Could Emotional Stimuli Be An Underlying Cause Of Your Migraines?

Do you currently feel like you are hitting a brick wall when it comes to beating your migraines? Are you trying new treatment after new treatment but yet again nothing seems to work?

If this is the case then there may be something going on deeper beneath the surface that keeps holding you back from breaking free from your migraines.

Meet emotional stimuli.


Firstly what is emotional stimuli? Well it’s simply any object, event or energy change that elicits a sensory or behavioural response in ourselves. Examples of emotional stimuli could be such things as a change in mood due to a conversation you had with a family member that upset you or feeling overwhelmingly happy due to some great news you receieve .

Whatever emotion it is, fear, anger, joy, sadness, elation, guilt or shame this could be the unconscious cause of your pain without you even realising this. I will give you a personal example of this happening for me.

So during the period of my illness I have felt like a financial burden to my husband who has been supporting me throughout every treatment and turn I take in this journey. It used to fill me with dread every time I had to use our joint account to buy even a few items from the supermarket and anything bigger would give me pangs of guilt and shame due to the fact that I no longer could support myself.

As I continued to struggled with my health, my physiotherapist advised I needed up to 10 more sessions to continue my treatment, however I then later found out that my insurance would no longer be able to cover these sessions. When this realisation hit me I was in pieces . How on earth could I ask my husband to pay for 10 very costly physio sessions? I just couldn’t.

However after talking this through with my incredible, friend and mentor Anthony Cocco who has also beaten chronic migraines, he made me realise how this daily emotional battle I was having with myself over something so small as a pint of milk (almond of course) was causing me physical pain.


After breaking this down and realising that I am still a great wife even if I cannot contribute financially, I released all that guilt, shame and subconscious tension I had been holding.

As a result it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could literally breathe again. Instantly my shoulders dropped about an inch from my ear and my headache felt ten times better.

So what I have learnt as I progress further and further on this journey back to health is that nine times out of ten subconsciously there is so much more going on for us underneath the surface that could be causing us physical pain, and emotional stimuli is definitely one of them!

Of course we cannot go through life not feeling any emotions as that’s not how life works, however to help ourselves we need to examine if emotional stimuli is there always on a subconscious level like it was for me all the time and also when those heightened emotions hit, we need to protect ourselves from feeling the extremes of these emotions as it does absolutely no good for our head.

As Anthony Cocco perfectly explains it, we need to “try not to get too high on the highs and too low on the lows” as that reaction to emotional stimuli is enough to without a doubt, cause you a headache.

How do you think emotional stimuli impacts your headaches? I would love to hear from you.

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My 3 Essential Health Takeaways From 2017


Wow, what a year it has been. 2017 has gone by in a flash and when I look back, my god have I come a long way.

From having my last migraine in March 2017 to now being completely free. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means at the end of my journey and can declare myself totally headache free but it’s sometimes great to reflect and look back on how far you have come because it motivates you to keep on fighting.

So, as a result, I wanted to share with you the 3 biggest health lessons I learnt in 2017 in hope that someone else may be able to relate, benefit or learn from them as I have.


  1. Triggers Are Not Only Physical

Previous to 2017 I would have classed most of my headache triggers as physical, mainly caused by food and my environment. However, when I dug deep and truly started to listen to my body I realised that the majority of my triggers were actually emotional stimuli.

This could be in the form of anger, anxiety, stress, certain relationships, certain situations, repressed emotions, self-hatred, denial and fear. Without knowing, these underlying emotions and issues were actually what was causing me so much of my pain.

So if you are struggling right now and have become frustrated in your recovery, take some time out to take a look at what’s really going on for you underneath the surface. For me personally, talking to someone was better medication than any doctor could possibly give me.

    2.  You Truly Are The Expert Of Your Own Body

Now I know it sounds really airy-fairy when someone says listen to your body but I never realised how important this was until I made several discoveries by doing exactly that in 2017.

Your body is simply communicating with you every day in every way, we just have to listen. Every pain, emotion, twinge and gut feeling is your body’s way of trying to tell you what it needs.

For me, I found when I began to journal daily (not keep a headache diary, this is very different) it allowed me to really understand how my body reacts to certain situations, foods and emotional stimuli and thus learn from it and change my behaviour moving forwards.

Once again, how could a doctor ever tell you how to heal your body when it’s not talking to them, it’s talking to you! So tune in and listen to the song you are singing.



