Your Genes Are NOT Your Destiny

Have you ever felt completely powerless to your migraines because they run in your family and have been passed down through your genes? Well, I am here to give you an absolute golden nugget of information that will change the way you view your health forever.


Yes, you heard me right. Let that sink in for a second.

For generations, we have been led to think that disease is determined solely by our genes, however, scientists have now discovered that this actually isn’t true.

Bruce Lipton a renowned cell biologist explains that only 10% of what happens to your body and health is in any way related to your genes. Just a measly 10%! Which means the remaining 90% is actually determined by our environment, such as our nutrition, emotions and subconscious beliefs.



So just because your mum, brother and great aunt Lisa suffer from migraines doesn’t mean that you have to!

Following on from that, I want to introduce you to the amazing world of Epigenetics. 

Epigenetics in the most basic, basic form is the study of our cells and how they can be turned on and off. Yes, this is actually possible.

So each cell membrane has receptors that pick up environmental signals, and what this does is control the “reading” of the genes inside the cells. These cells are so clever that they can choose to read or not read the genetic blueprint depending on the signals they are receiving from the environment.

Thus having migraines programmed in your DNA doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to live a miserable life full of pain. No no no! However, despite this, we have been programmed by the medical system to think this way.

Isn’t it true that a doctor always asks you what diseases run in your family? This simple destructive question programmes you into thinking:

  1. I will inherit this illness because it’s hereditary
  2. Because it runs in my genes there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it!

Wrong and wrong again.


So how do we turn genes on and off then I hear you ask? Well believe it or not this is mainly done by our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions.

Do you believe that you will never ever live a life free from migraines? Is your attitude one of that no matter what you try and do to get a hold of your migraines they will always be in your life because they are genetic?

If so, maybe it’s time to realise that YOU are actually the one in the driver’s seat of your health! YOU are the one who has the ability to heal your body and YOU are the one who has the potential to change your genes and your story.

Now that’s got ya thinking…

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You Are NOT Your Illness

After years of suffering debilitating chronic migraines that gave me no break between attacks, I know what it feels like to be completely stuck. 

The reality is, after years of pain, tears and struggle for so many people, myself included, this becomes your identity. There is no way around it.

You eat, sleep and breathe migraines. You eat, sleep and breathe trying to find a cure and you eat, sleep and breathe contact with other migraine sufferers in the comfort that they too understand the nightmare that you are living.

However, upon this quest, I learned a serious lesson, a lesson that helped me to break free from the painful cycle and that was…

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine you create. 



If you believe that your identity is chronic migraine then that’s where you will unfortunately stay.

Remember migraine warriors that you are SOOOOOO much more than that! You are here to live your dreams. You were put on this earth to share your passions with the world. You were meant to live a fulfilled healthy life. You are here fall in love, have a family and travel the world so don’t ever lose sight of that. You are NOT here to simply exist, you are here to thrive. 

So for me, when I took my focus off being a chronic migraine sufferer and started focusing on the life I wanted to live by simply changing my focus, the most amazing thing happened. My health started to slowly improve. 

And do you know why? Because it was the law of attraction working at it’s best.

So today I am going to share some tips to help you find you again and reclaim your identity from that nasty illness.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Company

Did you know that we are the average of the five people we spend time with most? That doesn’t have to be physically who we spend time with either. That could be through conversations on the phone, online contact or social media friends.

So if you are surrounding yourself with negative minded people who only focus on the sadness of sickness, then by the law of average that is where you will stay. On the flip side, this can work beautifully the other way round. When you choose to surround yourself with health-focused, like-minded, positive people it can only propel you in the right direction towards healing your body. 

Who are your top five and how do they influence you?  


     2. Get In Touch With The Real You Again

What were your dreams before you got sick? What were your passions? What made you feel alive? Writing poetry, making your own music or cooking? Whatever it was, then this is what you need to reconnect to.

