How By Surrendering To The Process, Huge Health Breakthroughs Can Happen

Before I began this journey I can honestly say that I knew nothing about spirituality. Back then I actually used to relate spirituality to religion. I didn’t really think it was possible to be a spiritual person without having a specific faith. How wrong I was.

As my healing journey progressed I began to dive into spirituality more and more, and along the way I started incorporating spiritual practices into my life such as;

  • Cultivating a mindset of gratitude
  • Practising meditation
  • Exploring mindfulness and the art of being in the present moment
  • Developing a yoga practice
  • Checking in with my inner voice through the power of journaling

It felt good to explore this side of myself, however, I still felt that something was missing.


Another side of spirituality that I had begun to explore was the law of attraction and the power of trusting in the universe. I loved Gabriella Bernstein’s book“The Universe Has Your Back” because it really opened me up to the fact there was a higher power guiding me at every moment. The universe had a plan for me and all I had to do was relinquish the need for control and relax into a sense of certainty and freedom. 

This was comforting to me and I started to believe that there was something out there bigger than myself. Some kind of spiritual universe that was waiting for me to open up to.

Despite this, when you are suffering from some kind of chronic illness or pain, it can be very difficult to always adopt this mindset. The physical brain is constantly trying to work out and understand why are you suffering. The physical brain needs logic. Why is this happening to me? In this moment it can be extremely hard to just trust that the universe has got your back because you can’t make sense of your circumstances.

However, after a recent experience, I have learned that this is the time more than ever that we need to fully and wholeheartedly surrender to the power of the universe. This is the time that you need to unquestionably trust, and when you do, magic truly unfolds before your eyes and health breakthroughs are possible.

joshua-earle-63441-unsplashThe reason we fight what is happening to us is due to our need for control, and this shows up as fear and anxiety in our lives. Fear for what might happen and anxiety because you are uncertain of the outcome and what you are experiencing. However, when we fully trust the process there is no need to control thus resulting in allowing the space for your journey to unfold naturally. 

Resistance is you trying to charter the course that you are on to the direction you think you should be heading towards, so when you find yourself in this moment with the need to control, this is the time to fully and deeply surrender to the process like you never have before.

Truly trust and surrender to;

  • The timing of life
  • The experience you are going through
  • The spiritual journey you are on
  • The emotions you are feeling
  • The sequence of events
  • The present moment
  • The discomfort you may be feeling
  • The spiritual lesson that is being taught to you
  • The place you are being led to
  • The fact you know you will overcome this

Trust, trust, trust the fact that you are being divinely guided right in that moment. Additionally by surrendering it will bring you back to your natural state of being. As humans we weren’t designed to live in fear, anxiety, lack, discomfort and worry, we were designed to live in faith, harmony, serenity, peace and love.

Every time you make the decision to choose and trust the spiritual process you are on, you bring yourself back to your true self, your true being and your true essence of who you are. A healthy, happy human being.

So I’ll leave you with a few questions that really helped me make the space for breakthroughs that can hopefully help you do the same;

  1. What answers do I need to discover in order to fulfil my God-given will?

  2. What do I need to do in order to fully be able to surrender to the process?

  3. What is the resistance that is stopping me from committing and surrendering 100%?

  4. What is the next step for me in my spiritual journey?

Spend some time in a quiet space and see what comes up for you. I find using a journal a great way in which to help this process along. Ask the questions and let the answers flow on to your pen and paper. Let me know what comes up for you. I would love to know…

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