Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Health

We all have beliefs ingrained deep within us and those beliefs are created through our internal and external experience in life.

They are created from what we were told as children, our environment, our friends, the society we live in, our mentors, our peers, our parents, our experiences, our knowledge and also what we see/visualize in our minds. And it’s through this that we create boundaries, limits and define what is and isn’t possible in life.

However beliefs are not rigid and static, our beliefs are actually a choice.

Beliefs are basically commands for the brain that tell us how to interpret what we are experiencing, and it’s through this experience that we decide how to react to something and what action we take in life.


So two similar people faced with the same health challenges are likely to achieve different results simply down to their beliefs. Let me show you an example of this.

If you come from a family of migraine sufferers and are told by several doctors/specialists that chances are you will suffer from migraines for the rest of your life due to your family history, you will most likely accept this as true and believe it so. As a result, you only seek to manage your symptoms and becoming migraine free isn’t even on the cards.

However, if a second person were told by several doctors/specialists that there is no reason why they could not become completely free and had seen others around them overcome other health challenges, then chances are that person would believe that becoming healthy again was completely possible. Due to this fact, they would be open to new therapies/ treatments and work consistently to achieve what the doctor them was possible.

Additionally, our beliefs are actually so powerful that they can create physical changes in our body and change our biochemistry. Here is a great example of this.

There was a case documented where a woman was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting. She was offered what she was told by a team of doctors was a ‘new, extremely potent drug’ that would undoubtedly cure her nausea. She took the medicine and within a few minutes, her nausea had completely vanished. Later on, a gastric test revealed that she had actually been given syrup of ipecac, a substance actually used to induce nausea. [1]

Her strong belief in the treatment and the authority figures (doctors), acted as a command message to the brain that created a cascade of self-regulatory biochemicals within her body to physically stop the nausea. This is just one example of so many out there.


So when we change our thinking we change our beliefs, and when we change our beliefs we change our behaviour, and when we change our behaviour we change our actions, and when we change our actions we get different results.

All the way through my journey to becoming migraine and headache free, from day one, I always completely and utterly believed with everything I had, that becoming migraine free was possible. No, not possible, it was going to happen.

I spent so much time visualising my migraine free future through practising Dr Joe’s Dispenza’s work which I know had a massive effect on my healing because I saw it every day thus increasing my belief in the fact that it was going to happen. And it did.

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