Learn Your Partners Love Language This Valentines Day

When suffering from an illness we all know that relationships tend to suffer, it’s just natural, right? Or is it?

What if you were able to understand what it is your partner actually wants and needs in your relationship? How to make them feel loved, appreciated and valued even through testing times?

Sickness or not this IS possible and I am going to show you how.

Let me introduce to you the 5 love languages.

Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages best describes this as the process of learning how your partner wishes to experience and express love. Once you understand which of the five love languages is their predominant language it will allow you to connect on a deeper level than you ever have before, illness or not.

As a migraine sufferer I’m sure you feel pressure to put a brave face on and plan that day out to be romantic just to show him/her how much you care, but with this amazing new tool that won’t be necessary. It’s so much easier than that.


The Five Love Languages

All you need to do is click here and get your partner to take the test. It literally takes two minutes and once it is completed it will tell you which love language your partner prefers to give and receive love.

Now let’s dive into each category further and break down exactly what they mean.

Physical Touch

This person enjoys the experience of touch. Not necessarily sexual, more just the day to day experience of being close. This person feels loved by that simple hug, cuddling up on the sofa or holding hands. This makes the individual feel safe and secure in their relationship.

Words of Affirmation

This person enjoys being appreciated through words alone. Saying I love you means everything as does praise, compliments and hearing encouraging words of support. These kind and loving words speak wonders to this individual who needs this audio-affirmation to feel secure and loved.

Quality Time

This person feels connected and loved through the power of the quality time that they spend together. This could be doing activities together or simply time at home alone. However, this means having no distractions and the partner’s complete and utter undivided attention.

Acts of Service

This person feels loved when their partner is able to ease responsibility for them. It doesn’t matter how small but offering to make dinner or do the food shop shows them love and commitment. Actions speak louder than words for this individual.

Receiving Gifts

This person feels loved through materialism. A gesture of a gift speaks volumes, especially the thought and effort that went into it. They enjoy being visually spoilt as this makes them feel a deep connection of love to their partner.


Now you understand what love language your partner wishes to receive, you can go about doing something nice for Valentines Day that aligns with their love language.

For example, if you partners top love language is acts of service then maybe you could look after the kids one afternoon and send your wife off for some R&R time to treat her.

Or if your partner’s love language is quality time, why not dedicate a day solely to each other. No phones, no computers and no TV. Spend that time talking, laughing and enjoying each others company again. This will show them that they are truly loved.

It is also a good idea if you too take the test so that your partner can understand how to make you feel loved each and every day.

Happy Valentines Day!

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