Take some time to journal and get in touch with who you really are as a person again. Who are you when sickness is not consuming you? What qualities do you love about yourself and what do you want to achieve once you are healthy again? Because you WILL be healthy again!

     3. Be Aware Of Your Voice

The words you speak hold an incredible amount power and create your reality so be careful what you say out loud and in your thoughts. For example, If you list yourself on your social media page as “chronic migraine sufferer, anxiety, depression” etc then how are you ever going to escape it? Instead, use empowering positive words to describe who you are such as “Kristie Hindley, healing from chronic migraine day by day, learning new healthy habits and creating positive change”.

Create your story and use worlds that reflect where you want to be because it goes a long way.

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Want Instant Pain Relief? Try Binaural Beats!

Are you sick of taking pain-killer after pain-killer and finding that they just don’t work anymore? Do you need some relief? And now? Well, fear not, there is a way that can help you completely medication free!

I am sure like most people, (me included), you won’t have heard of binaural beats? Ok, so what are they then?

Binaural beats are a form of music therapy. The word binaural means “having or relating to two ears”. This represents the process which works by simultaneously sending a marginally different sound frequency to each ear through headphones.

Brainwave entrainment happens inside the brain and is caused by a physiological response. Upon hearing two tones of different frequencies – sent simultaneously to the left and right ears – the brain perceives a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies.

The brain then follows along at the new frequency and through this frequency is able to offer stress relief, improved focus, a sleep aid, pain relief and much more.


This was suggested to me by a GP of mine, holistic minded of course, so I thought it was worth a try, and I’m so glad I did.

At the time I was struggling with some neck pain and I have to say it took my pain from say a 9/10 to a 2/10! I honestly couldn’t believe it at first and since then I have continued to use it for shoulder pain, neck pain, tension headaches and also for relaxation. 

So all you have to do is grab your headphones, plug in, relax and let the music do the work. The sound is quite unusual when you first listen because it’s simply one tone, but after a while I think it becomes quite therapeutic. Also you don’t feel that you have to listen to the sound at a loud volume, just what is comfortable for you.

You can purchase the tracks online but the best way I found is through YouTube as there are so many different options for all different ailments for free! There are even specific tracks for migraines!

Headphones 2.jpg

Below I have listed my favourite ones and the link to them;

I did find however some tracks worked better for me than others so have a play around to find the ones that work for you. Also you can do your own search on YouTube as there are so many others that I have not listed.

And if you don’t believe me, look at all the comments below the videos on YouTube, the proof is in the pudding.

I would love to know how you get on with this and if you find that it helped you too so please feel free to comment below.

Happy listening friends!

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Social Media – A Healing Help Or Hinderance?

Ahhh social media. For most people, It’s like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it, but if I had to guess I would say that 99% of people would admit to loving their daily dose of Facebook goss, Instagram stories, and Twitter rants. And let’s be honest, most of us would be lost without it.

The routine of waking up each day and reaching for our phone so we can make sure we are up to date with “what’s going on in the world” real or not, even before we leave our bed has somehow become as routine as brushing our teeth is every morning! Or is that just me?


After all, social media is just fun and games, right? But to someone who has, or still is, suffering with a chronic illnessor any illness for that matter I’m sure has already found out that it can either be a comforting tool to connect with others in a similar situation or a tool to make you feel even more insufficient, small and a more of a failure than you already do.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned upon my journey of recovery from migraines is that in order for your body to have the optimal chance to heal and repair it needs to be in the best possible place both physically and emotionally and for me, as hard as it was, that meant learning to be ok with exactly where I was in that moment. Not judging myself for where I “should” be, how I “should” be feeling and what I “should” be doing,  but just being patient with my body and trying to find some peace in the current moment.

However, the daily hours I would spend flicking through my social media feed only left me feeling completely inadequate compared to the rest of the world that seemed like that they were living the best days of their lives! 


Unfortunately, this is where social media is going to do you no favors. As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy” and boy was he right.

