There Is No Such Thing As The “Perfect” Diet

In this day and age, as a human race we have never before had access to such an abundance of information so readily available at our fingertips. Granted, this is an incredible thing, but when it comes to the world of nutrition and food this can become particularly confusing.

Through platforms such as social media, the news and the internet we are now bombarded with the latest scientific research claiming that the “perfect diet” has been discovered. Whether this be the mediterranean diet, the latest keyto craze or the vegan way of living, it doesn’t actually matter because unfortunately I am here to give you some bad news. Don’t believe what you read friends because there is actually no such thing as the “perfect diet”.

Yes, I know, it’s true. And breathe.

Phew, now that’s out in the open, I can explain to you why….


Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I studied to become a Health Coach, best describes this as “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. This essentially means that what works for me, may not work for you and I’m going to give you a great real life example of this.

So when I switched to a whole foods plant-based diet I noticed such a huge change in my health and a huge reduction in my migraines. Amazing! And as I had been studying the benefits during my training at IIN, I had been educating my Mum on this during the process. She was totally inspired and decided that she too would adopt a plant-based diet due to all the wonderful health benefits it provided.

Initially this wasn’t a problem until a couple of months in when she started to experience some stomach issues. After a trip to the doctor she discovered that she was actually suffering with gastritis and this had been mainly caused by the foods she had been eating! Lots of spices, cooking oils and tomatoes turned out to be the main culprits in her discomfort which had been the staple for nearly every single plant-based meal she had been eating.

So on the flip side, my Mum now consumes a diet high in fermented foods including soy products, good quality dairy, cheese, bread, eggs and pasta all which are soothing on her stomach but all of which are my form of poison! If I were to eat the foods she now consumes I would be one big headachy, migraine mess!

One person’s food really is another person’s poison so you simply have to find what works for you yet still maintain a healthy balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.


Another reason that there is no such thing as a “perfect diet” is because we are all completely individual and unique in life and our needs nutritionally are no different. What our bodies need depend on:

  • Our age – A growing teenager’s intake of calories would need to be different to a retired pensioner.
  • Our physical activity level – Are you very active or do you live a more sedentary life?
  • Our ancestry – Are you eating the foods that match your heritage or going against your culture?
  • Our job – Do you sit in an office all day or are you physically active at work?
  • Our health – Do you have a health condition that requires certain foods to be consumed and avoided?

Considering all these factors, I hope it’s now easier to see that there is no way that there could be a “perfect diet” for us as a whole, just the perfect diet for you.

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