3. Eating The Right Foods Actually Prevents Headaches

In 2017 I discovered the magic of a whole foods plant-based diet and when I did my life truly began to transform.

By removing all processed foods and upping my intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains my migraine frequency and severity began to decrease rapidly until I was left with none. Yes, seriously none!

In the migraine world food is known as evil for triggering attacks, however what so many people don’t know is that you can use food as a tool to prevent attacks and get rid of them all together. Trust me, it worked better than any medication ever did.


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Amazing Things Happen When You Get Out Of Your Own Way

Recently I hit a bit of a brick wall. No one tells you that after beating chronic migraines that there will be a whole other chapter that you have to face afterwards. Extreme tiredness no matter how many hours you seem to sleep, brain fog, headaches and muscle aches seem to be the most prominent symptoms right now.

So as you can understand, I have felt somewhat frustrated by this newest revelation. As close as I thought I was, I am not yet able to spend all day at the beach like my friends, go to parties and busy social events like ‘normal’ people do or make it all the way through a wedding, which I have to admit has been driving me pretty crazy. All I have recently been focusing on was what I couldn’t do. In turn this then made me super emotional (yes, even more than normal), highly sensitive and creating so many other issues for myself that of course weren’t issues whatsoever!

After what I would call a ‘mini meltdown’ or what my good friend Anthony calls ‘a checkpoint’ in my recovery journey, I had an epiphany. I realised that all the frustration, anger and emotional upset that I was creating by not being exactly where I wanted to be, was causing me actual physical pain and stopping my body’s ability to heal.

Not so coincidentally, it was at this point Gabriella Bernstein’s book “The Universe Has Your Back” made an appearance in my life and from this point on everything changed.


The book teaches you that by trusting in the universe and it’s ability to guide you, allows you to no longer live in fear and negative emotions. The aim is to perceive any problem that arises in your life through the teacher of love, meaning it has been sent as a lesson and is part of the process. Choose to embrace it and be at peace with it.

Gabriella says that every obstacle is simply a detour in the right direction so simply trust the process as the universe has a higher plan for you.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety”. This was a game changer for me as I realised that due to my uncertainty and view of my situation from the position of scarcity and lack, this is why I was experiencing anxiety, fear and so much tension. And as I know from my migraines, in order for the body to be able to heal it needs homeostasis and a calm nervous system which is certainly not what I was creating for myself.

My second epiphany came after attending a positivity talk at the Brahma Kumaris center in Brighton. The speaker delivered a sentence that completely changed my view on where I am right now in my journey. He said “Pain may be present but suffering is a choice.”


Ok, let’s hear that again and really think about it. Pain may be present, but suffering, is, a choice. Bingo! I suddenly had all the answers I needed. With Gabriella telling me to lean towards love and joy by trusting that my highest good is coming to me, and with this incredible revelation from the speaker also telling me that I can still find love and joy even in pain, I realised that this was what I needed to do in the next step of my journey to heal my body. So that’s what I have been doing!

I visited my Grandad and looked over beautiful family photos and soaked up the love and joy reminising with him.

I have enjoyed lovely afternoons in watching films with my Mum, laughing, being totally present and grateful for these priceless moments with her.

I even found the joy in simply being alone, tucked up in bed with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. As a result my health has definitely benefited, and to be honest, I feel ten times happier than I did before making these changes.

We have a choice in the world to choose scarcity, lack, conflict, anxiety, tension and fear which will all manifest in our physical body, or we can choose to live in peace, love, serenity and joy by finding the good in every situation and trusting in the universe.

What will you choose?

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How To Take Control Of Your Migraines With Deep Belly Breathing

Did you know that breathing is the new Botox in the migraine world? Yes, it’s true.

Something as simple as a bodily function has the power to mitigate depression, anxiety and stress, all of which are commonly a result of suffering with chronic migraines and in turn only make suffering with migraines so much worse.

Meditation using diaphragmatic breathing has also been shown to even improve cell health, balance hormones levels and even reduce blood pressure and it’s something that we all have the power to access, we just have to learn how.



How Can This Help My Migraines Then?

In order to explain to you how this can help you, I need to delve into the science behind it first but trust me it’s actually super interesting. So here we go.

