Amazing Things Happen When You Get Out Of Your Own Way

Recently I hit a bit of a brick wall. No one tells you that after beating chronic migraines that there will be a whole other chapter that you have to face afterwards. Extreme tiredness no matter how many hours you seem to sleep, brain fog, headaches and muscle aches seem to be the most prominent symptoms right now.

So as you can understand, I have felt somewhat frustrated by this newest revelation. As close as I thought I was, I am not yet able to spend all day at the beach like my friends, go to parties and busy social events like ‘normal’ people do or make it all the way through a wedding, which I have to admit has been driving me pretty crazy. All I have recently been focusing on was what I couldn’t do. In turn this then made me super emotional (yes, even more than normal), highly sensitive and creating so many other issues for myself that of course weren’t issues whatsoever!

After what I would call a ‘mini meltdown’ or what my good friend Anthony calls ‘a checkpoint’ in my recovery journey, I had an epiphany. I realised that all the frustration, anger and emotional upset that I was creating by not being exactly where I wanted to be, was causing me actual physical pain and stopping my body’s ability to heal.

Not so coincidentally, it was at this point Gabriella Bernstein’s book “The Universe Has Your Back” made an appearance in my life and from this point on everything changed.


The book teaches you that by trusting in the universe and it’s ability to guide you, allows you to no longer live in fear and negative emotions. The aim is to perceive any problem that arises in your life through the teacher of love, meaning it has been sent as a lesson and is part of the process. Choose to embrace it and be at peace with it.

Gabriella says that every obstacle is simply a detour in the right direction so simply trust the process as the universe has a higher plan for you.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety”. This was a game changer for me as I realised that due to my uncertainty and view of my situation from the position of scarcity and lack, this is why I was experiencing anxiety, fear and so much tension. And as I know from my migraines, in order for the body to be able to heal it needs homeostasis and a calm nervous system which is certainly not what I was creating for myself.

My second epiphany came after attending a positivity talk at the Brahma Kumaris center in Brighton. The speaker delivered a sentence that completely changed my view on where I am right now in my journey. He said “Pain may be present but suffering is a choice.”


Ok, let’s hear that again and really think about it. Pain may be present, but suffering, is, a choice. Bingo! I suddenly had all the answers I needed. With Gabriella telling me to lean towards love and joy by trusting that my highest good is coming to me, and with this incredible revelation from the speaker also telling me that I can still find love and joy even in pain, I realised that this was what I needed to do in the next step of my journey to heal my body. So that’s what I have been doing!

I visited my Grandad and looked over beautiful family photos and soaked up the love and joy reminising with him.

I have enjoyed lovely afternoons in watching films with my Mum, laughing, being totally present and grateful for these priceless moments with her.

I even found the joy in simply being alone, tucked up in bed with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. As a result my health has definitely benefited, and to be honest, I feel ten times happier than I did before making these changes.

We have a choice in the world to choose scarcity, lack, conflict, anxiety, tension and fear which will all manifest in our physical body, or we can choose to live in peace, love, serenity and joy by finding the good in every situation and trusting in the universe.

What will you choose?

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My fantastic results after only one week of using Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditation CDs!

After reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s awe inspiring book “You are the Placebo”, I was desperate to get started with the actual meditations and try to put into practice all that I had learnt from his book. Whilst waiting in suspense for the CDs to arrive, I spent my time watching endless testimonials on his YouTube channel of how people had healed themselves through his meditations from all kinds of illnesses and diseases. My belief in this man and his teachings only seemed to grow by the minute. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? As long as you believe in the treatment or placebo, then you see results?

There are two mediation CDs with one slightly longer than the other but very similar in format. They start with Dr Joe getting you to focus on parts of your body and the space around them. This section is to slow your brain waves down to get you into the Alpha state, whereby your subconscious mind is then easier to reprogram. Then comes the part when you are trying to become pure consciousness. You are no thing, no body, no time and are nowhere! The way I picture this, is I imagine myself in the darkness of space and my body scatters into millions of tiny pieces to leave me as nothing other than pure consciousness. In the final part, Dr Joe then asks you “What is the belief that you want to change about yourself?”, at which point I say my belief out loud in my head. He very cleverly then guides you to alter this belief and helps you to emit the emotions that you would feel if this belief wasn’t your reality anymore by asking you a series of inspiring questions. He encourages you to feel intense emotion whilst you envisage yourself in the future defying the belief that you started with. Finally at the end of the meditation, Dr Joe brings you back into awareness, back to your new body and back to the new life you have been visualising. At which point I see the new Christie Jane standing there in front of me and I literally step into her body, and as if like magic, I am the new headache free me!