Personally, throughout my journey of recovery, there have been several points at which I have taken a break from social media and honestly, try it! It does you the world of good.

When you suddenly don’t have to prove to everyone that you’re having a great time at a beach completely headache free or that you’re eating the healthiest salad in the coolest cafe, you suddenly feel a real sense of freedom and most of all relief from the expectation of the world and what you “should” be doing. This, in turn, allows you to be ok in that moment which is exactly what your nervous system is desperate for.

So what if where you are right now is in bed, reading a book, dealing with the aftermath of a migraine! And so what if you can only walk on a treadmill at the gym for 15 minutes when everyone around you seems to be doing some sort of military assault course! Where you are right now is perfect for you and as soon as you come to realize that, your health will be able to blossom. 

Why not try a seven-day social media detox for yourself and see how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically afterwards? I would love to hear how you get on.

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Alter Your Beliefs And Begin To Live A Migraine Free Life

I’m going to start by passing on some inspiring words of advice from the New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and creator of The School of Greatness, Lewis Howes.

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your beliefs to match your vision”

Now that’s got you thinking huh? So tell me, have you put aside your dreams of having a family one day due to the never-ending cycle of migraines that seem to control your life? Have you accepted that ‘this’ is your life and have you resigned yourself to an eternity of pain because the doctors have told you so? Or have you decided that forever more you will just have to ‘manage’ your condition and give up on chasing your dreams.

Well I’ll admit, these were my thoughts back in the darkest depth of my illness and I am sure they are something that all migraineurs can relate to. Now, after escaping the clutches of chronic migraine and regaining my life, I often get asked “So how did you do it? What actually got rid of your migraines”? As I have explained in previous blogs, I have found that a balance of self-care, creating realistic boundaries, a clean plant-based diet, meditation, visualisation, stress management and appropriate exercise have all contributed to me becoming free from chronic migraines.

However the underlying and absolutely essential aspect that propelled these factors in to healing my body was actually my belief system. I could have done all of the above absolutely perfectly, to the text-book in fact but with very different results and do you know what the differentiating factor is? My belief!

Did you know that only 3% of our brains processing power is controlled by the conscious mind which means that a whopping 97% is controlled by the sub-conscious mind! Crazy right? So basically what I am telling you is no matter how many times you tell yourself out loud “I will not let these migraines beat me” unfortunately you could repeat this until you are blue in the face but nothing will change as it lies within the 3%. In order to actually alter your belief system and therefore start seeing healthy change happen, you need to tap in to the 97%.



Ok, so how do you re-programme the subconscious mind then? By everyday committing to change, to beating your diagnosis, to doing what they told you wasn’t possible, to chasing your dreams and through sheer hard flippin’ work. It doesn’t come in pill form either; this takes time, patience and most of all determination to never ever give up.

Since April 2016 I began using Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations daily in order to change my belief system. When I first began and was really sick, I listened to his hour long meditations 3 times a day and through relaxing the mind I would enter the alpha state which is where you are able to influence and re-programme the sub-conscious mind.

The meditations ask me “What is the belief and perception that you want to change about yourself in your life? And do you want to continue believing and perceiving in this way?” and every day I would repeat the same. “That I am destined to live a life in pain and never get better and no, I don’t want to continue believing in this way” and as the days went by and I visualised my perfect existence over and over again, my confidence began to grow, my actions started to reflect my words and my beliefs began to change.

Tears would stream down my face as I basked in the pure bliss in my life as I dreamt it, totally lost in the emotions of love, gratitude and immense joy for feeling completely healthy again. I would envisage myself running a marathon, owning a successful health related business, travelling the world and starting a family. I would regularly see our little girl (Florence I named her) with blond curly locks and blue eyes playing in our garden without a care in the world whilst me and my husband would look on so in love with her.

And the funny thing is now that my dreams are actually starting to manifest before my very eyes. Very exciting business opportunities have come my way, amazing holidays are booked in our diaries, I am now 3 months completely migraine free and I’ve recently started to exercise again, in particular going jogging.

