How Journaling Can Accelerate The Healing Process

Before I began journaling myself I always used to wonder what the point was? I thought it was only for those arty, creative types who just love to express their feelings, but I was wrong.

Journaling can be beneficial to absolutely anyone wanting to achieve a goal in their life, which in my case was to become totally migraine free and now totally headache free.

As I progressed through my journey I learned that the more I used my journal on a daily basis, the quicker I overcame challenges, found clarity and as a result my health improved at an accelerated rate.


What Is Journaling?

Journaling is keeping a written record of the emotions, thoughts, experiences and observations surrounding your life. It allows you to release pent-up thoughts and emotions, increase your focus, evaluate your failures and successes, brainstorm ideas, find clarity in difficult times, record your progress and help you track patterns and trends.

The art of journaling allows you to become your own inner counsellor, helping you to truly listen to your gut and navigate through life challenges whatever they may be.

For me, my journal became the place where I was able to find clarity. I was able to link specific symptoms with life events and evaluate health setbacks and why they didn’t go my way.

It gave me time to look inwards, learn, set goals, reflect, practice gratitude, listen to my body, prepare for medical appointments, release any frustrations and recite and create affirmations. It allowed me to connect the dots of the puzzle called health and understand how my beliefs, emotions, mind and body all interlinked.

Keeping a journal is not the same a headache diary. 

How Do I Journal? 

There is no set way to journal, just do what feels natural to you. Take some time out of your day with a beautiful notepad and start writing.

Morning times are great for setting intentions, reciting affirmations and practising gratitude and evenings are a brilliant time to reflect upon the day’s events, challenges, what you did well, didn’t do so well and how you could learn from it and improve next time.

Additionally, you may feel the need to write after a significant event in your day when your thoughts and emotions are fresh to you at that time. Experiment and find what works for you. 


Alternatively, you could also write about:

  • What activity made you feel great?
  • How much time you want to dedicate to self-care this week?
  • What you are currently working to overcome?
  • What your intention is for the week?
  • What relationships in your life benefit your healing process?
  • How certain emotions manifest in your physical body?
  • When you felt most loved and cared for?
  • What you want to bring more of and less of into your life?
  • What you are proud of the most this day, week or month?
  • Your victories and failures and analyse why they happened?

Can you see how spending time journaling can really give you space for clarity, awareness and room to understand your unique body on a whole new level?

I would love to know if you journal, and if so, how it has benefited you?

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