Now when I started this CD I was telling myself not to expect any overnight results as the book had explained it was going to take time for my brain to make new neural connections and delete the old destructive ones I had created. However, I am honestly astounded at the results I have had in just seven days! On my first meditation I immediately felt such intense emotion, so much so that I had tears of joy streaming down my face! I saw myself in what I would call a movie montage in my mind achieving all the things that have felt so far out of reach over the past few years, and for the first time in a long time, I finally felt proud of myself. This for me hit a nerve as I have struggled during my illness to feel proud of myself in any way as I felt I had failed in life. Since discovering this in my mediations, I now find I can recreate this intense feeling of emotion by simply telling myself how proud I am of myself for overcoming this battle.

I have also played around with trying out different beliefs within my ultimate belief that is “I will never get rid of these headaches” such as:

  • “I always need eight hours sleep otherwise I will get a headache”
  • “I have weak neck and shoulder muscles which causes tension headaches”
  • “I always wake up with a headache”
  • “I will never be able to travel on a plane without getting a headache”
  • “Once a month I will always have a menstrual headache”

This was really interesting as I found the beliefs above didn’t create such intense emotion that it did when I felt proud of myself, however this didn’t seem to matter as I still saw myself rewriting my future and this in turn was changing my beliefs.

An example of this was during my flight back from Dubai to London, mid way my neck and shoulders started to feel stiff and a nagging dull headache commenced, at which point my anxiety started to kick in. I donned an eye mask and pressed play on Dr Joe’s meditation CD, where I pictured myself on long haul flights enjoying every second like any “normal person” could. I then saw myself arriving at exotic destinations around the world completely headache free! And as I stepped into the new “normal me” at the end of the meditation, all my fear and anxiety had simply disappeared as if like magic! I suddenly possessed this confidence and certainty that travelling was no reason to give me a headache.

I have to say out of the two CDs he offers, I found Meditation 2 more powerful. On Meditation 1 you are prompted to alter two beliefs and Dr Joe remains quieter through the middle section of the track. However on Meditation 2 you only focus on one belief and he provides much more guidance through the middle section which I personally found much more effective. To maximise my healing I have also been doing the meditations twice a day as Dr Joe suggests.

As most people with a chronic illness understand, you feel like there is no way out. You tend to go round and round in a vicious circle of negative thoughts that only reaffirm to yourself that life will always be this way. You forget what life was like before the illness and it seems just a distant memory. Now it’s almost like Dr Joe has flicked a switch on inside of me that I forgot existed, and I now know not only can I get back to the old me before this illness, I can create an even better future me! All in all, not only do I now believe that I CAN and WILL heal myself completely over time, I feel in a way, fearless and anxiety free. In this week alone my health has noticeably improved, so much so that I got to enjoy some very special headache free days with my Mum when she came to visit me in Dubai.

So thank you Dr Joe for starting me on this journey to changing my life…


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Maybe the answer lies within?

After another really bad week, filled with many more downs than ups, I have come to the realisation that:

If you haven’t got hope for the future, then what have you got?

If you haven’t got faith in yourself, then what have you got?

If you haven’t got belief in your potential, then what have you got?

I used to be a person full of anger, hate and constantly thinking,”why me?”. I had absolutely no hope for the future and simply prayed for the medical profession to get me out of the hell I was living. I hung on the doctors’ every word with bated breath for the answer to cure this debilitating illness. I truly believed that they held the key to my healing, not myself. That’s how it works, right? You go to the doctor and they give you pills that you believe will cure you of your ailment?

However, upon this journey, it’s not a doctor that has got me to where I am today (despite seeing every migraine specialist possible). I believe that we are not meant to simply exist in pain and suffer throughout our lives. After exhausting the western medical system my only choice is to try another road and look inside myself for the answer. I truly believe that we were born to thrive and not just survive. My goal is to be known again as Christie and not be defined or identified by this crippling illness.

