He Who Does Not Venture, Has No Luck

Wow where do I begin! So the last three weeks feel like an absolute whirlwind. Six flights in total, several boat rides and numerous time zone changes later and we’re home. (Takes a big sigh!) Ahhhhhh. What an adventure that was!

Now if you have read my previous blogs then you will know that my last big trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles was a total and utter disaster (not an understatement at all!). I definitely set my sights too high with that one and wasn’t quite ready to drink my weight in Grey Goose vodka until all hours of the morning at some celeb filled party – shame! But anyhow, when my husband was given three weeks leave from work this January we didn’t want to waste it. Thinking a little more realistically this time and trying to pace myself a bit better, we thought it would be a good idea to jet off to the beautiful and peaceful paradise known as Thailand! Eeek! I know, very exciting and luckily for us Thailand is just a five hour flight down the road from Dubai.

So our plan was to have ten days there and then fly from Phuket to Singapore and then from Singapore on to Brisbane, Australia to stay with my husband’s brother and his family for a week on the Sunshine Coast in stunning Noosa. Ok ok, maybe the last bit was a little ambitious going all the way to Oz, but after feeling so well recently and my migraines dramatically reducing, my confidence has been pretty high. With a tingle of nervous anxiety inside of me, I packed my case whilst repeating to myself over and over “I can do this Christie Jane”!


So as we arrived on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui I felt my shoulders drop an inch from my ears, it was little slice of heaven. We stayed in a beautiful little fishing village on the north of the Island called Boh Phut which I would highly recommend. As we headed out to explore the local sights and sounds and to fill our bellies after a long old day of travelling, I have to admit I was a little anxious in regards to the food situation. Don’t get me wrong, I frickin’ LOVE Thai food but I wasn’t sure if Thai food would love me. Previously I had tried dishes such as red and green Thai curry with no problem which gave me hope.

So as we set up camp at a beautiful bar on the beach we ordered an array of dishes, and oh my god, our taste buds were in for shock! The delicious blend of lemongrass, ginger and chilli hit our palates with a punch of flavour. Ten whole days of eating this delicious food filled me with joy just at the thought and it wasn’t just the local dishes that were good. No, 16444198_10210174955543272_1243465677_ono, no! The beautifully ripe fresh fruit was a joy to wake up to every morning. Mango, passionfruit, melon, pineapple, papaya and dragon fruit just to name a few. As the week passed my confidence continued to grow. I did everything a “normal” person on holiday would! We went for walks along the beach, explored the local area, sunbathed in the full heat of the sun, went for swims and get this… we even hired a scooter and spent a day out exploring the beautiful Island. Now I know it might not sound like much but for me this was huge. For so long I have had to pace myself and maybe just do an activity for a couple of hours but no, we were out on that bike from dawn until dusk. Proud of myself was an understatement!

Continuing on a roll, we decided to book a day trip out to the local attraction, Angthong National Park and wow I am so glad we did. I have to admit though, the next day I did wake up with a sore neck. I guess it was just from doing so much and having a busy day the day before and I was worried that a migraine would come on but with massages being just £6 for an hour’s back, neck and shoulders (yes I know, it’s crazy!), I knew I could find some relief when we returned from the boat ride. It can be such a hard balance sometimes you know. You don’t want to do too much in case you cause a migraine but at the same time you have to push yourself now and again otherwise nothing in life will change. Anyway, I plucked up the courage and we headed to the port.

And wow I am so glad we did as it was truly breathtaking! I paced myself throughout the day and found a comfy hammock to relax in and have some time out as the rest of the group hiked around the beautiful park. As I sat there gently swinging back and forth I thought to myself “I am actually living the life I dreamed of living”. During my darkest days I struggled to leave my bedroom, let alone the house or the flippin’ country! It dawned on me how much things have changed over the past few years, and although not perfect, nowhere near in fact, I am out in the real world living life. A smile beamed across my face from ear to ear.


The stunning Angthong National Park


We then headed back to Phuket for four nights to stay in a lovely hotel right on the beach. With my confidence high I decided to experiment with a few more Thai dishes. What could possibly go wrong? Big mistake! Hello Mrs Migraine! That said, it only lasted two days and to be honest I quite enjoyed being tucked up on our balcony during the dramatic thunderstorms watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries on the iPad. Well, I was on holiday after all!

