An Essential Migraine Preventing Morning Routine Everyone Ought To Know

A lot of people save their self-care routine for the weekends, but personally, I have found that the more self-care you can implement on a daily basis, the fewer headaches and migraines you will suffer overall.

After all, prevention is better than the cure, right?

So today I am going to share with you my essential morning routine that gives you the best possible chance of keeping those pesky headaches at bay throughout your day.


Whilst asleep your body loses water so rather than waking up and turning to your morning cup of coffee that will only dehydrate you further, start your day with 2-3 full glasses of water on an empty stomach. This will help flush toxins from your body, boost your energy, relieve fatigue and ensure you are fully rehydrated again after a night’s sleep. [1]

Dehydration is a very common migraine and headache trigger, but you can easily prevent this. [1] To make it more interesting, try squeezing some fresh lemon into your water, grate some ginger or crush in some fresh mint.



Many migraines and headaches are caused due to a drop in blood sugar so it is extremely important to begin your day with a well-balanced breakfast that will help maintain your blood sugar throughout your morning. 

Ideally, mix complex carbohydrates with either protein or fat to ensure a slow release of energy. For example, cooked oats with fruit and nuts/nut butter. [2] 

Skipping breakfast altogether is a headache crime so make sure no matter how busy you are, make sure that breakfast is always top of your morning agenda.


Morning time for me is when I set the president for the day. I can either chose to adopt a positive mindset, practice some early morning gratitude and create calm or I can begin my day or flustered, stressed for time and feeling out of balance. This always has a knock-on effect.

By dedicating just 10 minutes of meditation time aside each morning it will calm your nervous system for your day ahead. I can’t stress how much this small change makes a difference. Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress which we know triggers migraines and headaches. [3]

So go on, set that alarm just ten minutes early tomorrow. I recommend trying the free app called Insight Timer available in the app store. 



Of course, some migraine and headache triggers just can’t be avoided but there most certainly are those which can. Over the years I carried some trusty essentials to combat any preventable attacks, so here is my ‘go to’ morning prep list, never to leave the house without;

  • A refillable bottle of water (Plastic-free for health and environmental reasons)
  • Snacks such as a handful of nuts, seeds or whole pieces of fruit
  • Headphones so you can easily plug into a meditation app if you feel stressed or anxious
  • A healthy prepared lunch from home so you know exactly what’s in your food
  • A travel-sized notebook in case you need to do some therapeutic journaling

What does your morning routine look like? What changes could you make today?

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  1. After I feed the cats, I read from Dr. David Jeremiah or whichever Christian book I am focusing on..before saying a morning prayer; to get start my day. It may not always keep a headache or stress away, but it helps get the right mindset for whatever is a head.

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