Deep down I knew that the constant neglect of my health through a lifestyle of partying, travelling, little sleep, commuting, jet lag and exhaustion was surely going to catch up with me one day… and so it did. I didn’t want to admit it to myself for a long time, but now I can openly say that I caused this illness! My body chose to express this in the form of chronic fatigue, muscles pains and daily migraines. It was screaming at me to stop and look after myself, which I failed to notice until it was too late.We can all think of times in our lives when we have been blessed with full health, but as most of us do, we took it for granted. So if we can create this illness in our bodies, then surely we are able to reverse it too?

You should see the library of self help books I have at home. I have created quite a collection that has inspired me that change IS possible. I always make sure I have a book on the go at all times, many I have read several times over, but for me it acts as a daily reminder to change my way of thinking. These books have shown me numerous examples of people who have healed their bodies from the worst situations imaginable. Now if Maurice Goodman can rebuild his spine after being paralyzed from a plane crash, then surely I can reverse this condition that I spent the majority of my life without?


This way of thinking, I believe, will get me to my goal one day, which is to be headache and migraine free. However after posting my last my last blog (A Migraine Must Have) I was completely side tracked and started to question all that I had come to believe in.  I received such comments as…

“Migraine is an untreatable illness that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives!”

“Surgery is the only option!”

“Did you know there is actually no medical cure for migraines?”

It felt like someone had just stuck a knife through my chest. Maybe it was all true? After all, millions of people around the world suffer from this illness and live for decades with it suffering relentlessly. People were constantly reminding me of this! It didn’t help that at the time I was suffering with a really bad migraine. I questioned myself, maybe I was just living in a day dream and needed to wake up to the reality that my life is destined to be painful forever more?

Left bewildered and feeling rather low I pondered if the universe was really working for me in the way I had hoped. That’s when I got the most almighty sign that, yes it is! The book “You are the Placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza was like a shining light guiding me back on the right path. My Mum had brought it to my attention and it arrived on my doorstep at the exact time I needed the reassurance. This inspirational story of how Dr Joe healed himself through thought alone, after breaking six vertebrae and suffering numerous compression fractures in his spine after a triathlon accident, inspired me more than ever before that you have a choice to heal your body. You can choose to accept your fate and live with the diagnosis the doctor has given you, but I’m sorry, I am not going to live with these migraines for any much longer than I have to.

This book combines the science behind how you can heal your body, providing examples of healing’s from his workshops and evidence from brains scans, and teaches you how to change your beliefs and perceptions which is the first step to healing yourself. In basic terms, through mediation (which you have to commit to daily) you rewire and make new connections in your brain, by firstly getting your brain into an Alpha state. This is the best way to tap into your subconscious mind. From there, you experience and imagine the new life you desire and all the feelings and emotions that go with it. Through intensively feeling the joy, the gratitude and rush of happiness from imagining yourself there in the future, your brain literally starts to physically change and create new neural connections and circuits, simply replacing the old ones to physically create a new you! Dr Joe backs this up with all the scientific evidence possibly needed!

I literally have nothing to lose now as conventional medicine has failed me. Other holistic and alternative therapies have helped me gain a better quality of life however I refuse to live the rest of my life in this frequent pain. Take a look at Joe’s website for more information or find his YouTube channel to discover hundreds of testimonies of people that have changed their lives. Cancer cured, so called genetic illness’s healed …the list is endless! So from now on I am going to make the time every morning for one hour, just as he suggests, to meditate and to see if this really could work. Follow my progress here at HopeVsHeadaches.

I’ll leave you with a few words from Joe that might get you thinking…

“To change is to think greater than how we feel. To change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorised self” 


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“The Secret” to my recovery

In my previous blogs I have spent a lot of time talking about the law of attraction, thoughts becoming things and how, if you truly believe in the unseen, then it will manifest before your very eyes. Well, I wanted to explain this to you in more detail and show you just how my life changed direction from being stuck in a hopeless, headache stricken world, to being in such a healthy, happy place, overflowing with abundance! Not only that, but I now truly believe that ANYTHING is possible in life, as long as you believe it so. In Rhonda Byrne’s own words “You can have, be or do anything!”