Our nervous system is broken down into several different parts but what we are going to focus on today is two areas:

  1. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)
  2. The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

The sympathetic nervous system is connected with our ‘flight or fight’ response which I am sure you have heard of before. This was initially installed in us to protect us from that lion that was trying to eat us millions of years ago. However, our body is also designed to ‘rest and digest’, activating our parasympathetic nervous system after the threat has disappeared and the lion is no longer present.

Unfortunately nowadays, relaxation doesn’t happen anymore and we are all running around in panic mode and chronically stressed, either waiting for that lion (or in our case that migraine) that’s lurking around the corner. Now I know from personal experience, when my migraines were at their worst I spent all of my time in the SNS, ‘fight or flight’ mode’, on edge, living in constant fear of another attack.

However when I started to meditate and just breathe through my migraines and the pain, the miraculous used to happen. They would calm, my pain would begin to lessen and without question the duration of the migraine would reduce and until this day I never really knew the reason why this happened, but now I do. I was switching my body from ‘flight or fight’ to my ‘rest and digest’ system without even knowing it. God I wish someone had told me how powerful meditation using deep belly breathing was when I was super sick but hey, now I’m telling you so that’s all that matters.


So Why Is Being In The ‘Rest and Digest’ System So Important?

Without returning to the ‘rest and digest’ system, with the extended release of stress hormones in your body it lowers your immunity, makes you more susceptible to illness (more migraines) and means that your body is never able to heal, restore and repair. Deep belly breathing can also reduce tension in the neck and the shoulders which again, I am sure most people can relate to when suffering from a migraine.

How Do I Practice This Then? 

Right, so find a comfortable, quiet space where you will not be disturbed, ideally sitting upright on a chair or a bed. My top tip is do not lie down otherwise there is a very high chance you will fall asleep. Happens to me every time!

Place your hands on your belly, thumbs touching on the navel and connecting your index fingers together so that you are making a heart shape with your hands.

On the inhale your belly will expand as you fill your diaphragm with air which will push your hands outwards and away from your body. Try to do this slowly and to the count of five in your head, hold for a second at the top and then exhale contracting your diaphragm and releasing the air out through the mouth and the hands should fall back towards your body again.

Simple, right? 

Personally I find doing this whilst listening to some calming music such as the sound of waves washing up onto the shore makes this even more powerful.

Now check you out! You’re now a qualified mindfulness and meditation guru!

I honestly don’t believe I would be here today, over 4 months migraine free without learning to breathe and by finding some calm in my pain. This was a game changer for me and I know it can be for you too.

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Essential Self-Care Behaviours To Reduce Your Migraines

Throughout my recovery from chronic migraines it’s fair to say I have learnt a lot, actually a hell of a lot, not through my triumphs, but through my failures. After all, if you don’t try then you won’t fail, and if you don’t fail then you won’t learn, and if you don’t learn then you won’t be able to succeed so I guess it was all part of the journey.

That being said, I wanted to share with you a few self-care behaviours that I learnt in the hope that I might be able to prevent you from a little bit of pain along your own journey of healing. Ok, so let’s get stuck in.


    1.  Put Yourself First

This was a hard lesson and unfortunately one that I only learnt the hard way, in fact so many times I lost count. As a migraine sufferer it is normal to be filled with guilt on a daily basis and many times I would attend a party or gathering with friends when deep down I really knew I shouldn’t. My gut was telling me no but my conscience was telling me to go! I would always worry about what others would think and sure, I have lost a couple of people I thought were friends over the last few years but I am here to tell you that until you prioritise your health first above anything else, your healing won’t be able to begin.

By prioritising number one it reduces your anxiety and eliminates unnecessary stress which only makes migraines so much worse. I lost count of the number of times I did things for others and suffered for days as a result so try to remember friends to put yourself first, it’s just not worth it. YOU are worth it.

    2.  Learning That It’s Ok To Say No

Ok, so you’ve listened to your gut (which I have to say is 99.999999% right most of the time) and you have politely turned your friend down for those birthday drinks you wanted to attend, but what I want you to realise is that you are not being selfish by saying no you can’t make it in any way. Real friends will stick around come what may, no matter how many times you cancel on them as they truly only want what’s best for you.

My top tip on how to make this situation more comfortable for both of you is to be honest with them from the start. If deep down you know you probably won’t be able to attend something just explain that to your friend from the start, be honest rather than promising you will be there and 10 minutes before you leave you message saying you can’t make it.

