The Inside Scoop On Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop

My god, where on earth do I start? I have to be honest, I’ve almost been dreading writing this blog which is not like me at all. I have felt such pressure to do Dr Joe justice in explaining the content of his work and how incredibly inspiring his workshop was, it’s so hard to put the experience into words, which isn’t exactly helpful when trying to write a blog!

Anyway, before I talk about the workshop I need to give you a little bit of background information regarding Dr Joe and my history with his meditations.

So in very, very, very, very basic terms, by combining the latest neuroscience and quantum physics, Dr Joe Dispenza teaches you how you can rewire your brain and re-condition your body to heal from illness and live a more fulfilled and happy life through the power of daily meditations. If you want to know more I suggest you purchase a copy of his latest book “You Are The Placebo” as it is impossible to even touch the surface on the incredible work he does. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

So re-winding slightly, me and Dr Joe used to be friends, no, in actual fact when we first met we were the BEST of friends and totally inseparable (metaphorically speaking of course!). He used to come with me everywhere and I would listen to his hour long meditations sometimes up to two or even three times a day when I was at my worst. The more I saw results the more I took the time out every day to create a new migraine free future for myself.

Dr Joe gave me oodles of confidence and my health hugely improved, so much so that he made me believe I could do absolutely ANYTHING! So I decided to take his word for it and travel to the other side of the world to celebrate my 30th birthday with the girls in the City that never sleeps. Yep, you guessed it… Las Vegas!

To make a long story short my trip was a total and utter disaster and I remained bound to our hotel room for the entire time as I bounced from a migraine, to tension headache, and back to a migraine again. From that point onwards me and Dr Joe had a falling out, quite a big one in fact, and we stopped talking for a while. So that’s why I took a break from his meditations as unfortunately I lost my belief in the process.

Looking back now I think I might have been just a tad over ambitious in going half way around the world to the 40 degree heat, with a twelve-hour time difference with nights of drinking and partying planned. I know, I know, one step at a time right. #Lessonlearnt! So my aim for the workshop was to rediscover my belief in Dr Joe and his work, and to leave at the end of the two days filled with the passion and enthusiasm that I had when I originally started his meditations.


So the event was held over two days in London. Well, actually it was two and a half days fit into two days so let’s just say we started early and finished late on both days. As we arrived at the hotel I felt this wash of excitement sweep over my body in anticipation for what was about to come. My Mum and I found ourselves some seats, made a few new friends and took a couple of moments to soak up the electric atmosphere that filled the room. There was something very special about being surrounded by 700 like-minded, positive, open, spiritual people who had either healed themselves through meditation or believed that healing WAS possible. I really felt this lovely sense of belonging there.

Throughout the workshop we covered everything I had previously learned through reading his books and watching his YouTube videos but in a hell of a lot more detail. And I mean A LOT more detail. If you hadn’t done your homework then you would have been left behind in a flash wondering what on earth he was going on about.

Dr Joe delved deeper into the science behind the meditative states such as alpha, beta and theta and explained in detail the brain scan results of students that had participated in his workshops and how their daily meditations had literally changed their brains and consequently their lives. He talked so passionately about how the thoughts you think produce the same pharmacy of chemicals, which then produce the same feelings which then signal the same genes to create over and over. So in order to change our future we need to think greater than we feel. Does that make sense? You have to get beyond your body and go to no place, in no time, in nowhere, where you are nothing so that you can start over from scratch and create the new you that you dream of. If I’m now talking absolute gibberish then you will have to read his book as it will make a lot more sense. I’ve always struggled with this area previously but the workshop hugely helped me to understand it on a much deeper level.

We also partook in numerous meditations which normally lasted around an hour. These ranged from teaching us how to bless our energy centres to how to change the beliefs and perceptions that no longer serve us. He even demonstrated to us how to bring your mind up and out of the body which is an experience I will never forget.

His warm friendly character shone throughout and in-between all the science talk he managed to include references to his family and children that he was obviously so proud of. He came across as such a genuinely lovely guy, as well as being an absolute frickin’ genius! To keep our energy up throughout the day we would return from breaks to see Dr Joe and his assistant onstage dancing to an array of feel-good songs. Being in the middle of 700 hundred dancing souls lost in the music was a feeling I shall never forget.


At the end of the weekend, I can honestly say I left feeling truly inspired by Dr Joe himself, his work and most of all his passion to help others heal from illness and create the life they dream of. I couldn’t wait to get home and start my meditations again as I knew there would be no stopping me this time. Thank you Dr Joe for giving me hope when I thought all was lost and for continuing to do the incredible work you do.

One day it will be me standing up at workshop explaining how I no longer suffer from migraines and they are just a thing of the past.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing story!
    Dr. Joe is a Genius of our generation and he is my BEST friend too.
    I am pretty sure you will change cure yourself.
    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Wil, thank you for your comment. Oh yes, Dr Joe really is a genius and I’m so glad the world out there is really starting to recognize it now. I am actually healed on chronic migraines and I know so much of this was down to his work. Are you doing his meditations? I would highly recommend going along to one of his events if you can.


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