From there we flew to Singapore but unfortunately that migraine wasn’t quite done with me yet and it decided to promptly pack its bag too and come along for the ride. Great! As the kind Cabin Crew kept me supplied with a constant supply of ice to try and ease the pain, I have to admit I was questioning why on earth I had done this to myself once again? What a fool I thought. Why didn’t I just stay at home in my safe little bubble where I know everything will be ok? Well because that’s not me and maybe that’s the reason I am standing where I am today, because if you don’t try and take steps forward you will simply stay in the same place, and I refuse to be beaten, even if it does mean some suffering along the way. No one said it was going to be easy!

So as we arrived in Brisbane, I curled up in bed with a huge sense of relief. Unfortunately though this one was a bad one and it took me a good three days or so to finally give it the boot. Yes it’s a shame, but since I have begun to incorporate gratitude into my life I find myself not dwelling on the negatives and instead being grateful for the opportunity I had to enjoy the rest of our trip and that’s what I did!

Don’t get me wrong, I know I suffered for several days during this trip, however I also had some of the best days I’ve had since my recovery began which I am really proud of and if you asked me would I do it again even knowing I would get a migraine along the way??? In a heart beat – yes!! Sometimes you don’t know what you’re made of until you try…..

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Travel Tips For Helping You Remain Migraine Free

Travel and Headaches! Hmmm, let’s be honest, for a lot of people these two go hand in hand. Whether it be from losing that very expensive face cream you just got from your Aunt Norma to that nasty security guard or whether you had to drag your kids through the airport whilst navigating a variety of trunkies that leaves you stressed. No matter what it is, travel can be very challenging and stressful at times to say the least, even for a “normal” person! Now add a migraineur into the equation and you’re asking for trouble. Dehydration, time zone changes, lack of sleep, weather fluctuations, long queues and aeroplane food are just a few of the culprits.

1With this in mind, I thought I would run through a few things that I have recently found helpful when travelling. I’ll be honest, this isn’t fullproof and sometimes I still get migraines when I fly, but I find that the more I preventative measures I take the better chance I have of staying headache free. So, let’s prepare for takeoff then shall we…

Time Zone Adjusting

Now I know when I have too much sleep or too little sleep this can be a trigger and when attempting a big time zone change, no matter what, you are going to struggle with jet lag. It’s just fact! Jet lag equals lack of sleep and lack of sleep equals migraines! So the way in which I combat this is that a week before my flight I start to adjust to the new time zone I am going to be travelling to. For example, we flew to Thailand which is three hours ahead of Dubai, so I started to go to bed gradually earlier and earlier each night. This then meant that when we arrived in Thailand I had the best chance of a getting a proper nights sleep as I was pretty much on their time already, which for me is key in keeping those pesky migraines at bay.

Chicken Or Beef?


My leftover quinoa bake which was perfect to eat cold the next day

Actually I think I’ll pass on both thank you very much. I’ve bought my own food with me. As much as I am partial to a plane meal now and again, you have probably guessed that those pre-made meals are packed with preservatives, salt and MSG to make them taste better. This is not a combination that your head will thank you for. For this reason, I try my best to take my own food with me on flights now as much as possible, this way I know exactly whats in my food and there is no risk of it causing a headache for me. Sure, this involves some preparation but it’s totally worth it.

Exit Row Yoga

I think anyone would find that being packed in a metal tube for a long period of time stuck in the same position would leave you feeling a little stiff in places. I find that neck and shoulder tension can trigger migraines and so I try to keep my body moving during a flight as much as possible. A couple of times a flight I normally go to the back of the plane by the exit where you have a little room to move and do some simple stretches. Touch my toes, roll my shoulders, stretch my neck, that sort of thing. Do this at a time though when most passengers are in their seats. Do not attempt this after the meal service during the mad rush for the toilet. Time it right and no one will spot your fancy yoga moves.

Water, Water, Water!

I cannot reiterate this one enough! Staying hydrated is a huge factor in preventing a


I can’t go anywhere without water!

migraine. So at 40,000 feet where your mouth feels as dry as the desert, it is so important to drink water and by this I don’t mean the odd cup that the air hostess whizzes round with hoping that you don’t stop her (I admit, that used to be me!), I mean litres of water obviously depending on how long your flight is. A tip from me is to buy a  bottle of water in the departure lounge (after security) to keep with you during the flight. That way you don’t have to feel bad keep asking the air hostess for a small cup every time you feel thirsty as the small cup won’t even touch the sides!

