My Choice of Migraine Supplements

In recent weeks the question regarding my supplement choice has been raised with a few of my fellow migraineurs, so I thought it might be helpful if I share the supplements I am currently using. I know it can be overwhelming sometimes with such a huge choice available on the market, so here is a run down of a few of my favourites and why. Please note these are just my preferences.

Magnesium By Health By Principle

As we all know magnesium has been recommended for people with migraine for a long time now. This is mainly because it is thought that it affects changes in the blood vessels in the brain. Studies have shown that during an attack, migraineurs have low magnesium levels which also plays a role in causing menstrual migraine. So there are several good reasons that show that taking a magnesium supplement is a good idea.

I found this fantastic one by a company called Health By Principle and as an added bonus itmag is  totally vegan. The supplement provides rapid absorption of four essential magnesium types, each with a different purpose to enhance your full spectrum of magnesium needs. Now for the science bit… Health By Principle explains that a migraineur’s brain is more sensitive with more sensory connections. Migraineurs use more energy by their neurons and thus the migraine brain needs more energy. The sensory organ’s energy is spent as voltage so migraineurs need more energy to create voltage. Salt and potassium are essential for voltage creation and magnesium for the opening of the gates for nutrient exchange with each voltage shock. Taking Health by Principle magnesium capsules provides you with the extra magnesium you need to keep your brain running pain free. I love this brand as there are many magnesium supplements out there but this one is specifically designed to tackle migraines. I recently transferred over from another generic brand and I feel extremely happy with the switch I made. It retails at $24.95 (£20 roughly) for 60 capsules and you are supposed to take four capsules per day however I was taking less and I still saw a difference.  Click here to check out their website.

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin By Holland and Barrett 

The Migraine Trust explains that in the only study involving riboflavin alone, 59% of b2the participants who took 400 mg/day riboflavin for three months experienced at least 50% reduction in migraine attacks. So we can see that B2 really does play a huge role in reducing and preventing migraine attacks. I choose this supplement purely for its value for money as many times throughout the year Holland and Barrett offer a fantastic “buy one get another one for a penny sale” and this is included. So if you make sure you stock up during their sales it means you can basically get two for the price of one. Consuming a number of supplements can become costly so here is where I choose to make a saving. Okay they are not vegan  but we all have to watch the purse strings and find some balance. These come in 100mg tablets so I take four a day, two in the morning and two at night which totals 400mg as recommended in the study above.  Click here to check out their website

MigraHerb Feverfew Migraine Relief by Holland And Barrett 

Feverfew is actually a herb and was used in traditional and folk medicine. However it migrais widely used now as a preventative for migraines. It is believed to help migraine sufferers because of a substance in Feverfew called parthenolide, which helps relieve muscle spasms. It is a member of the daisy family and looks very similar to the chamomile plant. This product retails at £8.29 for 30 capsules that you take once a day. Again, value for money Holland and Barrett are great but this does come in bit higher than the B2. The more I have been studying traditional remedies and medicines on my health coaching course, the more I have faith in herbs such as this. I love this for being a completely natural migraine supplement.

Electrolyte Supplement By Health By Principle

So I came across this little beauty when I purchased the Magnesium supplement  also by Health By Principle. It caught my eye, and elecseeing as though I was paying for postage for the magnesium supplement I thought it was worth giving this a try too. The company will ship worldwide but you have to pay for postage, so I suggest you bulk buy a good supply in advance to make a saving. Health By Principle explain like with the magnesium supplement, salt and potassium are essential for voltage generation and healthy functioning of brain cells. By taking the electrolyte capsules, they provide you with the extra salt and a bit of potassium you need to keep your brain running pain free. I felt it complimented the magnesm product very nicely and again is tailor made for migraineurs which I love. It also retails at $24.95 (£20 roughly) for 60 capsules however with these you are meant to take one at the onset of a migraine. Since taking both the magnesium and the electrolyte I am pleased to say my migraines have continued to improve however with everything I think it has been a combination of these, a good diet and lifestyle changes that have improved my overall health.

Please note you should consult your doctor before starting to take any form of supplement. 

So there we have it. Please remember though that this is just me sharing what is working for me and something different may work better for you. We are all unique and no body is the same. I know there are other supplements out there suggested for migraine (such as Coenzyme Q10 for example), but for me this combination is working well. I know it can be hard to know what to buy, so if you are feeling confused then check out http://www.MigraineTrust.Org as they have a fantastic guide on which supplements to take, how much and the scientific data behind them.

As much as I am a fan of supplements, they should only be that, a supplement, to your diet which is key. Don’t forget that vitamin B2 is found naturally in leafy greens, spinach, beet greens, asparagus and broccoli just to name a few and you can get amazing sources of magnesium from nuts, cocoa and seeds such as chia, pumpkin and hemp.

Perhaps overall, if we ate a more nutrient abundant diet instead of the poor processed foods filling our supermarket shelves, then we wouldn’t even need supplements? Who knows? So my theory is, if I do both then I’m hitting the migraine with a double whammy. A great diet and supplements. Bam! Take that migraines!

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