He Who Does Not Venture, Has No Luck

Wow where do I begin! So the last three weeks feel like an absolute whirlwind. Six flights in total, several boat rides and numerous time zone changes later and we’re home. (Takes a big sigh!) Ahhhhhh. What an adventure that was!

Now if you have read my previous blogs then you will know that my last big trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles was a total and utter disaster (not an understatement at all!). I definitely set my sights too high with that one and wasn’t quite ready to drink my weight in Grey Goose vodka until all hours of the morning at some celeb filled party – shame! But anyhow, when my husband was given three weeks leave from work this January we didn’t want to waste it. Thinking a little more realistically this time and trying to pace myself a bit better, we thought it would be a good idea to jet off to the beautiful and peaceful paradise known as Thailand! Eeek! I know, very exciting and luckily for us Thailand is just a five hour flight down the road from Dubai.

So our plan was to have ten days there and then fly from Phuket to Singapore and then from Singapore on to Brisbane, Australia to stay with my husband’s brother and his family for a week on the Sunshine Coast in stunning Noosa. Ok ok, maybe the last bit was a little ambitious going all the way to Oz, but after feeling so well recently and my migraines dramatically reducing, my confidence has been pretty high. With a tingle of nervous anxiety inside of me, I packed my case whilst repeating to myself over and over “I can do this Christie Jane”!


So as we arrived on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui I felt my shoulders drop an inch from my ears, it was little slice of heaven. We stayed in a beautiful little fishing village on the north of the Island called Boh Phut which I would highly recommend. As we headed out to explore the local sights and sounds and to fill our bellies after a long old day of travelling, I have to admit I was a little anxious in regards to the food situation. Don’t get me wrong, I frickin’ LOVE Thai food but I wasn’t sure if Thai food would love me. Previously I had tried dishes such as red and green Thai curry with no problem which gave me hope.

So as we set up camp at a beautiful bar on the beach we ordered an array of dishes, and oh my god, our taste buds were in for shock! The delicious blend of lemongrass, ginger and chilli hit our palates with a punch of flavour. Ten whole days of eating this delicious food filled me with joy just at the thought and it wasn’t just the local dishes that were good. No, 16444198_10210174955543272_1243465677_ono, no! The beautifully ripe fresh fruit was a joy to wake up to every morning. Mango, passionfruit, melon, pineapple, papaya and dragon fruit just to name a few. As the week passed my confidence continued to grow. I did everything a “normal” person on holiday would! We went for walks along the beach, explored the local area, sunbathed in the full heat of the sun, went for swims and get this… we even hired a scooter and spent a day out exploring the beautiful Island. Now I know it might not sound like much but for me this was huge. For so long I have had to pace myself and maybe just do an activity for a couple of hours but no, we were out on that bike from dawn until dusk. Proud of myself was an understatement!

Continuing on a roll, we decided to book a day trip out to the local attraction, Angthong National Park and wow I am so glad we did. I have to admit though, the next day I did wake up with a sore neck. I guess it was just from doing so much and having a busy day the day before and I was worried that a migraine would come on but with massages being just £6 for an hour’s back, neck and shoulders (yes I know, it’s crazy!), I knew I could find some relief when we returned from the boat ride. It can be such a hard balance sometimes you know. You don’t want to do too much in case you cause a migraine but at the same time you have to push yourself now and again otherwise nothing in life will change. Anyway, I plucked up the courage and we headed to the port.

And wow I am so glad we did as it was truly breathtaking! I paced myself throughout the day and found a comfy hammock to relax in and have some time out as the rest of the group hiked around the beautiful park. As I sat there gently swinging back and forth I thought to myself “I am actually living the life I dreamed of living”. During my darkest days I struggled to leave my bedroom, let alone the house or the flippin’ country! It dawned on me how much things have changed over the past few years, and although not perfect, nowhere near in fact, I am out in the real world living life. A smile beamed across my face from ear to ear.


The stunning Angthong National Park

We then headed back to Phuket for four nights to stay in a lovely hotel right on the beach. With my confidence high I decided to experiment with a few more Thai dishes. What could possibly go wrong? Big mistake! Hello Mrs Migraine! That said, it only lasted two days and to be honest I quite enjoyed being tucked up on our balcony during the dramatic thunderstorms watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries on the iPad. Well, I was on holiday after all!

From there we flew to Singapore but unfortunately that migraine wasn’t quite done with me yet and it decided to promptly pack its bag too and come along for the ride. Great! As the kind Cabin Crew kept me supplied with a constant supply of ice to try and ease the pain, I have to admit I was questioning why on earth I had done this to myself once again? What a fool I thought. Why didn’t I just stay at home in my safe little bubble where I know everything will be ok? Well because that’s not me and maybe that’s the reason I am standing where I am today, because if you don’t try and take steps forward you will simply stay in the same place, and I refuse to be beaten, even if it does mean some suffering along the way. No one said it was going to be easy!

So as we arrived in Brisbane, I curled up in bed with a huge sense of relief. Unfortunately though this one was a bad one and it took me a good three days or so to finally give it the boot. Yes it’s a shame, but since I have begun to incorporate gratitude into my life I find myself not dwelling on the negatives and instead being grateful for the opportunity I had to enjoy the rest of our trip and that’s what I did!

Don’t get me wrong, I know I suffered for several days during this trip, however I also had some of the best days I’ve had since my recovery began which I am really proud of and if you asked me would I do it again even knowing I would get a migraine along the way??? In a heart beat – yes!! Sometimes you don’t know what you’re made of until you try…..

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