Could Your Subconscious​ Beliefs Be At The Route Of Your Anxiety And Or Pain?

For so long, before I delved into the world of cognitive behavioural therapy I had absolutely no idea how our beliefs affected our actions, our thoughts, our behaviours and our health. But the more work I have done on this, (over a year’s worth now), I am astonished by the connection that I have found it has.

My latest discovery has been that not only are there conscious beliefs that we have to work on to overcome anxiety, we also have subconscious beliefs that we need to access and change because until you do, you are only ever touching the surface, exactly the same as with an illness. If you don’t get to the root cause of the problem then you are never going to treat it.

This is no different. 


So I’m going to share with you what gave me this breakthrough. 

Recently I have been working to change the beliefs that no longer serve me anymore in my therapy sessions such as;

  • The belief that if I don’t sleep 8 hours or more I will have a headache the next day 
  • If I don’t sleep well one night then it means three to four nights of insomnia
  • If I have a busy day it could cause me a headache

These are just a few. However, these are conscious beliefs that I am aware are happening and that I am working to reframe and change.

Now, just as I seemed to be making huge progress with my conscious beliefs and I was feeling good, all hell broke loose. After an amazing Christmas back home in the UK, completely headache free, I headed back to Dubai, and on the flight it began and I started to feel unwell. From there back home in Dubai the headaches just got worse and I could not shift them. I just couldn’t understand it? I had been so well at home. What was different?

As I went back to my therapist she explained that there had to be something else going on, something deeper, something in my subconscious that was causing these headaches and my pain. After talking we realised three things;

  1. I had a huge fear surrounding feeling alone in Dubai
  2. I was fearful of being ill in general
  3. I was fearful of being ill and not having anyone to be there for me in Dubai

Voila! This was the cause of my headaches and my physical pain!


From there it was time to work through each belief, reframe and understand how they do not serve me. I realised that these beliefs stemmed from my childhood but are no longer valid today as I am an adult and circumstances have changed. After doing this work I felt 100 times lighter and as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and as a result, my headaches have been hugely better. 

As I have learned many times on this journey, everything is linked, our mind to our body and to our spirit, and if something is out of balance it has the ability to cause us physical pain and for me, headaches.

Could your beliefs or subconscious beliefs be causing you anxiety and thus resulting in pain or headaches? If so, I highly recommend cognitive behavioural therapy in order to address this. This has truly been life-changing for me. 

Can you relate this at all? I would love to hear from you if so.

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  1. Each time I read a new blog post I learn something new from you. Some people’s success has a really horrid affect on me (i can feel sick with the perceived comparison because I don’t experience success myself), but with yours i just marvel at how much effort and passion you have and feel your generosity and joy! Truly beautiful!

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    1. Ahhh thank you for your comment. I am so glad that my blogs translate well and you enjoy them. I always just want to share my experience and be totally honest and authentic. Everyone’s journey is different so try not to compare. What works for one may not work for another and same with timeframe. You are on your own journey and you will find the answers you need in the right time. I’m always here to talk as I know how frustrating the process can be sometimes. Wishing you all the best 🙏


  2. This post really spoke to me. It has really given me food for thought. I am a anxious person and realise I have got into habits and thoughts that are not healthy. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Lisa, Ah I am so glad that you got something from this post. I wasn’t sure whether to share this blog as I didn’t know if it could help anyone but I’m so glad I did. Funnily enough, my next blog post is all about habits that don’t serve our healing so that might be worth a read too. I am just writing it. Good luck on your health journey.


  3. I COMPLETELY agree with this. Every day I am seeing more and more how connected we are and working on your soul, your personal development, your anxiety etc. will all help headaches and other symptoms too. I also seem to have a lot of similar limiting beliefs to you regarding sleep and assuming that a lack of it means headache, or a busy day etc. I am going to start working on reframing this now! Another great post Kristie!

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    1. I am so glad that you have come to this realization. Throughout my journey this has only become stronger and stronger the more I have delved into it. You are right, it will help your headaches and other symptoms because everything is interlinked. Our bodies work as a whole and we need to take this approach to our health. I am so pleased for you. Keep me posted on your progress. I would love to know how you are doing. 🙂


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