Avoiding The Miniatures

As much as I am partial to a cheeky G & T or a spicy Bloody Mary or two, I find it’s best to stay away from those naughty little miniatures altogether and save them for your actually holiday. Alcohol unfortunately will dehydrate you even more so for me it’s a recipe for disaster. Add in a few nitrates from that delicious Merlot alongside your MSG filled beef bourguignon and BAM you have yourself a first class migraine.

Snack Attack


My caffeine-free Redbush tea, some water and my delicious homemade salted caramel bites

Now we all know that flying can be unpredictable and that delays are common. We have all been there when you are stuck in the Departure lounge and all you have to choose between is Burger King and Pizza Hut. It’s catch 22 as you have to eat something otherwise you will get a migraine from not eating but if you eat the fast food will it give you a migraine. Arrrgh! So to prevent this the best answer is to be prepared and bring with you plenty of snacks. I tend to bring fruit, some homemade chia and quinoa bread and my little date and nut energy balls with me. This way I avoid eating something I shouldn’t.

In Seat Zen

After laughing out loud at the latest rom-com and you have taken a snooze during a nature documentary or two, you are probably wondering how else you are going to kill the rest of the time. Well I always find that a spot of mid-flight meditation does me the world of good. I ask for an eye mask and plug my headphones in and I am away. It’s the perfect time to get in some you time. I always make sure I have some meditation music on my phone to listen to, either some calming yoga music or my Dr Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations. This is a must for me.

Pillow Planning

Now I’m not sure about you but I do love my pillow. And no matter how fancy the hotel is you travel to, it’s never quite as good as your own. So if I have space I will always pack my pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep at my destination. Waking up with a stiff neck is never going to set you up for a great day on your holiday so this is just a little something I find helps me.

Leave Yourself Plenty Of Time

There is nothing worse than running late and stressing about potentially missing your flight. Plus the security line and check-in queue’s at the airport are totally out of your control. Instead, make life as easy as possible by allowing plenty of time to catch your flight. The airline will recommend two hours before but I always give myself a little extra than that. Then you can leisurely wander through security and find somewhere nice and quiet to have a nice cup of tea (herbal of course) and relax before your flight.

So there we have it. A few handy tips that might make your next flight a little more comfortable.

Happy flying friends!


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Gluten free in Italy? No chance!

So if any of you have read my previous blogs you would know that my last holiday was a total and utter disaster! The one where I flew to LA and Vegas and spent the whole time tucked up in a hotel room taking hourly trips to visit the ice machine in an attempt to try to ease my headache. This was whilst my friends partied the night away alongside Calvin Harris drinking Veuve Clicquot until the early hours of the morning in true Vegas style. EPIC FAIL! In hindsight and being realistic, perhaps it was a little too much for me too soon. Anyhow last year we received an invite for a friend’s wedding in Ravello Italy. Now after my last venture I have to say I was apprehensive about going anywhere, but I’ve recently regained some of my confidence so I decided to give it a go, besides, it was completely different from travelling 16 hours to the other side of the world with a twelve-hour time difference! In my mind, a relaxed little trip to the quaint villages of the Amalfi Coast Italy was something I hoped I could handle.

As I woke the morning before we were due to depart, I felt that seemingly familiar feeling of a migraine wash over me. I have to admit it was only a very mild one but still panic, sadness and disappointment filled my being as I confirmed to myself that I had failed before I had even begun. After popping my usual pill combination, I wallowed in self-pity for most of the day before I mustered up an ounce of positivity before bed, deciding a good night’s sleep might be enough to put me back on track. And do you know what, it actually was! To my surprise even after arriving at the airport and not getting on the morning flight (due to standby travel), travelling back home again, attempting the afternoon flight six hours later, then a five-hour flight, followed by a three and a half hour drive, I STILL arrived migraine free! Ok, I did have a headache (that was to be expected after such a long day) but the migraine had vanished. This led to me think that perhaps the migraine had been caused by my anxiety pre-empting the trip or maybe as I believed I would get a migraine I actually did?

Anyway as we awoke with tired eyes from the previous day we threw some clothes on and found our way to breakfast on the roof terrace in which we were greeted with this stunning view! Wow, we had been told the Amalfi Coast was beautiful but this was truly something else.



