The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

This week has been like no other. The best way I can describe it is that suddenly black has turned into white, darkness into light and pain into pleasure. I’ve discovered a frequency I forgot existed and a world I thought was lost. It’s like I’ve suddenly been released after years of imprisonment to finally see how abundant and very beautiful the world actually is. Sometimes without realising it, we create limiting beliefs and boundaries for ourselves that we then live by, day in day out. These are easily created by the routine of daily life and the thoughts we repeat over in our minds. Our thoughts then evolve over time into beliefs and ultimately your beliefs shape your life and your actions. “I can’t do this” and “I am not able to do that”are the thoughts that frequently race around our heads. But what if we were to question these beliefs? Who made them so in the first place? Oh wait, yes, it was YOU!


So let me rewind a little… At the end of our holiday to Italy me and my husband had a conversation that ignited a spark inside of me that was to change my mindset completely. Our plane home ended up being delayed four hours due to a technical issue so we had no choice but to disembark the aircraft and make our way back to the terminal. As my tummy rumbled and told me it was dinner time and after realising that the only food option was pizza or pasta, the usual me would have had a meltdown. Though for some reason, in that moment I chose to react differently as I thought to myself “I’ve got this! It’s no big deal”. As I confidently tucked in to my slice of pizza my husband smiled and proceeded to say “There’s the old Christie Jane! I love you when you are resilient and strong.” Those words hit a chord inside of me. That was the girl he fell in love with after all. The adventurous, independent, free-spirited, bold, self-assured, unafraid, strong, confident and full of life girl known as the “old me”.

I had a sudden realisation that my husband didn’t sign up for this. He signed up for the fun-loving fitness crazy blonde who spent her life searching for new adventures. Now I know he loves me with all of his heart, but if I have learnt anything over the last few years, it’s that nothing is a given in life and I should never take his love and patience for granted. And not only do I want to live a life free of headaches for me, but I also want to do all the things we had planned to do together. Travel New Zealand in a camper van, fly to Vancouver and do an Alaskan Cruise, explore the sights of Rome, travel up and down the Sunshine Coast, and if we are lucky enough, start a family together. Suddenly it was like someone had turned on a switch inside of me and given me my power back. From that moment on I vowed to do things differently and make some changes. Not only for me, but for my husband and for my marriage.

I’ll be totally honest with you now and this is hard to admit, but sometimes over the past few years, I guess there have been times where I have felt almost comfortable in my role as “the sick one”. You can see how this happens as the routine of being ill becomes normal and almost your safe place as it’s all you know. Others go out of their way to care for you and you receive sympathy from those that love you which of course feels nice. But after years of my husband looking after me, I have just realised that I have slowly been losing my independence and the strong, resilient side of my character. Even now when there are times I can do things for myself, I chose to let my husband do them for me as its comfortable and the routine we have fallen into. Well, it’s time things change around here! As we finished off our pizza slices and made our way back to the gate, I told Alex things were going to be different when we got home, and for once they were…

With my new-found confidence and spring in my step, I searched through my closet for my gym gear and trainers. You know you haven’t been to the gym in a long time when you have to dust off your trainers before using them! Anyway off we went to our local gym and I sat myself down on the bike. Just feeling the energy of all the healthy people surrounding me made me feel so alive again. Pre illness, the gym and dance had been such a huge part of my life that whenever I am in a gym or studio something inside me makes me feel at home again.

So I started small and just proceeded to cycle on a low resistance and then moved to the treadmill with a slight incline for a brisk walk. I kept telling myself over and over “Of course I can do this. I am a normal person” and over the duration of the week I managed to swim 25 lengths in the pool, had a lovely long walk, took two Pilates classes, did a second gym work out and I did an hour’s yoga at home. The more I seemed to do, the more I believed I could do, and by the end of the week I suddenly felt as if I had captured an old part of me again. Isn’t it amazing what you can do if you challenge your beliefs and push through your comfort zone? What beliefs do you hold true to yourself and do they shape your day-to-day actions?



So even though I had such a great week I have to be honest, I was still struggling with neck and shoulder pain. Exercise does seem to aggravate it which is frustrating for me, but I pushed it to the back of my mind and tried my best to ignore it. I have however decided to get some help so I booked an appointment with a muscles specialist at the doctors to see if he can help me with these tension headaches I seem to be having more often now.

After a fabulous week of triumph after triumph, I decided that I could handle some time by the pool. Due to the intense heat (Dubai is still currently 38 degrees most days), I spent most of the afternoon in the water, but unfortunately I think the sun was a little too strong for me and after returning home that funny old feeling I knew so well began to wash over me. The very next day I had a migraine, no wait, let me correct that, I no longer have “migraines” anymore I have “mini migraines”! That is my new name for them as in no way do they compare to the hellish pain I used to go through in any way so I’ve downgraded them.

Over the past few months as my health has improved I have found that the intensity and duration of my migraines have dramatically reduced. I could only rate this one as maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 on the pain scale! The best way I can describe them, is that I have the migraine feeling but without the pain, it’s a very weird and surreal sensation. However, never before have I managed to carry on with daily life during one of these episodes. You won’t believe it but during my “mini migraine” we went out for a birthday lunch in a very noisy restaurant with 26 of our friends for the whole afternoon. I was a little nervous before hand but do you know what, as soon as I got there the “mini migraine” had no choice but retreat as I chose to enjoy the celebration and show it that I was in control. The next day I spent the afternoon volunteering at a local cat adoption day in which it was busy, hot and also a very long afternoon. On my drive home I suddenly realised that my “mini migraine” had vanished!!! So that was it? That’s the best they could throw at me now? Well if having two of those a month is all I have to live with then I am certainly winning the war.

I know deep down that nutrition has played the biggest part in the changes I have seen and as a result I will continue to eat grain free, dairy free, processed free, sugar free and meat free. With every meal I am literally healing my body and changing my life. I think we all know deep down that fruits and vegetables are good for us but how many of us actually eat them on a daily basis? Anyone suffering with any kind of illness I urge you to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, drink more water and remove processed foods from your diet and see how this affects your health. What have you got to lose?

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