The more transparent and open you are about a situation, the more likely they are to understand and don’t worry, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future that you won’t miss out on.


   3.  Love Yourself Exactly Where You Are

When my migraines were at my worst I’ll be honest, I hated everything about myself. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror as I was ashamed of who I had become. That was until I read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” and everything began to change.

She taught me compassion for myself, patience and how to love myself exactly the way I was. Don’t get me wrong, it took me a long time for my mindset to change but when it did I realised how much tension and stress I was creating myself.

She would always ask “What would you say to a friend if they were in your position?”. Of course you wouldn’t put them down and give them a hard time for what they are going through would you? No, you would be empathetic, patient and understanding of the battle that they are fighting so why aren’t you doing the same to yourself? She made a good point.

So take a moment today to be kind to yourself and reflect on this notion. And if you are still struggling then get yourself down to a book store and grab a copy of Louise’s Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”. It’s magic.

  4.  Nourish Your Body On All Levels

In order for your body to begin to heal, you need to master self-care in all areas of your life. Everything from making time out for yourself, being disciplined about your social schedule, how much sleep you get, the food you put in your body every day, whether you talk positively or negatively to yourself or whether you have time to release stress and tension through exercise.

Whatever it is, your body deserves the best and the more you give it what it needs, the more you will be able to thrive again and become migraine free. Essentially, self-care is simply ensuring that you are taking care of your emotional, physical and mental health friends and yes, we are all totally worth it so try checking in with yourself now and again to discover where you could nourish yourself on a deeper level.


I really hope that these self-care behaviours help you find a little more balance in life in order to reduce your migraine frequency. In what ways do you struggle with self-care? Is it balancing family commitments or your busy work schedule? I would love to connect and hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Alter Your Beliefs And Begin To Live A Migraine Free Life

I’m going to start by passing on some inspiring words of advice from the New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and creator of The School of Greatness, Lewis Howes.

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your beliefs to match your vision”

Now that’s got you thinking huh? So tell me, have you put aside your dreams of having a family one day due to the never-ending cycle of migraines that seem to control your life? Have you accepted that ‘this’ is your life and have you resigned yourself to an eternity of pain because the doctors have told you so? Or have you decided that forever more you will just have to ‘manage’ your condition and give up on chasing your dreams.

Well I’ll admit, these were my thoughts back in the darkest depth of my illness and I am sure they are something that all migraineurs can relate to. Now, after escaping the clutches of chronic migraine and regaining my life, I often get asked “So how did you do it? What actually got rid of your migraines”? As I have explained in previous blogs, I have found that a balance of self-care, creating realistic boundaries, a clean plant-based diet, meditation, visualisation, stress management and appropriate exercise have all contributed to me becoming free from chronic migraines.

However the underlying and absolutely essential aspect that propelled these factors in to healing my body was actually my belief system. I could have done all of the above absolutely perfectly, to the text-book in fact but with very different results and do you know what the differentiating factor is? My belief!

Did you know that only 3% of our brains processing power is controlled by the conscious mind which means that a whopping 97% is controlled by the sub-conscious mind! Crazy right? So basically what I am telling you is no matter how many times you tell yourself out loud “I will not let these migraines beat me” unfortunately you could repeat this until you are blue in the face but nothing will change as it lies within the 3%. In order to actually alter your belief system and therefore start seeing healthy change happen, you need to tap in to the 97%.



Ok, so how do you re-programme the subconscious mind then? By everyday committing to change, to beating your diagnosis, to doing what they told you wasn’t possible, to chasing your dreams and through sheer hard flippin’ work. It doesn’t come in pill form either; this takes time, patience and most of all determination to never ever give up.

Since April 2016 I began using Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations daily in order to change my belief system. When I first began and was really sick, I listened to his hour long meditations 3 times a day and through relaxing the mind I would enter the alpha state which is where you are able to influence and re-programme the sub-conscious mind.

The meditations ask me “What is the belief and perception that you want to change about yourself in your life? And do you want to continue believing and perceiving in this way?” and every day I would repeat the same. “That I am destined to live a life in pain and never get better and no, I don’t want to continue believing in this way” and as the days went by and I visualised my perfect existence over and over again, my confidence began to grow, my actions started to reflect my words and my beliefs began to change.