As we took in our surroundings we made our way to the mini buffet the B&B had put on, at which point I realised a week eating sugar free, gluten free, wheat free and dairy free might be a bit of a challenge. Actually that’s a massive understatement, it would be near on impossible! As I nearly dribbled at the display of cakes, pastries, muffins, quiches, tarts, waffles and pancakes, I reached over to the fruit bowl and decanted nearly all if it onto my plate. Back at home I really hadn’t craved or longed for anything other than my newly reformed diet but suddenly all I could think about was sugar and pastry! “Step away from the cakes” I told myself firmly and proceeded to devour my bowl of fruit.

We had two days in Ravello before the wedding so we set out to explore the beautiful town nestled in the hills. As we walked through the old cobbled streets admiring the displays of local olive oils and Limoncello, I thought to myself just how lucky I was to be in Italy with my husband feeling well enough to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t one hundred percent but I was migraine free. I had to make sure though that I kept up my Dr Joe meditations and my yoga, to manage any tension headaches. Recently I have found that it’s not actually the migraines causing me a problem anymore, (which I understand is huge progress as they are pretty much gone now), however I constantly seem to have tight neck and shoulder muscles which I can feel is giving me a nagging headache. Goodness knows what I do to get them tight in the first place? Anyway that’s another blog I’m sure…

So as the wedding day arrived, the sun shone at its brightest and the view out to sea glistened quite spectacularly. After having a quiet morning we went out for some lunch at a local restaurant on a beautiful terrace to make sure our tummies were full for the day ahead. At this point after eating only fruit and the occasional plain yogurt for breakfast, I felt I needed something to set me up for the long day ahead so I broke the rules and had the most delicious plate of homemade seafood pasta which I couldn’t eat quick enough. Sometimes as a migraineur you have to balance the need for being full or else you could get a migraine and the need for eating the right food. Today I felt it was more important I was full for the day ahead.

The wedding day was an absolute dream and for once I was headache free all day. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself! This was even after a ceremony in the 30 degree heat, a selection of mouth-watering canapés, some fruity pink bubbles, a five course Italian feast, a slice of lemon cake, some irresistible mini sweet canapés and finishing off with some serious dancing until midnight. As we walked home with my shoes in hand down the quiet cobbled streets, I kept repeating “thank you” over and over in my head for being able to enjoy such a special day. For once I actually felt like a normal person again.

Huge congratulations to the happy couple Paul and Helena and we are so lucky we got to share your special day with you. It was truly spectacular!

After the wedding we had four more nights to explore Italy some more. We stayed up in Sant’Agata in the hills positioned between Sorrento and Positano so we could easily reach both towns. Now if you’ve never been to this part of the world… you have to go! The coastline was breath-taking and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Over the next four days in some way I had a headache. A mild aching type of tension headache I would call it, but it wasn’t enough to stop us from getting out and about and exploring the area. We just took it at my pace which meant we didn’t see all of the sights but I guess we can always come back can’t we? The funny thing was, on the day we left my tension headache vanished! This has led me to think that maybe some of my headaches are caused by anxiety or maybe it was that ton of mozzarella and Palma hame we ate?

At some points in our trip my headaches did start to get me down but I had to remind myself that when I look at the bigger picture I have really come so far. Three years ago I was having five to six debilitating migraines a month that could last for up to a week, be absolutely unbearable in pain and would take me three to four days to recover afterwards. Now I maybe have two migraines a month, that I can’t really even call migraines as I no longer get much pain but only the sensation and I seem to recover the very next day. Progress? I definitely think so!

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Dubai to Las Vegas! What the hell was I thinking?

So after the fantastic results I had experienced from Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations, I found that my confidence was at an all time high and I felt as if I was able to conquer what ever challenge may arise. It’s no wonder really, as after experiencing very few migraines (and the one’s I did have were so incredibly mild), I finally began to feel like I was the one in control again, and I was no longer the puppet in this never-ending game.