I remember the day well. After a normal morning filled with my usual routine of generally feeling sorry for myself and browsing through Facebook to torture myself with what I was missing out on, I received a message from my good friend Lucy. We exchanged several messages back and forth, in which I obviously moaned about how unbelievably depressing and painful my life had become. At which point Lucy uttered the words “Have you read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne?” She passionately tried to convince me that this book could be life changing. Little did I know that not only would this book give me my health, vitality and love for life back again, but it would also lead me on to finding a new career path and thereby using The Secret in order to help change other people’s lives.

Now if you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction before and want to know more, this is the place to begin. Rhonda Byrnes’s book “The Secret” explains this in the most basic form, then teaching you how you can relate this to manifesting health, wealth or anything you have ever dreamed of into your life. The Law is as simple as, like attracts like! Whatever you focus on, you get! You might not realise it but your thoughts are shaping your life and your future right this very second. Makes you think doesn’t it? Can you see how worry and negative self-talk will only bring negative situations into your life? The book basically explains that you get what you think about most, whether you want it or not. If for instance you spend all day focusing on your pain and how horrible your life is, then the universe will reflect this back to you and you will only get more of it! So therefore it’s time to change the way you think.

As hard as this is to hear, everything you are experiencing in your life right now you have attracted! Whether it is pain, a bad relationship or debt for instance. The frequency of your thoughts match the frequency of what you don’t want and therefore you have manifested it without even realising. The more you don’t want something and put all your focus and energy into thinking about it, the more you powerfully propel it towards you! So you can see how one negative thought after another only leads you in to a spiral of doom. Change your thinking, change your life!


After learning that your thoughts create your life, the book then teaches you how you can turn this around and start to manifest the things you do want. The process is made extremely simply by Rhonda breaking it down in to three simple steps;

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

Firstly sit down and write down exactly what you want in your life. It may be a new job, a specific place you wish to travel to, good health or a certain amount of money. For the first time in your life there are no limits! Secondly, and this is the key, you have to BELIEVE that what it is you want is already yours. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had it already? Joy, excitement, fulfilment and elation perhaps? Feel gratitude for receiving it and the universe will match that frequency and will bring it to you. Thirdly just sit back, relax and let it come to you. Do not question if it is coming as that only emits a frequency of doubt, which shows you no longer believe it is yours. Now, I know some people might think this sounds a bit airy-fairy, but trust me on this, as it actually works. I am walking proof! So are all the hundreds of thousands of other people the book has touched. You can take this fantastic principle and apply it to anything in your life. I would advise you to start small though and as when you receive what you ask for, your confidence in the process starts to grow so you can then aim to manifest something larger.

Rhonda’s book explains that this basic law is currently taught by a number of religions, from such influential people such as Socrates, Pythagoras and Sir Isaac Newton. It’s even found in ancient writings throughout many centuries. This book is so incredibly inspiring and literally transformed the way I think, which has resulted in my life circumstances totally changing. For me, the audio book of “The Secret” which is read by Rhonda herself, was even more powerful than reading the written book. You can really feel the passion that emits from her voice, along with hearing personal accounts from other inspirational individuals such as Jack Canfield, Maurice Goodman and Bob Proctor.

Another big feature in the book is gratitude and how this can bring more of what you want into your life. If I am being honest, when I was at my lowest point clinging to my pounding head, slumped on the cold bathroom floor, crying hysterically I would have said, “What the hell have I got to be grateful for right now?” This is where my biggest mistake lay. The list was endless, yet I was too blind to see it:

  • An incredibly supportive fiancé who stuck by me, no matter what challenges we faced
  • An amazing family that didn’t leave my side, and who were there to comfort me day in, day out
  • Friends who called simply to say they cared
  • A warm cozy bed to rest in
  • A roof over my head
  • Financial support from my fiancé and family
  • Cold fresh water to drink
  • Food to eat
  • Doctors and Specialists to visit
  • My family’s health

Although I didn’t know this at the time, the lack of gratitude I had only made matters worse. The moment my life started to turn around for the better was when I started to practice gratitude on a daily basis. It was hard at times I’ll be honest, but those really bad days suddenly started to feel just slightly more bearable. I’ve now learnt that the more gratitude you practice, the more abundant your life becomes.

I honestly don’t know where I would be today if this book hadn’t crossed my path. I dread to think actually. So if you haven’t read this awe inspiring, life changing, uplifting book, then I suggest you do so now! In Rhonda’s own words…

“There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every circumstance of your life can be changed ”

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