Tears would stream down my face as I basked in the pure bliss in my life as I dreamt it, totally lost in the emotions of love, gratitude and immense joy for feeling completely healthy again. I would envisage myself running a marathon, owning a successful health related business, travelling the world and starting a family. I would regularly see our little girl (Florence I named her) with blond curly locks and blue eyes playing in our garden without a care in the world whilst me and my husband would look on so in love with her.

And the funny thing is now that my dreams are actually starting to manifest before my very eyes. Very exciting business opportunities have come my way, amazing holidays are booked in our diaries, I am now 3 months completely migraine free and I’ve recently started to exercise again, in particular going jogging.

So suddenly that little girl playing in the garden feels within reach in the not so distant future. As I write this yet more tears roll down my face as I feel so passionate about passing this knowledge onto others who think that life is hopeless, pain stricken and lost forever. It’s not, no matter what the doctors tell you. Apparently there is no cure for chronic migraines, I would beg to differ.

My message to you is this. Your mind is your biggest tool in healing yourself and living the life you dream. When you commit everyday to creating new beliefs your body has no choice but to follow and you CAN and WILL get there. You are enough, you are powerful, you are stronger than you ever imagine and can achieve anything you set your mind to. All you have to do is believe. Sure it won’t happen overnight and it requires some serious hard work but I promise you that it will be worth it.

On that note, I’ll leave you with some more words of wisdom from the inspiring Lewis Howes.

“You become what you envision yourself being…”

And by god he is right!

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Medicine Comes In All Forms And Surrounds Us Everyday

Have you ever noticed how your pain can sometimes temporarily disappear for a minute or two when you become completely engrossed in a great film or book and in those moments you completely forget your struggles and your relentless suffering whilst you become lost in another world?

During my recovery from chronic migraines I began to realise that there were things around me that could reduce my discomfort level on a bad day. I’m not just talking about the holistic medicine such as meditation or mindfulness, no, no, no. I’m talking about the type of medicine that we all have at our fingertips, the type of medicine that surrounds us everyday, we just have to open our eyes and see it.

As I know from experience, when you are in the depths of despair and praying for a break from your condition, anything you can do to feel that little bit better in any way is worth it. So in that breath I thought I would share a few different forms of medicine that I found gave me some temporarily relief and comfort during my darkest days with chronic migraines.

Love As Medicine

So Bernie Sigel an internationally renowned expert in holistic medicine says that unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system.

So when the immune system is turned on it produces oxytocin (known as the love hormone) which helps to reduce cardiovascular stress which in turn decreases cell death and inflammation. So love really is a physical medicine friends, so time to get loved up!

Remember though, this doesn’t just mean with a partner, you can receive love from friends and family which can help stimulate your healing also. Personally I know without the support of my incredible husband, family and friends I wouldn’t be where I am today. So maybe love actually is the best medicine?


Me and my truly wonderful husband Alex

Gratitude As Medicine

This is a tough one to understand at first but once you get it then you will discover that the art of gratitude is such a beautiful way to live your life.

Ok so I know when you are in relentless pain your initial response would be ‘how on earth can I be grateful at a time like this’? Well trust me friends, when you are having a bad day grab a pen and paper and starting writing down the things that you are grateful for, no matter how small. It could be the cold water you have to drink, the family looking after you, a roof over your head or even that friend who just text you checking in that you are ok.

The more you become grateful for what you have the more you become content in the place you are, even if you are in pain. Knowing there are things that you are thankful for somehow gives you some peace and means that you are less focused on the pain you may be experiencing.

Pets As Medicine

Now look at that face. You cant tell me that she didn’t make you smile for just a second?
 Cute huh?

Did you know that petting your cat or dog can actually lower your blood pressure, help you de-stress and relax your body by releasing the hormone serotonin into your bloodstream? And what does serotonin do? Well, it is thought to effect anxiety levels and boost your mood. This explains why when my furry friend snuggles up beside me and purrs away it almost feels therapeutic and it would put me at ease. Little Maria really did make those dark days a little brighter for me.

2015-09-19 08.53.17

My little girl Maria

Laughter As Medicine

Did you know that laughter can actually strengthen your immune system, boost your mood and diminish pain? I know, crazy right? It works like an actual drug and guess what? It’s free! It has also been shown to relax your whole body and relieve muscle tension too which I know so many migraineurs suffer from, me being one of them.

