All About My Journey


Hi my name is Kristie and I would love to tell you more about my story.

After landing my dream job as an air hostess for the world-renowned Virgin Atlantic, I thought I had hit the jackpot. Little did I I know that a couple of years later my world would have been turned upside down after being diagnosed with chronic migraines. I lost the job I so deeply loved and my world came crashing down.

After trying every form of conventional medicine possible to cure my migraines, including botox, medication, nerve blocks and so much more, I was told by doctors that there was nothing more that they could do for me. I was told I would just have to live with the condition and learn to manage the pain.

There was no way that I was going to accept this so I decided that enough was enough and this is when I began my journey to holistically heal myself.

When I began this journey I read countless books, learned to meditate and visualise a healthy future for myself, re-evaluated my beliefs around healing, taught myself about nutrition and how to use food as medicine, discovered the power of the mind, researched the nervous system, implemented healthy lifestyle changes, addressed my mental health and so much more so that my body could heal naturally. Through patience, a positive mindset and ALOT of hard work, I became completely free of my migraines.

Along this journey, I found that it ignited a passion inside of me to help others do the same and heal themselves. I want to inspire others that may be suffering and were in the same terrible situation that I was, that healing IS possible, and the key to this is firstly believing that it is possible.

As a result of my new passion for all things health, I qualified as a Health Coach at The Institue of Integrative Nutrition and then moved on to work for Head Health, where I became their Content Director and helped to design and create the first ever coaching program for migraine and headache sufferers.

After three years with Head Health, I have now moved on to launch my own business based in Dubai called Hope Health Coaching where I create personalised solutions to provide long-term relief for migraine and headache sufferers.

I coach clients to help them;

  • Understand their headache types and triggers
  • Get to the root cause of their illness
  • Treat the whole body – Mind, body and soul
  • Help the sufferer implement permanent lifestyle changes
  • Teach the power of food as medicine
  • Help the sufferer balance and calm their nervous system
  • Reduce if not eliminate their pain

More information on my coaching business will be coming very soon. But in the meantime, please no matter what you do know that Hope is out there.

Today I am 3 years migraine and headache free so if I can do it, you can too…



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  1. Hello Gorgeous inspiring woman,
    My name is Allana and I also have chronic migraine for 5 years, like you I have tried everything in the world to heal tham, I am a 80/10/10 (low fat) whole food vegan for 5 years and a higher fat raw vegan for 10 (on and off the raw in Tasmanian cold times) years before that, before becoming a chronic migraineur I was a yoga and meditation practitioner/teacher.
    I am doing Dr Jo’s Making your Mind Matter online course… and I have a specific question for you…
    Dr Jo’s meditations focus on primarily changing negative emotions, and my big question is – how do we know what emotions in us are leading to the migraines? I have had a full on life… serious abuse as a child for 10 years, the love of my life died of cancer when I was 24 and the migraines started at 27 when after I got back from meditation/yoga for 6 months in India with some very dangerous parasites and then killed most of them with natural and antibiotic remedies then and I moved in with a new partner – which scared me allot after my husband died.

    So as we have (or at least now I – not you) have a very serious painful condition, we know that we want to live our dreams migraine free, and we can focus on experiencing the emotion of what that would be like. How did you know what emotions you wanted to leave behind? At the moment all I have come up with is – not feeling like a victim when I’m “driving down the road in my car and a migraine starts… and I say change!” and have gratitude for the good things in my life.
    I have been doing gratitude for a while now thou, before Dr Jo’s meditations…

    My very wise friend who has done Dr Jo’s meditations daily for years suggested I focus on letting go of the fear of being with my new partner.

    Do you have any advice for me wise one?



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