Time To Release The Old And Embrace The New

If you have followed my journey from the beginning then you will know that this has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride. From losing my dream job with Virgin Atlantic due to crippling chronic migraines to now regaining my life, qualifying as a Health Coach, starting a new journey as an entrepreneur and now celebrating six months completely migraine free!

As such an exciting new chapter stands before my very eyes, I wanted to talk about something that has been coming up for me a lot recently and that is allowing myself to let go of the sick person I once was and learning to embrace the new healthy Kristie Jane, businesswomen, entrepreneur and chronic illness free.


You think this would be the easy part, right? Well, actually it’s proved to be more difficult than you would have thought and here’s why.

Detaching Myself From Sympathy And Attention

Now, this is hard to admit, but when you have suffered from a chronic illness for a long period of time you kind of get used being the centre of attention. Not that you want it of course by any means, but it just kinda happens over time simply because your friends and family care about you, want to support you and know how you are.

As my health now begins to flourish and I feel stronger than ever, I realise that this is a part of the ‘sick me’ and my ‘old story’ that I now have to release, and instead use these conversations to write my new story by focusing on all the healthy, positive changes in my life such as being able to exercise, starting a new business venture and using my story as a platform to help others.

Goodbye sympathy and hello adversity.

Deciding Not To Choose The Drama

Before I got sick my life was drama free, that was until chronic migraines changed everything. Between a myriad of appointments, hospital visits, new treatments, a lot of pain, stress and frustration, chaos became my new ‘normal’ and I could not escape the drama that chronic illness brought.

Once again as my health improved, I have to admit at times I think I held on to some aspect of the drama, as it kind of felt like a little safety blanket for me, as strange as that may sound. Being totally honest, I think I transferred this drama into other areas of my life as part of me felt lost and confused without it.

Releasing The Tension

After beating chronic migraines my next battle has been tension headaches and until now I have not known how to tackle them. However, this week I had an epiphany and realized that my reaction to life situations is key in managing this tension.

By choosing to deal with whatever life throws at me in a calm and effective manner and not choosing to react and choose any drama, this then reduces my stress and therefore any potential reaction in my neck and shoulders which would result in a headache.


I know it might be hard to understand but when you have been chronically sick for a long period of time it becomes your identity and part of regaining your life entails you to create a new identity and this involves breaking free from the sick person mindset and habits I used to adopt.

No longer am I sick Kristie Jane, the poor girl with those awful chronic migraines, no, no, no, now I am a businesswoman, entrepreneur, health enthusiast, trying to make a difference in the world through sharing my voice and story.

She is stronger, more driven, and has a purpose so bright to share with the world.

Hello new chapter….

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