So I found that any time I was having a bad day I would always, always put something funny on TV to watch. Whether it be a ‘Friends’ re run or some clips from my favourite comedian Michael MacIntyre on YouTube, no matter what it was, it had to make me laugh, which took my focus off my pain and into another world for a short while, resulting in some temporary relief.

So there we have it. A few other forms of medicine that can help you find some peace and distraction if you are living in a world of pain. I’d love to know what else helps you find some relief when you are having a bad day. Feel free to share your comments below…

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Do Not Miss The Migraine World Summit 2017!

Calling all migraineurs! Do you feel like you have exhausted all treatment options and you don’t know where to turn to next? That you want answers to the questions that plague you daily that your doctor cannot give you or do you simply need help in explaining your condition to loved ones and how best they can support you? If so then you don’t want to miss out on The Migraine World Summit 2017.

This is a huge event for the migraine community which is being held from 23rd to 29th April and do you know the best part? Oh yes, it’s totally free! When you sign up for your free ticket you will get access to over 30 of the world’s leading experts, doctors and specialists in the field of medicine, migraine, research and science. Many of these world leading experts have waiting lists that go for months and fees that are beyond the affordability or insurance policies of many individuals. Skip the waiting list and get straight into the room with these experts. Visiting dozens of specialists in one field would take years and cost an unseen amount of money, so this is an incredible opportunity to hear from dozens of leading experts in migraine for FREE! .

Ok so you probably want to know who these leading world experts are then and how will they be able to help you? The Migraine World Summit speakers represent world-class organisations from around the world. You’ll hear from speakers from UCLA, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Kings College London, Griffith University and more, also from patients who are winning the battle with chronic migraine and are committed to helping others. You’ll even hear from non-medical lifestyle experts whose insights can help people live better with Migraine.


Some of the topics they will cover include:

  • The top 10 migraine myths to bust
  • Navigating love, marriage and migraine
  • Best acute treatments you may not have tried
  • Breaking the vicious cycle of chronic migraine
  • New migraine therapies in development
  • Best and worst supplements for migraine
  • New devices that can ease pain
  • Neck and migraine: What’s the connection?
  • How to build a good relationship with your doctor
  • Using mindfulness to fight chronic pain
  • Weather related migraine
  • Natural methods for migraine control
  • Managing the excruciating pain of cluster headaches
  • Planning for pregnancy with migraine
  • Managing light sensitivity and migraine
  • Solving the puzzle of what’s causing migraines

And so much more! So all you have to do is click here to sign up today for your free ticket and you are all set for your front row seat at the world’s leading migraine event. It begins on Sunday 23rd April at 9am EST (New York time) and runs for a week.  There are roughly 6 talks in a day that are about 45 mins long on average. Once they are released they are made available to watch for up to 24 hours later, then the next days talks will be released. There are so many amazing topics being covered that it’s worth checking out the schedule for the week in advance so you can highlight your favourite and ensure that you don’t miss out. Click here to navigate to the schedule.

For those who cannot attend live, don’t worry! All the recordings and more are available to order, as well as the video, audio and transcripts on demand. Up to 50% of the funds raised from the Summit will go towards migraine charity partners who are doing wonderful work to help fund migraine research, support patients and advocate for migraine sufferers. To date, they have donated over $10,000 to migraine specific charities, groups and foundations.

So what have you got to lose friends? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover the latest in migraine research, treatments and so much more. I’ve got my ticket, have you got yours?



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Heal Yourself By Truly Listening To Your Body

I have to say years ago if someone would have said to me “learn to listen to your body Christie” I would have nodded, politely smiled and been secretly thinking to myself what a complete and utter nut job! What do they mean listen to my body? In what way and how on earth do you do that? What a load of airy fairy, mumbo jumbo. However, along my journey of self-healing, let’s just say I have had a lot of time to get to know the real Christie Jane and in that time through a lot of trial and error, I have actually come to understand what my body needs more of and less of, in order to be in a happy and healthy place. And funnily enough, that’s all that listening to your body really is, having a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s that simple. Let me give you an example.

So recently I have been trying to get back into exercise as my migraines seem to have pretty much disappeared which is flippin’ amazing! The problem that I have been having though is that exercise gives me tension headaches, so I have been going through the process of trying different types of exercise to see what works best for me. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, cycling and walking but not all of these have agreed with me. So in order to listen to my body, all I needed to do was monitor how my body felt during and after these activities. Did it leave me feeling refreshed, revitalised and stretched or did I come out of the activity feeling more tense, tight and sore than when I went in?

