seeds, spinach and water.

Morning snack – Homemade banana and walnut bread, an apple with some almond butter or an egg.

Lunch – A large salad full of spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, seeds and quinoa, nuts along with a variations of pomegranates, mango, apricots or apple.

Afternoon snack – Another fruit and spinach smoothie or some homemade quinoa and chia seed bread.

Dinner – On the days my husband is away I’ll eat completely vegan and when he returns we vary from meals with meat and fish. He has also enjoyed a couple of my Vegan dinners, which is surprising, considering he is South African!

After dinner snack – If I’m still hungry I’ll have some yogurt with some more nut butter or raw honey.

I have to say eating mostly Vegan has been a lot easier than I thought. However I presumed that by eating no wheat, no grains, no carbs and a small amount of dairy that the pounds would have droped  off me, but no, quite the opposite in fact. I don’t own scales but my jeans definitely don’t lie, that’s for sure! It puzzled me for a while as to why but I suddenly realised that I was eating alot of nuts. And I mean ALOT of nuts.

I then read somewhere that you should only consume five almonds in one day! Ops, well considering most days my husband has found me with my head in the fridge eating almond butter out of the jar I think I might have found the culprit. Let alone also having nuts in my smoothies, snacks and sprinkled on lunch. Ok I admit it! “My name is Christie and I have an addiction to almond butter!” Now its time to step away from the nuts for a while I think.

Ok, so I’ve put on a few pounds which of course never makes a girl feel good about herself but the funny thing is, that for the first time in a long time i’ve had two weeks majority headache and migraine free! So whats better? A few extra pounds with this new  diet and no pain? Or being a size 10 but still suffering? For now I’m just happy that I’m feeling good and that’s the most important thing. I’d love to get back to the skinny old me “pre illness  e” that would fit three body attack classes in a week and had real defined abs that I could see. But that’s not me anymore and it also doesn’t represent the journey I have been through.

You know how when mothers give birth and their scars represent the bravery, courage and pain they have endured to bring a beautiful life in to the world? Well I look at it the same in a funny sort of way. All that I am now is because of what I have been through and I should be proud of that instead of being embarrassed by the fact my bikini body isn’t exactly perfect.

Another exciting aspect to the two weeks has been that I started my life coaching course which has been great. It’s given me a new focus that’s something other than my head and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying and learning something completely new. It’s going so well that I even got an A on my first assignment!

So I can say right now I’m in a good place being grateful for all that I have in my life, grateful for my body getting me to this point in my journey and grateful for every healthy day I am blessed with. Life is suddenly starting to look so very beautiful again…

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  1. An enjoyable read: so pleased you had two weeks relatively migraine free on your new diet. Sounds like you are eating so healthily. I would probably get addicted to almond butter too. keep the blogs coming! Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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