So suddenly that little girl playing in the garden feels within reach in the not so distant future. As I write this yet more tears roll down my face as I feel so passionate about passing this knowledge onto others who think that life is hopeless, pain stricken and lost forever. It’s not, no matter what the doctors tell you. Apparently there is no cure for chronic migraines, I would beg to differ.

My message to you is this. Your mind is your biggest tool in healing yourself and living the life you dream. When you commit everyday to creating new beliefs your body has no choice but to follow and you CAN and WILL get there. You are enough, you are powerful, you are stronger than you ever imagine and can achieve anything you set your mind to. All you have to do is believe. Sure it won’t happen overnight and it requires some serious hard work but I promise you that it will be worth it.

On that note, I’ll leave you with some more words of wisdom from the inspiring Lewis Howes.

“You become what you envision yourself being…”

And by god he is right!

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Surely Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Right?

Nowadays I view my illness as a blessing. A blessing for many reasons, such as immense gratitude for every healthy day I have, for being able to truly appreciate the friends and family I love and for finding a purpose in life, one in which I can help others fufill happy and healthy futures.

But what if we never had to suffer in the first place? What if ‘we’ as a society took a different angle on healthcare and rather than treat the symptoms of an illness when it occurs by covering it up with a concoction of pills, we look at how we could prevent the illness in the first place? To be honest I’m not just talking about headaches, this is a much wider issue. In fact I am sure this has to do with the global obesity epidemic that is plaguing the world right now which leads me back to my original question. Surely prevention is better than cure, right?

Right! The further I delve into the health care field the more I learn how effective preventative measures actually are, however the sad thing is that they are hardly ever practiced, especially amongst our doctors.


America spends trillions of dollars on treating disease but not a dime on preventing it? Someone explain to me where the logic is in that? Perhaps that has to do with the 300 billion dollar drug industry? I know, I know, it’s a taboo subject, but can you tell me that the drug companies would encourage preventative measures such a lifestyle and diet changes whereby the patient would need less or maybe no pharmaceutical drugs anymore? Just saying.

So if I were to tell you that there was this magical new drug on the market which could have the following effects on your health would you take it?

  1. It could reduce type 2 diabetes and blood glucose levels
  2. Lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  3. Help control your weight
  4. Reduce your risk of certain cancers
  5. Strengthen your bones and muscles
  6. Improve your mental health and reduce your risk of depression
  7. Help you live a healthier and longer life
  8. It could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  9. Prevent falls in older age

Of course you would! Well I would that’s for sure and do you know what this magical drug is? PHYSICAL EXERCISE! Yep, can you believe it?

A regular moderate exercise program is enough to give you these incredible health benefits! The other amazing aspect to preventive medicine is that we normally take one pill to treat one condition, whereas preventative measures such as exercise doesn’t just treat one condition, it treats multiple and this is just physical exercise I’m talking about. What if we then throw in the mix some stress management tools, healthy eating, a regular sleep schedule and my god, you might just have yourself a chance at better bill of health.


The view from my morning beach walk.

So I’m not telling you to negate medicine as in so many cases it is vital and the medical professionals deserve to be recognised for their amazing work but what if we could in so many cases, prevent medical treatment due to simple lifestyle changes and re-education and help reduce the strain on our health systems? My god I think we could seriously change the world from ‘sick care’ back to the world of ‘healthcare’ again.

Personally I think this would be most beneficial if we could start this early in schools. Rather than drilling into us when Henry VIII died and when the Battle of Hastings was (which I can still never remember to this day), surely it would be more effective to teach children proper life skills that they can take on into adulthood, to allow children to create a healthy and balanced life for themselves and their families in the future?

Can you imagine if we taught kids in school all about healthy food and how to cook and prepare it, how to look after their bodies, fuel and nourish themselves, how to find a form of exercise that they love, how to create healthy relationships and how to manage stress. Can you imagine what effect this could have on the sick care system that we know today? I predict that there would be a serious outbreak of health! That’s what would happen.

