How The MENT™ Protocol Helped Me To Become Migraine And Headache Free

As most of you who have followed me on my journey until now know, that as a result of my health troubles, it created a burning passion inside of me to help others heal from their migraines and headaches.

As a result, a couple of years ago I started working with an amazing man, Anthony Cocco, a former 16 year chronic daily migraine sufferer, also an IIN Health Coach, who was developing something called The MENT™ protocol, an 18 week integrative lifestyle program for migraine and headache sufferers. MENT™ stands for Migraine, Elimination through Neuroindividual Therapies.

At the time we started working together I was several months migraine free but was still experiencing headaches and my journey to freedom was far from over, so we started working together to complete The MENT™ protocol, applying everything that we had learned on both of our journeys, whilst he also coached me through the protocol and every module Anthony had created that had helped him to become 8 years migraine and headache free.


So today I am going to share with you how The MENT™ protocol helped me to regain my life and my health in the hope that it can help you too.

  1. It helped me to understand my unique body like never before

Before I started working with Anthony and The MENT™ Protocol, I thought I knew my body pretty well. However, over time I realised that this wasn’t the case. The protocol helped me to understand that I was totally unique and because of this, I needed to truly get to grips with who I was on a cellular level and how my body operated. And with this understanding, I could then use that knowledge to help heal my body. I worked on;

  • What routine I had to create for myself before and after certain activities
  • What helped my nervous system to relax and what provoked it
  • What types of stimuli affected my body and how to reduce this
  • What treatment approaches worked for me and what didn’t
  • What self-care practices I needed to implement and when
  • What foods made me feel good and what foods I had to avoid
  • What nutrients I needed to take to regenerate my body on a cellular level

And so much more…

   2. It focused on an integrative approach that included the mind, body and spirit

Before The MENT™ protocol, I had begun learning all about how the body is all interlinked and how by applying this new approach to my health, I had begun to see positive improvements. However, when I started to adopt the protocol, this was taken one giant step further which hugely accelerated the healing process.

I learned all about;

  • Where my beliefs came from and how they were causing me physical pain
  • How cognitive distortions were creating havoc in my mind and how to control this
  • What I needed to do to create a mind shift from the victim to mental resilience
  • How the emotions I felt and my self-talk actually caused me daily tension
  • What spiritual practice I needed to develop that was right for my unique body
  • How the emotions that I felt caused me daily discomfort

And with this, all the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together.


 3. It taught me how to truly listen to my body in order to heal

For so many years we are taught by society to look outside of ourselves for the answers, however, The MENT™ protocol taught me that every symptom and pain is our body’s way of trying to communicate what it needs, so all we actually need to do is look within.

This doesn’t mean discarding medicine, it means understanding what it is your body needs so that you can take full advantage of the doctors and medicine you have available to you. As I learned to listen to my body through developing self-awareness, the power of journaling and other tools, I understood what it was that my body needed to heal and thus I could take clear, appropriate action to make this happen.

Want to know how The MENT™ protocol could help you on your healing journey?
We are currently looking for 50 severe migraine sufferers who want to be a part of The MENT™ protocol. Enrolment is now open worldwide and the cost is free. Click here to learn more and sign up or feel free to message me personally to talk more about this.

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    1. Hi Alex,
      Awesome blog post. I love how deep you have delved into this subject and all the work you have done to create a supportive environment for you to work and to achieve your goals. I love seeing your posts and your progress. Keep up the blogs 🙂 Also thanks for the link to my blog post. All the best, Kristie.


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