Overall I found that cycling left me with a strained neck for some strange reason, pilates worked well for me as it didn’t involve my upper body and only my core, my Yoga class left me wanting to stretch the muscles that the class didn’t cover and sore from the ones it did, and walking loosened my muscles with no after effects at all. So there we have it! It’s that simple. By listening to the signs and symptoms my body was giving me after each activity, I learnt what form of exercise worked best for me and this turned out to be walking and doing my own combination of yoga stretches to suit my needs. Putting this to the test this week I have driven down to the beach three times, plugged in my iPod and walked along the beautiful seafront watching the sunrise here in Dubai. On return from my walks, I then did a gentle 20 minutes yoga flow covering all the muscles at the time that felt sore and needed to be stretched. That way by doing my own routine I could spend longer on some stretches that really needed it rather than being hurried on to the next exercise like you would during a class. And do you know what? I haven’t had a tension headache at all this week! I even managed to walk 5K and do a little jog! What??? Me, jog! I know! I don’t think I’ve jogged for nearly five years!


The bottom line is that no doctor or specialist can tell you exactly what your body needs as the only person who truly knows that is you! Sure they can give you suggestions and guidance but we are all individually unique and what works for me may not work for you and visa versa. This is done by listening to the signs and symptoms that your body gives you and also from that little voice in your head. You know the one I mean don’t you, the one that says “Oh no I forgot to lock the front door” or “I really can’t afford to buy those shoes” or the one that says “If I eat this cake I know I’m going to feel really bloated afterwards”. That voice! Ok so you could call it your conscience, your intuition or your gut instinct, but that voice is also your body talking to you too. Quite literally! By learning to trust this inner voice and your intuition you will find that you begin to make positive choices that will aid your healing. In the past I would say if I had just gone with my gut 99.9999% of the time I would have made better decisions in many situations. We really do know what our bodies need in order to heal, just trust your gut.

Ok so if I were to ask you now “What is the most important thing that you could do to improve your health what would it be?”. Now don’t think about this for too long as it should come to you instinctively. Did you get it? What was that little voice in your head saying to you? When I ask myself that question the voice in my head says I need to make sure I dedicate enough time to self-care, continue my meditation, exercise more but at the same time be patient with my body and pace myself. Ok so I know actually saying and doing are two totally different ballgames, but that’s where I come in as a Health Coach. I would work with you one on one to really help you learn these signs and symptoms, get to know your body better and to guide you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

As one of our amazing lecturers at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition recently said…


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The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

This week has been like no other. The best way I can describe it is that suddenly black has turned into white, darkness into light and pain into pleasure. I’ve discovered a frequency I forgot existed and a world I thought was lost. It’s like I’ve suddenly been released after years of imprisonment to finally see how abundant and very beautiful the world actually is. Sometimes without realising it, we create limiting beliefs and boundaries for ourselves that we then live by, day in day out. These are easily created by the routine of daily life and the thoughts we repeat over in our minds. Our thoughts then evolve over time into beliefs and ultimately your beliefs shape your life and your actions. “I can’t do this” and “I am not able to do that”are the thoughts that frequently race around our heads. But what if we were to question these beliefs? Who made them so in the first place? Oh wait, yes, it was YOU!


So let me rewind a little… At the end of our holiday to Italy me and my husband had a conversation that ignited a spark inside of me that was to change my mindset completely. Our plane home ended up being delayed four hours due to a technical issue so we had no choice but to disembark the aircraft and make our way back to the terminal. As my tummy rumbled and told me it was dinner time and after realising that the only food option was pizza or pasta, the usual me would have had a meltdown. Though for some reason, in that moment I chose to react differently as I thought to myself “I’ve got this! It’s no big deal”. As I confidently tucked in to my slice of pizza my husband smiled and proceeded to say “There’s the old Christie Jane! I love you when you are resilient and strong.” Those words hit a chord inside of me. That was the girl he fell in love with after all. The adventurous, independent, free-spirited, bold, self-assured, unafraid, strong, confident and full of life girl known as the “old me”.

