How To Go Beyond Just Eliminating Your ‘Trigger’ Foods And Start Using Food To Prevent Your Migraines

We all know that food plays a huge role in migraine, but I didn’t realise just how huge until I recently completely re-evaluated my diet and everything that I was eating.

A couple of years ago when I was seeking traditional western medical treatment for my migraines, the one question I seemed to be asked time and time again by different specialists was “do you know what your migraine trigger foods are”? What then proceeded was each doctor telling me the same list of foods I should avoid – MSG, chocolate, red wine, artificial sweeteners etc. The usual – you get the gist but unfortunately for me avoiding everything on this list like the plague didn’t seem to make much of a dent in the frequency of my migraines.


This left me thinking that there must be more to this than just eliminating trigger foods? Yes I’m sure it helps but what about everything else that you are eating in a day, surely that must have an impact on your migraine frequency too?

It then struck me that not one doctor had ever asked me about my overall diet. All that seemed to matter was that I eliminated trigger foods. How had no one ever thought about this before I wondered? I had seen several top Neurologist’s, Headaches Specialists and General Practitioners, but none of them had ever approached this subject. Why, I asked myself?

On reflection, I guess this is because unfortunately western doctors have very little, if any, training on how important food is in the role of health. Sad but true. However after studying to become a Health Coach at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I found the answer straight away. It is HUGELY important, no actually it’s ESSENTIAL to evaluate our diets as a whole, as effectively we are what we eat on an even deeper level than you think.


So, as my studies progressed I learnt all about the chemicals and pesticides sprayed on non organic food, how we refine carbohydrates and extract their nutrients, how sugar causes inflammation in the body, how hormones and antibiotics fill our meat, how soy and corn dominates pretty much everything in our diets and the list goes on.

The bottom line is that what we are putting into our bodies on a daily basis matters, A LOT! And my point is that you could be avoiding the original “trigger list” but still be filling the rest of your diet with the so-called ‘foods’ that I just listed above. If we can actually even call it food? Surely we need to be looking at the whole picture? It just didn’t make any sense to me so I set about using my own body to experiment and you will never guess what happened.

My migraines halved in severity and intensity! Yup, you heard me right! HALVED! I was proof that there was more to treating migraines by simply avoiding the so-called ‘trigger list’. And today I stand proud nearly 13 weeks migraine free! Oh yes.

Now I know other factors have helped me get to where I am today but what I have been putting in my mouth everyday has clearly been making a difference. Clean, whole, unprocessed, nutrient abundant food! It’s that simple. Not food imitating products that line our shelves pretending to be food, just plain old real food.

I guess you might then ask “so what do you eat” and my answer is simple. You know when you have got your trolley and entered the supermarket, ok? From there you are greeted with the fresh produce section, well that’s it! Just stay there and go crazy! From whole beetroot to radishes, from swish chard to mushrooms, from mangos to papayas, from pomegranates to dates, from green beans to asparagus, shop to your heart’s content, not forgetting a quick stop to the herbs, spices and whole grain isles but that’s it. See, pretty simply right?

To prove to you that it’s not all gloom and doom, below gives you an example of what my day-to-day eating now looks like and not for love nor money would I go back to eating low-calorie, weight watchers chicken tikka microwavable meals! (Yes I know, I actually did that – bad, bad Kristie!)


So from my findings I have come to believe that the migraine industry must be missing a HUGE trick. How is it that this has never been questioned before or even researched into? I just don’t get it!

However, as times change and functional whole body medicine starts to be introduced into mainstream healthcare, my hope is that the industry discovers the power of eating organic, whole, processed free food, in its natural form straight out of the ground, exactly the way nature intended. I believe not only can this help migraine sufferers, but it has the power to heal the world.

I guess Hippocrates really was right all those generations ago. Food truly is medicine.

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    1. Hello, so I have a nutribullet which I use most of the time for my almond milk and smoothies and then I have a very basic and not very powerful food processor which I could really do with a better one. Hope that helps 👍


    1. Ah I’m glad you enjoyed the post. So pleased to know the feeling is mutual. I know there has to be something more to this and I’m so shocked doctors or migraine specialists haven’t worked it out. This is the way forward I believe.


  1. This is a great post and so pleased you are feeling better. I dont think i have once been asked about diet. Your food looks lovely and it make sense that we are what we eat. Can you recommend any good recipe books that you like?

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    1. Hey there. Thanks so much for your comment and so glad that you enjoyed the post. It’s so funny isn’t it? How can diet as a whole not be evaluated? I think this is simply because western medicine doctors have not been taught the power of food. Yes we are we eat on a cellular level. What we eat becomes our skin, our hair, our tissue and our blood so everything matters. You can get some good recipes on Pinterest by searching plant based recipes and lots will come up that usually link to blogs. Also Deliciously Ella is great and she has several books out with some amazing ideas. If you also want to learn more about food as medicine you need to read a book by Anthony Williams ‘The Medical Medium’ as this was my turning point in my migraineswhen I adopted his diet. Definitely start here. I’d love to know how you get on so keep me posted. All the best.


  2. I also read “The Medical Medium”, but was first unable/unwilling to try out his approach. Salads without vinegar or oil and using avocado and orange dressing instead were very tasteless to me… But after watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” juicing was THE solution for me to give it a try including buddha bowls, fruit salads, smoothies and some cooked vegetables. Been doing this since January 2018 and I already notice a BIG difference! Instead of chronic migraines only one very, very short migraine with very little pain – not sure if this was even a “real” migraine or just a detoxing headache. I’ll stick to this approach in 2018!

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    1. Hi Denise!!! Wow I am so pleased for you. Thanks for your comment. That’s exactly what happened to me! The intensity and duration got less to the point when I didn’t think I could call it a migraine anymore because it was just the feeling, no pain. I had that a few times and then that went completely. I’m so excited for you, you have got this! I just wish so many other people could realize the power food has. Thanks so much for sharing this. Keep going and I’m sure you will find that it will go completely. It did for me 🙏🙏🙏


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