That said, me and the girls I went to college with who I have remained friends with after all these years, had been planning a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate all of our 30th birthdays together. For a long time during the lead up I didn’t think it would be possible for me to attend, but since starting Dr Joe’s meditations I had this new-found confidence that assured me that I could do this. I felt empowered and like I could conquer absolutely anything I set my mind to so as long as I kept my meditations up and I didn’t lose focus. From then on most of my meditations were concentrated around picturing myself with the girls in Vegas enjoying every single second like a “normal” person would. I saw us out in packed clubs dancing the night away to Calvin Harris, in uncontrollable fits of laughter as we usually are and sunning ourselves with a cocktail in hand at various pool parties. Oh unfortunately how wrong I would be…

My journey started in Dubai in what would be one hell of a journey. It didn’t really hit me until I gazed at my onboard screen that I was literally flying half way around the world! With 15 hours 20 minutes minuets as the flight time, I settled into my seat and took the journey in my stride. After three-hour long meditations, several naps and way too much aeroplane food later, I arrived in Los Angeles completely headache free! I couldn’t believe it! Feeling proud of myself and full of confidence for the week ahead I waited in the hustle and bustle of the busy LAX airport for my lovely friend Sarah to pick me up.

Considering there was an eleven hour time difference I actually managed to get a full nights sleep on the first night which I believed would greatly set me up for the day ahead. As we headed into LA and cruised around viewing the sights, I started to feel that ominous feeling come over me, that feeling that I truly dread. Yes, it was my worst fear coming to fruition. A migraine! That evening as I lay tucked up in bed, the tears uncontrollably ran down my face as all I could feel was disappointment throughout my body. With Vegas just three days away it suddenly dawned on me that maybe this wouldn’t be the trip I had played out in my meditations over and over again.

For the next few days I’ll be honest, I really struggled. I don’t know if it’s just me or if other migraineurs can relate to this, but when I am in an attack I feel I just want to be at home in my safe cocoon of a house with all the comforting essentials necessary to see me through the pain. I didn’t deal with the situation very well and I feel I put my family and husband through a lot of stress worrying about me. I am really going to try in future to deal with situations better on my own as it’s not fair on them. However my friends were there to look after me and nothing was too much trouble for them. It’s times like that you really know who your true friends are.

So the day had arrived. Las Vegas here we come! Feeling as if I was now in the post migraine stage I felt positive as we left for the airport. At just an hours flight down the road surely this was going to be pretty straight forward and headache free? However by the time we arrived and had battled the TSA cue’s and I had navigated finding my friend after arriving in different terminals, we finally arrived (in what weirdly felt like a long day) at the beautiful Palazzo hotel in the heart of the strip. The energy and buzz felt exactly how I remembered it from all those years ago of endless trips here from my flying days as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. What amazing memories I had made over the years! As the evening approached and we sat on our beds gossiping and catching up, it started to dawn on me that there was no way I would be able to go out tonight with the girls. The pain started to worsen and the pulsing in my head just reaffirmed to myself that it was going to be a night in for one! Disappointed of course, I donned my PJs’ as I heard the girls discussing their outfit choices and shoe options as I tried to drift off to sleep, whilst feeling as though I had failed once again.

The next morning to my dismay, the pain was still there. Not sure whether this was the normal post migraine neck and shoulder tension, I set off to try to find a cheap massage somewhere nearby. With the temperature outside at 45 degree’s, the smoky packed casino’s surrounding me and what felt like a mile walk to remotely get some kind of food that wouldn’t cause me another migraine, I started to panic that maybe Las Vegas wasn’t the right place for me. I had come to realise, only through taking this trip on that there are certain things I still need to maintain my health. For example, the ability to cook my migraine free food and avoid takeaways, a full eight hours of sleep a night, time to meditate and a space to myself so I can take time-out when I need it. Suddenly with the pain worsening and feeling so far away from home, I wondered what the hell I had been thinking? I guess if I hadn’t tried it I would have always been wondering “what if”? I have learnt over the past few years that sometimes you need to take a leap in to the unknown and step outside of your comfort zone, but unfortunately this was a few steps too far.

After the weekend in Vegas my confidence was at it lowest possible. I felt I had completely failed and the trip that I played over in my mind couldn’t have been further away from reality I endured. I even found myself feeling angry at Dr Joe as I felt he installed this unwavering belief in me that anything was possible, but in reality it wasn’t. I felt like he had lied to me. From then on I really struggled to do my meditations and even now I am finding hard to connect in them. I am hoping I will get this back overtime when I start to see some improvement in my health again. As other migraineurs will understand, after a bad period it takes time to build your confidence up again and that’s exactly how I feel now. Will I be able to get back to the great place I was in before I left? I’m honestly not sure right now, but I hope so. I am trying each day to get there but I am still suffering so it’s hard to stay positive sometimes.