So in the meantime as preventative measures begin to get recognised in our world today, I am proud as a Health Coach to be part of raising awareness in how effective preventative measures can actually be. Not only could we save ourselves a lot of money, but at the same time our health care systems that are currently under enormous strain could maybe start to breathe a sigh of relief.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. And by god I think he was right.

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Functional Medicine – The Medicine Of The Future

Now don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of functional medicine before because I hadn’t either until I started my Health Coaching course at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition but what I found interesting was that I had actually already used functional medicine in some way throughout my journey upon healing myself from chronic migraines without even knowing it.

So what is functional medicine? Functional medicine focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Now I know you are probably thinking well that’s exactly what western medicine does isn’t it? Well not exactly. The difference with functional medicine is that instead of just treating the symptoms of the illness with medication or surgery, the doctor looks at what the root cause of the illness is and how they can prevent it returning in the future. Take diabetes for example, why is their blood sugar so high? What could be the underlying cause of this? What has triggered this? Is it their diet, lifestyle, or perhaps do their genetics play a role too? The bottom line is, that any disease is basically an imbalance in the body in some way or another and a functional medicine doctor’s job is to find out what this is.

Dr Susan Blum, a true pioneer in functional medicine takes a whole body approach in curing chronic diseases and explains this in very simple terms by “the rule of tack”. So if you were sitting on a thumb tack you wouldn’t take aspirin for the pain would you? Instead you would find the tack and remove it and this is exactly what functional medicine does. The main way in which Susan Blum does this in her practice is through personalised nutrition as she believes that this is the key in solving most chronic illnesses. She explains that healthy food creates healthy cells and unhealthy food creates unhealthy cells which then leads to disease and chronic inflammation in the body. Now for the scientific bit – the cell binds with food on a cellular level and can either make anti-inflammatory compounds or pro-inflammatory compounds in the body and this outcome actually changes how the cells in our bodies operate and function. This in turn can affect our immune system and be a common cause of chronic illness which is known as leaky gut syndrome. I know, sounds pretty nasty huh?


A recent food shop of mine. You won’t get leaky gut from any of these!

Did you know that roughly 7o% of our immune system lies in the gut? Unbelievable right! So in very basic terms, if you look after your gut and maintain a healthy gut flora you are less likely to develop food sensitivities, digestive issues and many other serious health problems. And guess what? This all comes back to food once again. I had no idea before I began training as a Health Coach just how important the food I put inside my body was on so many different levels.

So at an initial consultation with a functional medicine doctor they would be interested to talk to you about some the following areas of your life:

  • Do you do any regular exercise and if so how frequently?
  • Are you a smoker and if so how often?
  • What does your diet consist of – a lot of saturated, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup foods? Are you getting the essential minerals and vitamins that you require for the body to fight disease?
  • Are you stressed? If so what do you do to relax?
  • How do you interact socially?
  • What is your personal story and background?
  • How is your spiritual health?
  • What is your family history and genetics?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

As you can see by taking this whole body approach it allows the doctor to view the body as one system and treat the whole body not just the symptoms on the surface as everything is actually connected. You see the symptoms have to come from somewhere right?

Did you know that GPs or physicians get almost none or very little training in the area of lifestyle and nutrition during their endless years at medical school? This totally baffles me as, rather than focusing only on how to treat a disease when it happens, surely it would be better for our healthcare system to invest and spend time looking at prevention methods so that then they wouldn’t have to spend millions on surgery costs and outrageously expensive pharmaceutical drugs!

Luckily enough, due to the voices of Dr Frank Lipman, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Susan Blum, functional medicine is now becoming a more recognised field which myself as a Health Coach is truly grateful for as the work we do aligns with a similar whole body and mind approach. So let’s spread the word…. functional medicine without a doubt is the medicine of the future!


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