I had a sudden realisation that my husband didn’t sign up for this. He signed up for the fun-loving fitness crazy blonde who spent her life searching for new adventures. Now I know he loves me with all of his heart, but if I have learnt anything over the last few years, it’s that nothing is a given in life and I should never take his love and patience for granted. And not only do I want to live a life free of headaches for me, but I also want to do all the things we had planned to do together. Travel New Zealand in a camper van, fly to Vancouver and do an Alaskan Cruise, explore the sights of Rome, travel up and down the Sunshine Coast, and if we are lucky enough, start a family together. Suddenly it was like someone had turned on a switch inside of me and given me my power back. From that moment on I vowed to do things differently and make some changes. Not only for me, but for my husband and for my marriage.

I’ll be totally honest with you now and this is hard to admit, but sometimes over the past few years, I guess there have been times where I have felt almost comfortable in my role as “the sick one”. You can see how this happens as the routine of being ill becomes normal and almost your safe place as it’s all you know. Others go out of their way to care for you and you receive sympathy from those that love you which of course feels nice. But after years of my husband looking after me, I have just realised that I have slowly been losing my independence and the strong, resilient side of my character. Even now when there are times I can do things for myself, I chose to let my husband do them for me as its comfortable and the routine we have fallen into. Well, it’s time things change around here! As we finished off our pizza slices and made our way back to the gate, I told Alex things were going to be different when we got home, and for once they were…

With my new-found confidence and spring in my step, I searched through my closet for my gym gear and trainers. You know you haven’t been to the gym in a long time when you have to dust off your trainers before using them! Anyway off we went to our local gym and I sat myself down on the bike. Just feeling the energy of all the healthy people surrounding me made me feel so alive again. Pre illness, the gym and dance had been such a huge part of my life that whenever I am in a gym or studio something inside me makes me feel at home again.

So I started small and just proceeded to cycle on a low resistance and then moved to the treadmill with a slight incline for a brisk walk. I kept telling myself over and over “Of course I can do this. I am a normal person” and over the duration of the week I managed to swim 25 lengths in the pool, had a lovely long walk, took two Pilates classes, did a second gym work out and I did an hour’s yoga at home. The more I seemed to do, the more I believed I could do, and by the end of the week I suddenly felt as if I had captured an old part of me again. Isn’t it amazing what you can do if you challenge your beliefs and push through your comfort zone? What beliefs do you hold true to yourself and do they shape your day-to-day actions?



So even though I had such a great week I have to be honest, I was still struggling with neck and shoulder pain. Exercise does seem to aggravate it which is frustrating for me, but I pushed it to the back of my mind and tried my best to ignore it. I have however decided to get some help so I booked an appointment with a muscles specialist at the doctors to see if he can help me with these tension headaches I seem to be having more often now.

After a fabulous week of triumph after triumph, I decided that I could handle some time by the pool. Due to the intense heat (Dubai is still currently 38 degrees most days), I spent most of the afternoon in the water, but unfortunately I think the sun was a little too strong for me and after returning home that funny old feeling I knew so well began to wash over me. The very next day I had a migraine, no wait, let me correct that, I no longer have “migraines” anymore I have “mini migraines”! That is my new name for them as in no way do they compare to the hellish pain I used to go through in any way so I’ve downgraded them.

Over the past few months as my health has improved I have found that the intensity and duration of my migraines have dramatically reduced. I could only rate this one as maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 on the pain scale! The best way I can describe them, is that I have the migraine feeling but without the pain, it’s a very weird and surreal sensation. However, never before have I managed to carry on with daily life during one of these episodes. You won’t believe it but during my “mini migraine” we went out for a birthday lunch in a very noisy restaurant with 26 of our friends for the whole afternoon. I was a little nervous before hand but do you know what, as soon as I got there the “mini migraine” had no choice but retreat as I chose to enjoy the celebration and show it that I was in control. The next day I spent the afternoon volunteering at a local cat adoption day in which it was busy, hot and also a very long afternoon. On my drive home I suddenly realised that my “mini migraine” had vanished!!! So that was it? That’s the best they could throw at me now? Well if having two of those a month is all I have to live with then I am certainly winning the war.

I know deep down that nutrition has played the biggest part in the changes I have seen and as a result I will continue to eat grain free, dairy free, processed free, sugar free and meat free. With every meal I am literally healing my body and changing my life. I think we all know deep down that fruits and vegetables are good for us but how many of us actually eat them on a daily basis? Anyone suffering with any kind of illness I urge you to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, drink more water and remove processed foods from your diet and see how this affects your health. What have you got to lose?

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