Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Do you believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason?” During the darkest days of my illness this was something I couldn’t accept. How could losing my dream job and spending every day laid up in relentless pain in any way be part of a bigger plan for me and actually be happening for a reason? Hindsight is a great thing and if only I knew then what I do now, I think I would have found some peace in my desperation.

If I think back to several years ago, I thought I was destined to have a career in the aviation industry forever. It was my passion and I was one of those sad individuals who actually loved going to work. Why wouldn’t you with four nights in The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jamaica? On the flip side, even in the middle of a packed night flight, whilst trying to navigate in the dark to answer call bells, when the woman in 43 delta decides to faint on you, even then something inside me still couldn’t get enough! Perhaps it was the thrill and excitement as no day was ever quite the same. I really was proud to work for such a prestigious airline and boy, I never forgot how lucky I was. After three initial attempts to get into Virgin, a holding pool and what seemed like endless years of waiting I finally heard the news I was desperate to hear. As I walked through the doors of the Virgin Atlantic headquarters on my very first day, I remember thinking to myself “This is where I am meant to be!”

Of course I had no idea that a couple of years later chronic migraines would crush my dreams and change my life forever. Deep down I knew that I would never be able to fly again which was truly heartbreaking for me and something I struggled with for a very long time. The erratic hours, limited sleep, change in weather, dehydration, jet lag and irregular eating times was the perfect migraine concoction and one that sadly I had to avoid. On that dull rainy day in which I handed back my beautiful Vivian Westwood threads, I wiped the tears from my eyes and did what I had to do. It was time to hang up my wings for good. I remember feeling so lost at the time but little did I know I would find a new passion that would fill me with joy.

Looking back now I can see this was all part of the plan. Maybe I was destined for something bigger, to make a difference and to inspire others that our lives aren’t meant to be lived in pain. Sure, there were many times I made passengers’ flights special by giving them some extra fizz, moved them to a comfier seat and slipped them a few of the delicious Upper class chocolates, but could I really actually help people? Perhaps not, which is why now I’ve finally found inner some peace and realised that as much as I loved flying maybe it wasn’t my destiny after all.

So if you don’t know by now, I decided to start a Life Coaching course as I felt this would be the perfect way in which to use all I had learnt whilst trying to rehabilitate myself and help people achieve their dreams. I wanted to inspire clients that anything was possible. As my course materials arrived I furiously unpacked it as I couldn’t wait to get started. A couple of modules into the course I unfortunately hit a brick wall, a wall that was to change my direction in life once again. After all, everything happens for a reason! My course stated that if anyone was to come to you suffering from ill-health then as a Life Coach you are unable to assist them. You have to refer them to a doctor or counsellor for treatment. Basically to avoid these people at all costs! Well wait a minute there, this had been my aim all along, to helps others suffering so they could regain control of their lives and achieve their dreams. It suddenly dawned on me that perhaps Life Coaching wasn’t exactly what I had expected it to be.

As I pondered this information I had a realisation that what I actually wanted to do was help others regain their health and simply that! I wanted to combine all of the aspects that had helped me to heal myself thus far. Such as yoga, meditation, change of lifestyle, a positive mindset, gratitude and my latest passion… nutrition. Since I have began eating this raw/vegan diet full of fruits and vegetables (inspired by the Medical Medium’s work), my health is now improving daily. This in turn has ignited a passion inside of me to learn more about this subject not only for my own healing but as a potential career opportunity for the future.

I set about researching a course combining all these aspects, when I came across this…


The IIN stands for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is the worlds largest nutrition school. The course ultimately trains you to become a Health Coach with the support and knowledge to set up your own business. INN is different to other nutrition schools as it focuses on the holistic route to transforming health and studies over 100 dietary theories by world-class educators and industry experts in nutrition. You would receive lectures from experts such a Deepak Chopra and Davide Wolf. The more I read about the course it just screamed at me… “ENROL NOW”! The list of subjects captivated me from raw foods, Ayurvedic medicine and anti inflammatory diets to spirituality, positive physiology and healing practices. It couldn’t be more me if it tried! This would be hugely beneficial to my health, but not only that, I could honestly see myself turning this in to a career.

So I come back to my initial question and now I can honestly say “Yes I do believe that everything happens for a reason”. Maybe some things fall apart so that other things can fall together?

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