Do Not Miss The Migraine World Summit 2017!

Calling all migraineurs! Do you feel like you have exhausted all treatment options and you don’t know where to turn to next? That you want answers to the questions that plague you daily that your doctor cannot give you or do you simply need help in explaining your condition to loved ones and how best they can support you? If so then you don’t want to miss out on The Migraine World Summit 2017.

This is a huge event for the migraine community which is being held from 23rd to 29th April and do you know the best part? Oh yes, it’s totally free! When you sign up for your free ticket you will get access to over 30 of the world’s leading experts, doctors and specialists in the field of medicine, migraine, research and science. Many of these world leading experts have waiting lists that go for months and fees that are beyond the affordability or insurance policies of many individuals. Skip the waiting list and get straight into the room with these experts. Visiting dozens of specialists in one field would take years and cost an unseen amount of money, so this is an incredible opportunity to hear from dozens of leading experts in migraine for FREE! .

Ok so you probably want to know who these leading world experts are then and how will they be able to help you? The Migraine World Summit speakers represent world-class organisations from around the world. You’ll hear from speakers from UCLA, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Kings College London, Griffith University and more, also from patients who are winning the battle with chronic migraine and are committed to helping others. You’ll even hear from non-medical lifestyle experts whose insights can help people live better with Migraine.


Some of the topics they will cover include:

  • The top 10 migraine myths to bust
  • Navigating love, marriage and migraine
  • Best acute treatments you may not have tried
  • Breaking the vicious cycle of chronic migraine
  • New migraine therapies in development
  • Best and worst supplements for migraine
  • New devices that can ease pain
  • Neck and migraine: What’s the connection?
  • How to build a good relationship with your doctor
  • Using mindfulness to fight chronic pain
  • Weather related migraine
  • Natural methods for migraine control
  • Managing the excruciating pain of cluster headaches
  • Planning for pregnancy with migraine
  • Managing light sensitivity and migraine
  • Solving the puzzle of what’s causing migraines

And so much more! So all you have to do is click here to sign up today for your free ticket and you are all set for your front row seat at the world’s leading migraine event. It begins on Sunday 23rd April at 9am EST (New York time) and runs for a week.  There are roughly 6 talks in a day that are about 45 mins long on average. Once they are released they are made available to watch for up to 24 hours later, then the next days talks will be released. There are so many amazing topics being covered that it’s worth checking out the schedule for the week in advance so you can highlight your favourite and ensure that you don’t miss out. Click here to navigate to the schedule.

For those who cannot attend live, don’t worry! All the recordings and more are available to order, as well as the video, audio and transcripts on demand. Up to 50% of the funds raised from the Summit will go towards migraine charity partners who are doing wonderful work to help fund migraine research, support patients and advocate for migraine sufferers. To date, they have donated over $10,000 to migraine specific charities, groups and foundations.

So what have you got to lose friends? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover the latest in migraine research, treatments and so much more. I’ve got my ticket, have you got yours?



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