Despite this, I did my best to enjoy the moments that I could and simply laugh with the girls. On the last night we had a birthday party in our room and decorated the place with streamers and balloons. As I helped the girls get ready for the night ahead I found myself smiling to myself and thinking just how lucky I am to have such incredibly supportive friends and family that love me no matter what. Headache or no headache! They love me for me.



It’s in tough times that you learn who your true friends are!

Love you all Britter’s and happy 30th birthday to us! We missed you Ione, Danielle and Lauren. Here’s to another 10 years of friendship together!

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Holiday VS Headaches


After my incredible recent experience in which I managed to stop a migraine dead in its tracks during one of Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations, suddenly I had this new found confidence which made me question just what my mind was potentially capable of. It was only a few weeks ago that I discovered the book “You are the Placebo” and since then I truly feel like I am transforming as a person every single day. In fact I know I am, as the results so far have been truly remarkable.

This meant with my 30th birthday fast approaching (mild panic and slight chest palpitations!), I was so looking forward to a week of complete and utter relaxation on the beautiful island of Mauritius with my husband. Zen time here we come…
Now I don’t know how other migraineurs have faired with flying, but I have previously struggled with this. Perhaps it’s the dehydration or sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time that tenses up my neck and shoulders muscles. So for a while I used to dread getting on an airplane. This is quite ironic considering my husband is a pilot, I used to be cabin crew and we now live in Dubai! Anyhow, things were completely different this time around. Before we commenced our trip I had visualised our journey to Mauritius so many times over and over in my meditations, only imagining a day headache free, and would you believe it… it was exactly that! Even despite only having four hours sleep the night before due to what we will just call a case of “Delhi Belly”! (I have no idea where I got that from!) Anyhow, I have always found that any kind of upset to my sleep pattern that gives me less than my required eight hours a night, has previously meant that I I would have no option but to crawl back in to bed and write the day off as what I would call a “tired head” kind of day. Despite all of this, we arrived in Mauritius after a very long day completely and utterly headache free! Well my husband not so much, however I think that might have had something to do with his red wine consumption perhaps? Now if that isn’t a sign that my meditations are working and I’m changing my brain then I have no idea what is!

So we arrived in Paradise!


It didn’t take long for us to navigate to the nearest sun bed, open a good book and switch into relax mode. Exactly what we both needed! At the beginning of the week I felt on cloud nine. For so long I have lived with this anxiety and fear of a migraine coming on, which I now know keeps you in that cycle, however by doing my daily meditations leading up to the holiday it had removed any doubts or worries I had. My new found confidence that I had discovered in the previous weeks led me to create new memories, have new experiences and as Dr Joe says “create a new me”! So that’s exactly what happened. These may be small things to other people but to me they were huge. I found myself trying the foods I “believe” cause me migraines, being able to sit directly in the sun for several hours at a time, spending full days outside and sampling an alcoholic drink or two which I had almost become scared of! As I lay on my sun bed looking around at the other couples enjoying their holidays, it suddenly dawned on me that I was what I call “a normal person” again! I was one of them!
I continued to do my daily meditations, normally back in our room after breakfast and in the afternoon when the weather tended to cloud over. Some hit the spot and others not so much but I am learning that you’re not always going to have an amazing meditation and that’s ok! A few days into our holiday as I was on such a roll, I even made a visit to the gym! You heard me right, the gym! Knowing I should take it easy as this was my first visit in god knows how long I attempted a little cycle, a brisk walk on the treadmill and then a few yoga moves just to keep my muscles loose. Unfortunately the following day I was paying for my little visit in the form of tight neck and shoulder muscles. Why oh why does the gym seem to hate me so much? Well being realistic I’ve been through this before and I’ve realised that Yoga and Pilates are best and only form of exercise for me at the moment, so I think it’s best to stick to that.
After dwelling on this for a while I decided I needed to get myself back on track. My meditations then focused around seeing my neck muscles relaxed, laughing and enjoying my holiday again with my husband and seeing us without a care in the world. The old me would have “believed” that nothing could have cured this other than a trip to the Chiropractor, given up on the week and accepted the pain but no, not the new me! That belief no longer exists in my mind and it’s quite incredible that after a few days I was back to exactly where I was before! Feeling like a “normal person” again and able to enjoy the rest of our holiday to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, by no means was my health perfect that week, but I am learning all the time on this journey and every day is another step forward. I know those changes may look like small victories to you, but to me this is changing my beliefs, which in turn is changing my life right before my very eyes… Thanks once again Dr Joe!

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